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  1. afracer


    Yeah I would've definitely stuck with the CD009 trans. IDK what you're seeing but they're relatively cheap. I bought one for $200. In any case, I'm very interested in converting the VET to RWD using a CD009, so I'll be following this thread closely.
  2. afracer


    Any updates to this???!!!
  3. afracer

    A12 turbo help

    I'd go with any of the SR20DET turbos. Used S13 turbos I've seen for $50-300, and S14/15 $300-500 used or around $800 brand new. Cheap and easy, lots of aftermarket parts and will flow between 180-280 horsepower
  4. Carb cleaner thru that port should do it. Otherwise, plug that port and see if you can T into a manifold hose for full manifold vacuum to the distributor vacuum advance. You may have to readjust idle afterwards but it'll run better routed this way regardless.
  5. For 79-83 B310s, does the wagon and 4 door sedan use the same door weatherstripping? I know the 4 door wagon and 2 door coupe use the same windshields and weatherstripping there, but unsure on other pieces. It seems the front door between the coupe and wagon are different lengths with the 2 door coupe having longer doors, would suspect all 2 doors share door weatherstrip and 4 doors between all models share door weatherstripping but want to make sure before ordering.
  6. I hope you get my message about the H190 soon

  7. You might try finding a different head, there's much better options out there than the air pump/smog head.
  8. Yes you can swap it or buy new online. Disconnect the hose and suck on it. If air leaks thru it when you suck you'll know. If you suck and there's no air leak you'll not feel air escaping. While you suck on the hose going to the saucer thing you should also see the choke flap move. The other saucer is the one on the distributor, test is identical.
  9. Check for vacuum leaks at the distributor and choke pull off. The diaphragms on them degrade and split over time. I just bought a 85k mile 210 and both vacuum advance canister and choke pull off were leaking vacuum and inoperable.
  10. Looks like its in good condition and worth every bit of $3500. Damn shame you're not taking it in as a labor of love for you and your dad to work on and drive together. I'd bet one day you'll regret it. I found and rallied my brothers and sisters to buy a 1200 for my dad for around that price for Father's Day several years ago. He loves it but it needs a little bit of rust repair soon.
  11. I just finished rebuilding the stock Hitachi carb from my 90k mile '81 210 A15. After putting it all back together I applied vacuum to the choke pull off and it worked but quickly leaked vacuum. My other spare carb was even worse so I'd imagine this is a common wear item if its never been replaced. I bet there's a bunch of y'all with vacuum leaks there and don't even know it! I got a new one on the way but wanted to give y'all a heads up to check yours out for vacuum leaks. That carb ran 'ok' but not all that great. Fair warning!
  12. I've been messing around rebuilding and powder coating Volk Racing Mesh wheels from the 80s. Love em!
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