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  1. You're the dude that was trying to sell that brown/gold 280zx forever on craigslist aren't you? Doubt we've met. I've been datsunless for about 5 years now. I used to be in the Z car club back around 04-06 or something, but it really wasn't my cup of tea.
  2. You mean the injector pump? That makes sense I guess... Finding one of those would probably be like looking for a needle in a haystack... And expensive. I wonder if it's possible to just adjust the pump pressure up like an old mechanical diesel ford.
  3. Some of you may remember my previous 82 Diesel Maxima sedan... I have regretted selling it for years, and have been searching for a replacement off and on... I finally came across a deisel 910 wagon on craigslist about 5 hours away from me, I called the owner, sent him a deposit via paypal this past Friday, and drove up to pick it up Saturday morning. The body has some rust issues here and there, but it is mechanically sound and I love it! So it gets interesting... It's got some kind of SVO conversion setup on it? It has an auxillary 12 gallon tank in the trunk for the veggie oil, and a switch on the console to switch between the diesel tank and the veggie oil tank... The PO has been driving it like this for the past year and a half, 80 miles a day round trip to work. To "make it worth my while" for coming all the way from Medford to buy it, the guy gave me about 70 gallons of ready to run veggie oil as a bonus. So far I've put 80 miles on the car, since yesterday, about 60 of which were on the veg. oil... It's pretty bad ass... I may put some 280z/zx wheels on it to spiff it up a bit, and contemplating throwing a turbo on it as I have been saving a 280zxt exh. manifold for several years waiting for that one special car... The car is an auto... I wouldn't mind converting it to a stick at some point, but that may not be in the cards... Only time will tell as I continue to drive it.
  4. That car is bad ass... A girl I went to high school wih had a blue one... Didn't care much for it at the time, but seeing your car now and having forgotten this model ever existed... Kinda makes me want one.
  5. Glad the carbs worked out for you!
  6. Started a new job 3 weeks ago and found this 610, a 510, and a 520/521 parked at the building behind my work building... Currently trying to hunt down the owner and see if any are for sale. The 610 was last tagged in 87. The 510 looks to be an early car? It's a column shift, that was only available on the early cars eh? Or am I wrong there?
  7. Possibly the accelerator pump on the carb is shot? That's what gives it that instant shot of fuel to accelerate when you give er the meat. That's the first thing that comes to mind.
  8. Where exactly in Kansas are you? A friend I know is picking up a race trailer in OK around the beginning of march, If it's not too far out of his way and he doesn't charge me too much, maybe we can play lets make a deal? Do you have the title?
  9. I'd totally consider that if you were closer... GLWS!
  10. I'll bite... :D Selling my 52 Willy's Jeep pickup. Has the original F head 134 engine, t90 3 spd trans. Engine runs good, good trans, drives decent for an old 4x4... Most of the glass is good, but needs a driver's side door window. 4x4 works great! Has been wired for brake lights, but not turn signals, has round LED brake lights. Good tags. Interior not bad. Pretty straight, rust free, original body. Truck has a LOT of potential! Heater works! Needs brake master cylinder to be safely driven. Wipers don't work. Asking $2300 obo, title in hand... I'm in the Medford area. More pictures here: http://s11.beta.photobucket.com/user/RacnJsn95/library/willys Possibly would trade, or part trade for the right item/vehicle/DATSUN? :)
  11. Wow, very nice looking flange for the price! Super clean! How much would they be in the future since you aren't sending a head in as part trade?
  12. Pretty cool! Really like that color on the car too!
  13. It may need some modification on the bottom side (where the thick washers hold the exhaust and intake in the same place), unfortunately I don't have any L6 heads to try it on, I sold the majority of my L6 parts with my last 280z... Also keep in mind that it will need to be further modified to accept a throttle body, and injectors... It could be a torque monster though if someone wanted to put the time into it, I've seen pictures of it done a couple times.
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