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  1. I just finished rebuilding the stock Hitachi carb from my 90k mile '81 210 A15. After putting it all back together I applied vacuum to the choke pull off and it worked but quickly leaked vacuum. My other spare carb was even worse so I'd imagine this is a common wear item if its never been replaced. I bet there's a bunch of y'all with vacuum leaks there and don't even know it! I got a new one on the way but wanted to give y'all a heads up to check yours out for vacuum leaks. That carb ran 'ok' but not all that great. Fair warning!
  2. I've been messing around rebuilding and powder coating Volk Racing Mesh wheels from the 80s. Love em!
  3. I may be buying another set of these in the future for my son's 1200 in 46mm size the more I think about it. I've already installed a brake upgrade to the stock 1200 struts on it so wasn't going to go with the 280zx strut swap. Only issue is the top hats I think are different for a 1200 from a B310 but thats easily solved.
  4. These are the only coilovers in the US made for the B310 that I would recommend. All the others are not base height adjustable. I've seen similar ones in Australia and Japan but they're usually much more expensive. Mine took about 2 weeks to get to me and they'll ask you if you have 46mm or 51mm strut tubes so I think they offer both! This would be wonderful news for 1200 owners!
  5. I did street but haven't driven on them yet
  6. How do you like the ride? Is it too stiff? Gecko racing got back to me, these coilovers use 6k springs in front and 4.5k rear, so I was thinking of trying a 200 lb/in rear spring.
  7. The bottom half of the coilover with the spindle is now currently baking so it can be powder coated black (was green) after all the cutting and welding. Oh I forgot to mention, the fitment on the strut tube is super tight. Even after removing all the paint I had to use my hydraulic press to push the weld on sleeve down 40mm onto the strut tube, so keep that in mind if you go with these coilovers!
  8. So if you install this kit as advertised, at max height on the adjustments, the car will sit about 2.5 inches lower overall. The directions called to chop the front strut tubes 40mm above where the tube meets the spindle, but again, if you do this the car will be 2.5" lowered when maxing out the height adjustment. So you have to cut higher up on the original strut tube. The stock assembled uncompressed B310 strut is 25.5 inches from the flat bottom of the knuckle to where the top hat touches the body of the car. This made me cut the Z struts about 6 1/8" from the flat bottom of the knuckle to give 40mm of tube for the new sleeve of the coilover to press on and weld to while matching the coilovers 25.5" overall length of the strut at max height adjustment. These coilovers can drop over 4 inches. So I can go from stock height to 4" lowered...which I think is more than enough. To solve the rear to go to stock height have to buy another pair of springs, they used 3" ID x 8" springs. All that has to be done to fix this is to buy a pair of 3" ID x 10" long coilover springs in your choice of spring rate (prob 175 lbs/in) and adjust the shock body longer to preload the springs...should get you pretty damn close if you don't want to be slammed.
  9. Also took the opportunity to install some adjustable control arms at the same time. No bind now
  10. I have to say, I like them. I just got them in the mail today for my B310 wagon. The design and quality is decent, honestly the only complaint I have is the rear springs are about 2.5 inches too short for my taste. At max high the wheels are way up inside the wells, too low for me. But it has tons of adjustability in the shocks to go way higher, just need longer springs which I'll see what I can find.
  11. They make ready to run Bride seat rails for Sunny Trucks that should bolt straight onto those seats too.
  12. Now that you're all setup to create; here's a few B310 items you can try: a solid aluminum steering bushing and an aluminum idler bracket that's been modified with two bearings instead of bushings. After that, look into making a splined sway bar setup for the front and rear.
  13. Maybe an inch or so? It wasn't a ton but it was required based on my ride height, which like I said is close to stock
  14. I have my 1200 coupe on dearched leafs maybe 1" lowered and had to channel out the rear crossmember for the 8.8 pumpkin to fit.
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