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  1. If anybody is parting out a S110, I desperately need a front crossmember from a 80-83 200sx. Let me know!
  2. Its a bit of work, but worth it for the extra gear. You will 100% need a 77-78 B210 GX clutch disk.
  3. I've seen nothing but overestimation on quarter mile times on guy's builds. Easiest way to run 11s is to build it to run 10s and accept that it'll probably never run 10s without thousands more in chassis, suspension, and tires and lots of tuning. My Datsun should be able to run 10s based on power to weight ratio but will never get there as it is. I'd be happy with low 12s honestly but there's no 1/4 mile tracks near me either.
  4. I have this flywheel, definitely recommend!
  5. These are almost identical to stock Late model GB122 Sunny truck front brakes, you could use the hoses from them on these too.
  6. afracer


    Most coilover shocks like these adjust damping thru a hex adjuster in the strut rod thru the top hats. Some have a knob on the side of the shock body, and some have a knob on the bottom of the shock body. Height and preload are separately adjustable, just pop off wheel and either the two strut bolts on the bottom or unbolt the 3 top hat bolts to raise or lower.
  7. afracer


    Meant for a B310, but could probably be made to work on a B210 https://www.ebay.com/itm/GECKO-RACING-G-STREET-Coilover-for-77-81-NISSAN-Sunny-Datsun-210-303/323272013846?hash=item4b44837816:g:GUEAAOSw0O9bB5wl
  8. afracer

    B310 SGX-E build

    Update: still waiting on parts to get here. Crap is slow as hell.
  9. Reinstall the charcoal canister, or at least don't plug the hose to it from the gas tank. Your tank has to be able to breathe or you could eventually create a vacuum on the tank and restrict fuel flow. But it sounds like you've got clogged lines from tank. Run new lines and have the tank restored.
  10. Run? No. You've got to figure out throttle and choke and emissions deletes, then once its physically on it'll run but not great until tuned. A wideband O2 sensor is worth it weight in gold for this.
  11. That's the most ridiculous setup I've ever seen on any car. I wouldn't waste your time trying to turbo a carbureted setup or building something for your car out of cooking supplies. Do it right and do it once, but you'll spend just as much as an engine swap would cost, so keep your goals in mind and do lots of research before commitment.
  12. afracer

    B310 SGX-E build

    Those of you who know me, know that I've had and hoarded an A series EGI (fuel injection) manifold for something near 25 years. Well I think I've finally got everything to finish making my 81 B310 into a Sunny GX-E/SGX-E. I'm guessing it'll be the only one quite like it in the US, which will be cool since even in Japan they're super rare, and usually stripped of the EFI. I've also got a A series EGI FSM coming soon as well to help make it a seamless and properly done swap. The only real issues I forsee is the head isn't a EFI head for wet intake, so I'll have to put the temp sensor in a different spot, and I'll need to either run a new 5/16" fuel line, or settle for stock tiny 1/4" fuel lines. I've already got the EFI cam, dual valve springs, and rocker cover installed on the engine, among a few other goodies, so it'll be close to oem, only better. I forsee starting on the actual swap in maybe 4 weeks, as work allows. I'm anxious to see how gas mileage and performance is affected. I've got my DGV tuned in perfectly via wideband and get 26mpg combined city/hwy.
  13. I think I've got the front lights, actually the whole grill assembly.
  14. Yep, bolts right in, no problem!
  15. afracer

    A15 Piston Options

    Sorry to revive an old thread, another option is to have a look at 1.4 tsi pistons (vw, Audi, etc). 76.5 mm available, 19mm pins, 29mm compression height. The only thing I'm unsure of is dish cc.
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