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  1. AtomChurch

    How to: KA24DE swap into 720

    I am also curious to why you needed to modify the motor mounts .. You seem to understand how and why to modify things specifically, hence the the oil pan being so well designed. However, what clearance did you need to make for the brackets you bought?
  2. AtomChurch

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Rad! I want too swing by and see the new set up! That thing might need a bigger engine at some point.. Good work as usual sir.
  3. AtomChurch

    '84 720 4x4 Electrical Issues

    What mike said for sure. The gauges are ground based. I have temporarily fixed a fuel gauge, for example, by connecting an alligator clip to the dash (negative) side of the battery and then to the fuel tank itself. Essentially "fabricobbling" the ground the tank should have had. You can test the sending unit the same way, but shorting the single wire to ground and seeing if your gauge for fuel reads full.
  4. AtomChurch

    '84 720 4x4 Electrical Issues

    Sounds like a grounding issue to me. Clean all the grounds in your harness. The flasher "unit" has three prongs and works the same with both sides. Left and right. So you have a short, or rather power feeding the wrong way somewhere else looking for a ground. No "visible draw" to click the flasher unit. I do not mess around with a lot of 720's, so someone else might know of a common problem.
  5. AtomChurch

    620 A/C compressor mount

    If you want a stock installation (or as good as you could get Ac for the times then find the parts you need: Mike is right, he is a smart man. if you would rather just buy a kit.. look into vintage air.
  6. AtomChurch

    240sx suspension swap

    Post a build thread and let us know how it goes! Its funny you didn't ask about the engine. I think that would be easier then trying to swap the interior.. Some stuff will swap over but will need modification. My advice is rescue the 1200's!
  7. AtomChurch

    Bend Over Oregon 68 4 door Datsunsvilles next up

  8. AtomChurch

    Datsunville Fauxbird JDM yo

    How the fuck did I miss this!? Fantastic. I love the scratch marks of the scotchbrite in in specific directions. Good work.
  9. AtomChurch

    The gobstopper 68 2 door

    I second vote for pics of the lift when its done!
  10. AtomChurch

    68' Grinch.

    Can't post a video to YouTube it seems. But it cruises above 70 registering at almost and past 80. I videoed catching up in a 35
  11. AtomChurch

    68' Grinch.

    Took the speedo apart today to clean all the connections. A 68 owner will know what that means for the dash removal. I didn't take photos. Just got it over with. haha. I had a spare speedo from a 521 cluster I robed for parts. they are easily swap able. Just go slow. The back of the 68 cluster has mounting holes for both styles already. Tested the 68 speedo out, still works. Who would have guess that! So I put it back. also got a clock installed. Seems to be a bit fast. Ill see tomorrow if it drains my battery all the way down.. The test drive showed the speedo actually working. Maybe Ill video it tomorrow.
  12. AtomChurch

    Tomato Soup

    Cool! Rusty cars open more doors then close them. I had a pathfinder once and they were living in the intake.. I tried to start it after it had been sitting for a bit. I would have been happy I found it in the rear quarter panel to say the least.
  13. AtomChurch

    New Owner of a 720. Retiming the dist.

    You might be able to just pull the distributor and oil pump to reset them. I don't mess around with 720's on a regular basis. Someone else probably knows exactly what to do though. Did you search around the site for a bit before posting? Answers are all around. Just have to find out where to look.
  14. AtomChurch

    510 rear coilovers T3 or Ground Control?

    It all just depends on how you personally are driving that car. Maybe you are only going to race around left hand circles? Adjustment can be fun. Or just find a guy who drives like you and ask. I like to choose people who do, through red light, burnouts. And drifts onto freeway on ramps. Might not be the type of driving you are going to actually do.
  15. AtomChurch

    Project Avocado - 1971 1200 Coupe - USA

    Awesome! Race car seats! Nice find.

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