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PCD's 74 620 progress/build up

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Robert-go to http://www.resoshow.com for all the info. It's basically a 3 day truck run involving camping out & a HUGE show ! Sux you dont have the plate frames but thanks for checking. Yeah the 1st cut was a bit tough to make but smooth sailing after that.

Tnip- Ill check the yards for a Del sol next time im there. I thought bout welding in a piece of round tubing on the roof & on the cab have a recessed area for it to rest in which would allign it pretty good. My challenge will be to find some weatherstripping wide enough to work.

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Well after taking the roof off & on about 10 times i got it trimmed enough to sit flush with the existing roof section.....


Ill trim the edges all nice later once i know it lines up perfect. My wife even decided to yell my name & snap a pic chainsaw.gif sorry i look mad...biggrin.gif


As for the different fonts & colors...just me exploring my options...:D

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Jason- the roof came off the truck in the background.....


Pic was taken when i visited Steroid to help him cut a few 620's up...

Beebani [Jason] thanks, i feel confident i can get this done by Dec. Damm i guess i better wire up my heater & hope it works :D

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I spent a few hours making templates out of cardboard then tracing them onto metal/cutting & trimming them. They are welded in & ready for body filler which will be done after all the plates are welded in...



these are the plates for the rear pillars...the new roof will also have these welded on...



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first of all.. good job bro. looks good. secondly, why would you be worried about a heater? if you guys use heaters out there in socal then you're a bunch of babies.. haha.


it's funny, when i looked at the pic of the roof donor, you said it came from the 620 in the background, i'm like, there's nothing but a trailer back there... didn't realize that blue bed was on a frame, not just a trailer, haha.


mark, just curious, is the back wall of the cab still pretty sturdy?

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Looks GREAT. I'd like to say "If we had nice weather like that here, I'd get more done too" but it really isn't true :D


Keep up the good work!


don't forget to tack that nut on for the seatbelt. Sure would suck if you forgot and have to take the belt out someday.

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