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  1. Iv'e personally never locked one up.. ha. must be a good idea to make a cover plate./ I look too mike for the approval. never seen a first post with a completed profile already. including a sig.
  2. Rad! I haven't even looked at mine in a couple years.. I have a cracked windshield. Ill trade you! I was looking into getting ten windshields made. but I would need to find people to buy them.
  3. Because of the Hyundai forum that just popped up/ Do you know the thread count on those seats?
  4. A stock 1970 510 speedo cog pinion does fit on a 90s era KA trans.. What they did was keep the same design for the digital sending unit and rotate the offset just about 180 degrees. I have gotten the stock speedo to work mechanically by simply rotating the speed sending unit until it fits in and then cutting a new retaining slot where one needs to be to correspond to the stock bolt hole in the transmission. In the five ten you need a longer speedo cable because of the longer ka trans. if you dont care about stock speedos maybe you could just do that in reverse? Take the later model
  5. "ford 9 inch is the only option.." ha. Just shorten the axel tubes is what I have been told. 1 out of ten times I get informed about toyota stuff..
  6. My Datsun's still technically live in portland. Yet I drive to other states for work. I still need to come up and just fuck around giving you a hand around your shop Ted. Its just been hard to find free time these days.
  7. Shit! I live close enough.. Just couldn't make it work with work. I would have loved to see that patrol. It looks like a good turnout.
  8. If you cut the fender off a 521 by cutting the core support close enough to keep the headlight buckets so maybe 2 inches of core support. And you take it home in the back seat of a four door five ten.. It will dent your doors. Sometimes it is just better to use the roof rack, if you got it.
  9. If you want to keep the car, pick up a manual and learn to read the wiring diagrams. I feel like you have a great chance to get the signals working without buying new parts. Depending on what you have laying around.. Making the car 100 percent factory original is another game entirely though and you will want to save your pennies and dimes.. Do your hazard lights work? ("four way flashers" in some circles.)
  10. I saw a rough make of the new 510 crossmember. I had a difficult time not just adjusting it back and forth on the table. Good idea and well designed. Im saving my money up! I'd sure like to test one out.. just to make sure it fits on a 68..
  11. Lets get those photos fixed! I would like to see the turbo manifold up close, if its possible.
  12. are you open to just swapping the engine and trans together from a different running car if it was a bolt in option?
  13. Which misalignment are you referring to? The front to back offset of the trans mounting points?
  14. could also try boxing in those unusually large angle iron brackets. At the very least some gussets on each side to help with the flex.
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