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PCD's 74 620 progress/build up

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Ok worked on it half the day & got the L brackets welded on the cab & roof. Will have to use flat bar on the cab because of the uneven back cab wall....




The roof piece is just tacked on for now to see how it all lined up...nana.gif. Jason, not sure bout the "peep" window :D I want this truck to be shaved smooth.

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The seats are out of a 411. Had to drill 2 holes for the rear part of the seat.the front 2 lined up with the track perfectly. When searching for buckets look for a low back style seat. If not you'll be sitting too straight up & be close to the wheel.

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that is unless you have a kingcab...


i was just thinking about what you mentioned about the rear of the cab not bein straight so you couldn't use an L bracket... if the strength comes into question i would think it would be simple to make some measurements and then cut out some area on the bottom half of the L, to fit around the bulged areas on the rear of the cab. then you'd have area to weld to on the back wall at the top and bottom and a lil extra support from the tabs. i'm sure you'll work it out to be super awesome. as you always do.


looks great mark

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Hey Mark,


I just thought of a good name for Your truck!!!! You know how those new Cingular ads that combing city names?? Well, Your truck could be named "bluesawhiteayelloprimablacksun" ! ! ! ! Lookin good ! ! !

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TY, i found a sealed rubber gasket material today that will work as a gasket / sound deadener. It will be applied to the roof section. I got the cab wall finished welding wise today....


Next is to drill the holes in the brackets & bolt the rear down so i can move onto the windshield part & line those brackets up. Should be done welding within 5 days & then onto body filler.

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Today I found these threaded inserts that will help hold the roof on. Basically i made a bar that bolts into the factory "oh shit" bar on 1 side & the insert on the other. and im also fabbing the same thing in the center of the roof to keep it from bowing up while driving....


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well i was thinking, it really wouldn't be that difficult to make them work. once again i use the miata as a reference. the seals for the top of the window are just big and soft and only on the one side. so that when the window is up you can still open and close the doors with no problem, and then when the door is shut and you roll the window up it just rubs against the rubber seal. i think the simplest way to achieve this would be to take the window frame that is cut off and tacked to the roof, you just cut it into two pieces right down the center. and then you ditch the "outside" piece, weld up the outside piece like you had planned and then find a big mushy gasket that will fit there.

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Ok you guys are right & i kinda knew it ahead of time too but ill figure it out later...the windows have to be rolled ALL the way down to open the door. Good thing is ill only have to modify the rear part of the frame & trim the frame rubber. Bleach i like the remote for the power window idea too, maybe if i can ever figure out my battery short ill look into that :D

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Goin to the yards next weekend & ill look for some weatherstripping that will work. Ill have to trim the door frame just a bit too. I started cutting off the rain gutter to discover that it's double walled so now ill have to cut a wider piece of metal to join the roof to the door frames...chainsaw.giflol2.gif




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Jason- the roof came off the truck in the background.....


Pic was taken when i visited Steroid to help him cut a few 620's up...

Beebani [Jason] thanks, i feel confident i can get this done by Dec. Damm i guess i better wire up my heater & hope it works :D


I can't look....:(

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73 it had to be done. At the time Steroid had the city demanding he clean up his yard that IMO wasnt that bad. The guy next door had tons of crap piled up that was as high as his roof ! He was giving stuff away free,thats where i scored my 70's stulle chrome grill still in the box :D

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ha, city did the same thing up here in the san fernando valley recently, threatened to fine people for their home junk yards. lots of classics that i had seen in peoples yards sitting for years were suddenly for sale. ..




your convertible 620 is lookin good...

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