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what I did this morning!

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So we're in the process of remodeling a bathroom in my house, which means aside from all my car parts, we have a ton of shit coming here to me stored in the garage. Well this morning my father woke me up to inform me that I needed to make room in the garage for the bathtube. At Eight I hopped out of bed with vigor (yeah...right...) and headed to the garage. Barefoot and in my PJ's mind you. So I move a couple boxes around and get to this differential I have laying in a corner. walking over I pick the thing up and begin across the garage to stash it against a box, well no more than two steps into this journey the thing slipped from my hand and BAM right on my big toe. At first i couldn't feel a thing, but i knew it hurt. I hobble out of the garage, ignoring my father's questions of 'Are you okay!?' and I make it into the bathroom to run it under water because currently, the thing was bleeding like a mofo. Needless to say I took a trip to the doctors off. and while I was there I snapped some photos.




please ignore the fact I haven't painted my toe-nails in a while. >.<






It was swelling up nice :D


I didn't break it, thank god. but I dropped the fucker right on my tendon, which means for the next week or so I have to keep moving it to make sure i still have motion and what not.I'm sure i'll be fine, all i know is right now im in pain. Get the day off work :\ and normally that'd be boss, except I can't work on the Datto. So here I am on the couch, playing ps3 and about to make a grilled cheese!



what have you done today!?

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2eDeYe' date='05 January 2010 - 12:44 PM' timestamp='1262724258' post='249433']

Nice carnage  :o


One question, what is a bathtube? :D


Sounds like a personal question if you ask me.   :P 





Nice flesh wound! My daughter smashed her thumb while tearing down an L motor and forced me to take a picture of it as if it were a trophy. lol




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Ouch!!!!!!!!! I hope that heals up real quick, Kait. What did I do today? Went and got a haircut, stopped at the grocery store, went to PullaPart and bought a bumper for my truck, and accepted a lumber delivery. Oh, and my 24 year old daughter flew back to Northern Cali after visiting for the holidays.



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That sucks K-... Sorry to hear that. Least it wasn't to serious and you are home now. Don't forget, a project requires blood sweat and tears. Looks like you got one of the three today if not two lol



A 1990 nissan sentra did this to my finger a little over a year ago


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