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Bob's 411 Goon!


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Look what I scored today!


1967 411 wagon with 94,734 original miles from the original owner! It came with LOTS of spares too!

















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I don't know what the keck I'm going to do with this thing. I check craigslist every morning and today this was on there. Now it's at my house!

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Good score! The interior will clean up nicely, you can recover the bucket seats easily. The vinyl pattern is "Wallaby" as in kangaroo. The dash and front buckets are easily restored. I reupholstered my buckets 12 years ago and found that the original bucket seat foam, at that time 30 years old, was as good as new! JCWhitney sells a complete replacement rug set that is set up for the floor shift. It comes in 4 pieces [left front, right front, tunnel, rear floor] unlike the original but looks stock when installed. They also sell the grommets that you will need to snap the replacement rug set to the existing floor fasteners. The rugs have a fiber backing, but I put styrofoam padding under them for additional soundproofing and "cushey" feel, I got the padding from U-Haul, they sell it for padding china pieces. Those 4 front doors are pure gold given their condition, don't sell them too cheaply!

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Like I said earlier, my morning coffee always includes a local Datsun scan across the internet. It's like a treasure hunt every day. Fortunately I'm in a position where I can react quickly to anything I may find, like I did today. You know it's all your fault that I suffer from the Ratsun Obsession! You guys are all so passionate and knowledgeable that I feel comfortable that what ever I find someone on Ratsun will love it and someone else will know EVERYTHING about it!



Thanks everyone for the comments. I truly have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with this bad boy. I haven't even looked to see what's inside yet. When I tied it on the trailer it looked very solid underneath. I'll get out there this weekend and check it out and let you know what I find. ;)

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My wife :angel: just named the 411. She said that 411 is the number for information, the original owner was a woman, so why not call it . . . . .


"Miss Information":excl:




What do you think of that? :)

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Great find Bob! Red is my favorite color when it gets old like that. I say slam it and just cruise it :)



I'm thinking the same thing. I'll get it to the car wash some time this week. Then I'll get it in the shop and see what's there. It's still sitting on the trailer and I haven't had any time to look at it. I will try to find four 13" tires at the used tire store this week. If I decide to just get it running and drop and cruz it, I'll need to get with Mike about some disc brake stuff.


We'll see! ;)

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Thats not a 5 speed tranny in the back is it? I am wanting to find a 5 speed that will fit my 411 SSS. I cant stand top speed of 55 when everyone around me is going 75-80 at work...


I don't know. I'll check and let you know.

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Look what finally made it into the shop!


I went down to the used tire store and got four 13" tires for $40 so I could get "Miss Information" off the trailer.



























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