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PCD's 74 620 progress/build up

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Wow... I was kind of antsy about the thought of hacking off the back of the cab, but it looks really good... although, to be honest I was considering something similar on an older American pickup...


Only suggestion I have to make is a roll cage... I know you probably won't be doing anything outrageous enough to need one, but it's good to be on the safe side... But, what you could do is make a roll bar for just behind the cab... if you could figure out some way to mount it on top of the sides of the bed, just behind the cab, and follow the contours of the cab, then extend two bars from each of the top corners to the very back of the bed, then you could get some sort of custom soft-top for it... something that would clip to the top of the tailgate, then stretch up and clip to the rollbar just behind the cab, with two triangular pieces coming down on either side to cover the sides of the bed... then you could have another little piece of soft-top that you could clip to the top of your windshield to block out the sun down at the beach (to block out the sun or whatnot), or you could just leave the top open... sort of like some of the older Ford Broncos or GMC Jimmys had...


Then again, I suppose that's sort of an off-road thing to do... although it might be nice to have the option of a soft-top... even just the part over the cab, and leaving the back of the cab and the bed open...

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i was just sayin that he might have to think about a lil bit of a cage, and i love bikini tops (the soft top that clips over the roll cage like you're talking about). and while it does seem to only be popular with jeeps and broncos i think that is just because those were the only vehicles that offered that kind of thing from the factory. anything else they just used a collapsable frame and called it a convertible. like my dad's miata, i'd rather have a lil roll bar and a bikini top. as it is he's got a roll bar in there and the convertible top.

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Ratical makes those soft top vert kits that have the colapible frames, They are actually not bad. My buddy had a convertilbe Isuzu P.up that had the Ratical kit. And believe it or not he was in a store and the top was in his bed and someone stole it....just the top. Im sure they did it for the hell of it. So he went out and got one of those soft top kits from Ratical. And it is decent. He sold the truck about 4yrs ago and the kid that bought it wrecked it in less that 2 weeks....

I like the top it is looking good...

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I MAY do a roll bar behind the seats if i have time to make it look ok before Reso 07. I also have toyed w/ the idea of doing a bikini top made out of boat canvas somewhere down the road. I picked up some sheet metal today so i can get the roof gutters shaved..cost $4 :thumbup: Dave i remember those ratical top kits, were very popular back in the early 90's.

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Mark, that looks so AWESOME!!!! Can You guys imagine, if My fourdoor cab wasn't so rare, how it would look this way? A fourdoor roadstered dually?!?!??? Hey Mark, if You leave the window channels alone that will act as a theft/breakin deteriant. If the windows are up and trapped into those welded frames how can the doors be opened? I like Bleach's idea. A clic of the switch, the windows roll down and an alarm also disabled at the same time.

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By the way, That blue truck that Mark is using the roof off of didn't entirely end up wasted. Mark, naturally, has used the roof. The bed was made into a trailer with the frame rails pulled together and in the foreground of that photo is the bottom of the cab. Look here how the lower cab sides were welded in, by My welder Guru, Rich Boyett, on My fourdoor cab where it was cancered out. Another cab was also used. The only "trash" that the blue truck ended up being was the core support and cowl/firewall area. Everything else was saved.





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The 620 hooks were shaved already when i got the truck. + later i may "roll" the bedsides. The rollbar will retract behind the seats when i drive w/ the roof off. Oh ya, I got a little creative on the cab caps, put a slight bend to them biggrin.gif....



I made them out of 1 piece of metal....



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I think I'm going to try to track down a similar set of seats... I like 'em too much...


I know if I was building something that slick people would want to ride with me... seeing as you only have bucket seats up front, have you considered taking a bench seat or something similar and mounting it in the bed? I think some of the newer minivans or whatnot had quick-release seats... if you could get a set of floor mounts and weld the bottom of the seat rails (or whatever you'd call them) to a seat out of one of your donors (sp?), then you could have a 5 person convertable cruiser that you could swap into a two seater hardtop within minutes...

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I meant two bucket seats in the cab, and another bench seat in the bed...


But I know what you mean... I rarely drive with one other person in my car, let alone two, but I think I'll hang on to the bench seat just in case... I'm the kind of person that likes to be ready for most situations... and no, I was never a boy scout... =P

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i agree pope face, even tho i am usually alone now a days, i have fond memories of my first car, a four door civic. it was always nice to have the option to drive a few friends around or just to have the extra room. i moved out in that car and managed to bring everything with me in one trip... haha i also moved back home in that car.. haha.

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I love Civics... I know they get a bit of a bad rep with all the ricers around, but (as I've probably mentioned several times) I had an '84 GL... it was a little sedan... I managed to fit an entire band's worth of equipment in it once, as well as me and a passenger... I'm talking bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, three BIG amps, and a full drum set (I think it was a 9 piece). I've never crammed so much stuff into one car...

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true, but there's "ricers" in every automotive genre. i'm amazed you fit it all. i'm guessing it was just you in the car.


Actually, it was me driving and a passenger, although she was holding some of the gear in her lap... not necessarily the safest route, I know, but it was the only "real" mode of transportation we had and the gig was only about ten minutes away...


Pac Coast: Looks good... The caps won't interfere with the operation of the windows, will they? I can't tell, but for some reason it looks like the front cap will prevent the window from rolling up... but, could just be me. Have you decided what to do with the top part of the doors yet? Are you hacking the outside half off and using the big soft weatherstripping, or are you going with power windows?

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