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  1. tnip

    clutch alignment

    71 521 L16 stock 4 spd i'm about to pull the L16 and replace it with... dun dun duunnnn a different L16. if the clutch and all looks good i would like to reuse it to save money. the "new" L16 came out of an auto car so i will have to swap the flexplate for the the flywheel and would like to reuse the clutch and pressure plate and all that. i do not have an alignment tool. is it possible for me to do this without one ? or do i need to get an alignment tool ? or is there an alternative that i can make or macguyver ? thanks for any info
  2. well i'll be damned. haven't been on here in forever and now i see another 521 in ga. altho you're actually driving yours. i'm so torn between dumpin some money in mine or getting rid of it, of course i want to keep it and daily it and it be awesome... but you know... i'm lazy. keep it up man, love to know there's one not too far away that's runnin around town.
  3. agreed. if you have the space, keep it. use it to haul off the trash a few times a month haha. when you get the 59 to concours level you'll need a tow rig anyway.. hahaha. you just have to keep remembering how rare that 521 is around you and how much custom stuff you've already done to it. like you said, we all think about getting rid of stuff every once in a while, and the people that actually do end up regretting it later most of the time. ;)
  4. fisch... haven't talked to ya in a while. i agree, living in ga it's scary sometimes to see what people will actually drive around in. it bugs the crap outta me when i jump on the interstate only to come upon somebody driving something that's smoking and whining and rattling and worst of all, holding up traffic. that minimum 45 mph thing gets tested alot around here. anyway, had to say one more time, love the touches you've given this truck. and really love that you're actually driving it. there's some days i get sad when i look behind the shop and see my 521 just sittin there killin grass. but you, and really everybody on here, have made me keep it this long (one day i will actually get a tag on it and drive it, life keeps gettin in the way). otherwise i think i would've scrapped it long ago. keep it up man.
  5. source your own valve guides (might have to buy a gasket set to get just the guides) and take them to him. trucks got some potential. kinda like the air dam.
  6. tnip

    73' SSS 620

    truck looks great. diagnosed the charging problem? if new alt and vr then i would suspect wiring.
  7. AWESOME. perfect. amazing. i would love to do something very similar to this. what did you use for the lower bars? and just curious how long is the driveshaft in this thing?
  8. tnip

    weld rear end

    that was my first thought while reading this, you want to race a 720, put a 8 or 9 under it. then again you laughed at the price tag of nissan lsd. so you probably won't want to spend the money on the right stuff anyway. go balls out and make it a true drift truck and don't worry about driving it on the street. weld the diff and keep it on the track. and i want to see pictures of this setup.
  9. the rear ends that dat521kid and datzenmike are showing, are these the same rear ends? out of xterras and/or d21s? (pbviously the xterra has the 5 link with coils and the d21 would have leaf perches) am i correct? i think desert_gold_hound wants to know how the track width of these axles compare to the track width of the stock 620 axle... and while we're at it, how about the 521?
  10. tnip

    Get Garage!

    was it a bad starter? use the one off the L20?
  11. tnip

    Get Garage!

    so i don't think i've read every single post, but i know i've read most. i just wanted to add my 2 cents on this fram argument. i work at a parts store. i sell those shitty filters all the time. i try to get people to buy better stuff... but they don't listen. that whole brand loyalty thing is really strong in the south. "my daddy always used frams and i'm gonna always use frams" whatever man. it is true that fram filters are not the best filters in general. it is also true that there is a difference between frams purchased at walmart and frams purchased from a parts store, or a tire store. (walmart does this with alot of their products, name branded chinese knockoffs.) that being said, their "good" filter from the parts store is still not the best filter available. even if you just "upgrade" to the fram tough guard it's a step in the right direction. for the average everyday knuckle head that buys them, it doesn't matter. for a fellow ratsuner i would suggest you look into the vast amounts of information available on here and other sites about filter quality and all that. to end on some sort of a positive note. good job on the trucks, and as late as it is, the garage looks good. now everybody can continue the completely necessary jabs.
  12. been checking out the full build thread over on nicoclub... you've def built something awesome here man. makes me really wanna work on mine. thanks!
  13. awesome... love it... can't wait to see it finished, and one good thing about living in this state... i might get to see it in person. :D
  14. who makes those wheels? unless you're keeping it a secret? also... i can't say anything more than what has been said. you nailed it man. the stance, the wheel/tire, the flares, the fender mirrors, even leaving the bumper on there... i personally think you should leave some of the patina but that's me. you just keep doing whatever you think is right cause it's working. very very exceptionally nice. any underhood or interior shots?
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