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  1. Still searching for a front right side 280zx caliper to get mine swapped on.
  2. So it's because somebody added an extra o on wagon? I definitely overestimated that.
  3. In the last 30 years, I've missed the boat on why is the 510 wagon called a "goon" can y'all clarify?
  4. Many times those dealer sites will come back a week after ordering telling you it is NLA, but we'll see I guess. If it does go thru, hopefully it comes with the mounting bracket! Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I finally had time to finish up welding the other one and powder coated everything. Probably going to be a bit before I get to install them. Need a right 280zx brake caliper which I cannot find anywhere and the brake hoses and pads.
  6. afracer

    KHB310 in Borneo

  7. Eastwood also has an internal frame coating that I like to use and recommend. Comes with long straws with a diffuser at the tip to feed it into holes and spray the whole thing. Also don't be mad when the por15 finish starts looking ugly in due time. I've switched to the Eastwood equivalent since then, its 10x more user friendly and forgiving and more uv resistant than POR.
  8. What I've always found interesting is the differences between the same car from this era having 3 or 4 or 5 different levels of emissions depending on where it was sold. Typically you need the FSM to see the differences, you've got the California version, the federal, the Canadian, the JDM. Soo much extra stuff added. The JDM is usually sans everything, Canadian not far behind. In acquiring those unique parts and essentially demodding a US car to those standards, the car has always run better for me. Many fools were led to believe that the car will run worse if you take stuff off. In some ins
  9. I lived many years is western Washington with strict emissions restrictions and yearly tests surrounded by people like the one in that gif. My Datsuns usually passed until I started being able to afford to mod them, then I had to move to be able to keep driving and avoid testing. I just found out this year they finally stopped emissions testing up there, thank God.
  10. Air pumps are my favorite gimmick of emissions equipment. Let's pump air into the exhaust so the air coming out the exhaust has the appearance of being cleaner!
  11. Here's a pile of mostly emissions junk removed.
  12. Yes, the PCV valve AND valve cover breather hooked as factory need to remain in place.
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