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  1. Does anyone in the sacramento area want to come give me a hand and take a look at this wiring? I'm lost, I feel like i've tried everything and maybe a new set of eyes will help me figure out what the issue is! Pleeease my number is 916.266.311SIX please have experience with this, if you're as knowledgable as me in this I'm not exactly sure what good that will do. :\ ya know?
  2. So we're at a loss of why the fuck this thing won't start. Here's the deal, the cars turning over, just no spark. We have replaced coil, switched distributor cap/rotor over to magnetic pick up, we've even jumped a hot wire from battery to hot side of coil and the car STILL won't start. can anyone give me some insight on wtf is going on. i think i might pull out my hair next.
  3. I am running an electric fan, so i'll keep that in mind. thanks guys! sorry for the late reply. Started my engine class this week at school and i'll I've been doing is homework and them lab at school. >.< Stupid busy, but it will pay off! :D
  4. bummed

    1. KADET510


      Aww...whats wrong? your cat run away? your dime has a rod knock??

  5. So here's the deal. I have ZERO Relays with my car, and I need to know what I will be needing. Does anyone know how many/what the control? The local parts store has none in their books, but they said if I got the numbers off the relays they might be able to look them up/order them. Can anyone help me? PLEASE I Beg you.
  6. So I looked at it today. there is no spark. haha. that narrows it down, doesnt it? I also don't have any relays in the car as of yet, so this weekend I will be purchasing said relays and maybe a little bit more trouble shooting?! :D
  7. That about says it all, doesn't it? i Have a 1980 Datsun Pickup Wiring harness. Snagged it from Pick n Pull because I thought I'd need it. I don't. I also have a very extensive wiring diagram that comes with it that I got from my School's AllData system so I'll throw that in if you need it. $30 + Shipping!
  8. So I went to the Sacramento meet today for a little bit, and while I was out there two things happened. Number One being that I got a ton of SHIT for making no progress on my car. (which resulted in a very bitter me) and Number Two I purchased a wiring harness from some man in blue. whoever you were, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Either way, I left the meet way early because, well, My boyfriend and I decided it was time to work on the Dime. Get home, change and we dove right in. Here's Anthony working on the engine bay wiring done, ugly, but done (for the most part) and things kinda thrown in there quickly in order to see if we can fire it up. just in case....you never know... >.< I'll let the video explain the rest. SO thats about it.... Maybe I can convince WagDatto to come to my house sometime this week and look at it with me. :\
  9. I wish i could say the same *sniffle sniffle* it might be running, but alas, not street legal. GRRrrrr. and I just blew $400 dollars on getting my wisdom teeth out so it's like a big effect on my bank account which results in getting it registered a little bit later than i would like. *SIGH*
  10. I'll come! in a datto or a mini, i'll be there. haha. I'll bring.... Chips?
  11. He also has a couch that I just helped him move, the sucker is heavy as balls and has a pull out bed. BETTER BE COMFY!
  12. Hahaha I wish. Unfortunately it still needs to get wired. Im HOPING it will be done this month, but I can't really guarantee anything because, well, im not doing it. So the poor thing has been sitting in my drive way for the time being. ALTHOUGH today i went to a Buick Swap meet in downtown sac and I picked up this Glass Mirror Datsun 280zx thingy for two bucks! i saw it and went "HEY! why not?!" Ill post a picture of it later.
  13. my man and i one of my many weird faces. my favorite from the weekend. It was a dino hat! Had to be done! you can also see my newest tattoo. that sweet 'stach on the inside of my finger these were all taken last weekend. so .... yeaaah.
  14. I was in Home Depot (or was it Lowes?) the other day and saw these... I am so tempted to pick them up. Kobalt’s Thru-Ratchet sockets and ratchets are hollow down the center, so they can fit over long bolts. Looks super rad to me... >.< Maybe i'm just a dork
  15. Well i'm not one to brag.....but they're something to behold if ya know what i mean! :P :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Oh that had to be said! I'm usually a lot better than that. I can have my fun ..... sometimes. :D
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