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  1. Thanks Mike! I already have the axle seal (the one that goes in the axle tube). 43232-B5000 is a plain seal with no flanges or anything. The bigger one in the pic has a flare to it and a lip to fir over the outer edge of the bearing cage... it goes here (red arrow in pic) but the FSM drawing sucks and has no part number. The other one (the smaller one) is bigger than an axle seal - it goes in the bearing cage, but I can't recall how I took it apart. :(
  2. Hey guys - Building a 77 KC and have disassembled the rear axle completely. Replaced axle seals, have new wheel bearings, and have it ready to go back together. Unfortunately, several projects came up in the middle of working on it, I lost my train of thought, and now I'm stumped. I've reviewed the FSM, which is not helping much. Here's my question: There are two rubber seals needed to reassemble the bearing cage. They don't have part numbers, so I'm having a tough time finding replacements. Sorry for the largish pics, but I wanted to try and catch the detail if it's helpful. TIA for any help finding these. (Before the inevitable suggestion, yep - I already tried RockAuto and a few other sites... their pics/descriptions aren't real confidence-inspiring.)
  3. This makes me happy in my pants. Mike, I'm flat-out in awe of the fabrication and engineering expertise - and a ton envious. At 46, and recently retired, I'm just learning to weld. I'm also one of the few serious Datsun collectors / restorers that will NEVER say anything negative about a motor swap (or any other custom fab) - Make it yours, make it awesome, and make the naysayers STFU. All those skills, and not a bad writer, to boot. I'll be watching this one weekly. Go big, brother.
  4. Looks like this car is for sale: http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/datsun/b210/1776738.html
  5. Dilemma time... After reading (probably TOO much) on this topic, it's time for me to "s*** or get off the pot" on my 620 build. Here's my situation: I have a clean 77KC with completed body & paint, interior, and a running engine. But, it's still a 77. I intend to VG swap it, so I'd like more modern suspension / braking. So, I purchased a pretty decent 79KC, with the intention of doing a complete frame swap. My thinking was, I could resto the frame while it's naked, build it the way I want, swap in the VG with the body off, and have a completely DONE truck. Obviously, this is a lot of work... Am I overdoing it? Can I get what I want without doing a full frame swap? How would you guys proceed? Mike, I'm especially eager to hear your thoughts. TIA for suggestions / feedback / guidance.
  6. My bad - Too many cars/wheels to keep track of. 15x7 +22 with a 5mm spacer F/R.
  7. Nope. Stock crossmember and control arms. I didn't even slot 'em.
  8. I'm pretty amazed at some of the wheel specs some folks are claiming to run in this thread. I trimmed the piss out of my fender lip with a plasma cutter, then smoothed it so it's about 2mm inboard of the outer fender surface, and an envelope snags when sliding it between tire and lip (static). I'm not rubbing, but it's super-close throughout suspension compression. I'm running 205/50/15's on 15x7.5 Panasports, 2* camber. OICS: http://forums.nicoclub.com/update-on-betty-our-68-510-t585920.html
  9. Thanks Byron - Still on the hunt. Rod thought he might have one, but didn't. I may wind up trying to fabricate something from a later ashtray frame, rather than hold my breath.
  10. Bump to the top. Someone HAS to have one of these laying around! Thanks guys!
  11. Mike and John nailed it. Hardly a $4000 car, I have a standing offer of over $20K for mine. I'll never sell her, but it's nice to know that if I needed a quick chunk of cash, it's a phone call away. BTW, there's now a '67 411 sedan in my best buddy's fleet, so he now has a complete SSS wagon and a complete SSS sedan awaiting restoration. :) I haven't forgotten about ya, Neely - gotta do a trans swap and then I'll be hitting you up.
  12. Thanks homey. Someone's bound to have one, I'll keep trying!
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