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PCD's 74 620 progress/build up

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Hey guys you've all seen my 620 before im sure here & at NWDE but i wanted to start a new thread here. In the next 2 weeks ill be doing some major work on her in preperation for Reso 07 now that there will be an "old school" class :cool:. Shes sittin on stockers / jack stands now with a few new residents [spiders] but ill have pics as i go. Once again you guys here & NWDE helped me SO much in getting this truck back on the road & needless to say i owe all you guys a cruise in her :D


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This truck was once a show truck. I found it here in Bullhead city with the very rare Permacast rims. It at one time had a wrapkit and sunvisor molded in. The rear flares and the sunvisor were the pieces I had molds made from. The hood had blown up and the sunvisor broken in 4 places!! Anyway, quite a LOOOONNNNGGGGGGGGG story on how I finally got it. It became Mark's when He was gracious enough to drive up from San Diego (I had NEVER met Him, only from the forum!!!) and helped Me get the city off My back. He brought His infamous Sawzall and started cutting!! When it was all over, four 620s were cut up and 5 dumpsters filled!! So I gave Him Him choice of any one of three trucks, this one, a 1976 or the peagreen 1973 that Datsun Dreamer recently acquired. Mark has literally gone through Hell with this truck and I would've been totally bummed if I had've sold it for even one dollar to Him!! But it HAS now been in a few magazines, so there was/is a light at the end of the tunnel for a long ago show truck being rebuilt! Mark can tell You just how many colors it has been. He should know, He removed 2 layers of skin sanding it all off!!! There was some crazy stuff on this truck like traction bars with a cross piece "anti sway bar" that was sold long ago to a lot of mini truckers as an accessory. Mark is also (NOT!!) especially fond of the vintage sunroof that was installed long ago. He has lots of photos of it's construction and look when I found it in about 2003.

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Oh yess this truck has been a BIG challenge bringing it back to life to say the least. I had a 22 page thread on NWDE but i think it got deleted when they "cleaned" up that site. Everything under the hood is new & currently has a 2 link rear suspension & re-key'd torsions. As Mike said this truck had been painted at least 6 times with the upper 2 coats cracking/peeling off. I had to scrape it down to the original color which took 2 weeks ! Future plans include: convertable top w/ welded in filler panels, finish shaving lights,vents, & possibly re-primer it a different color. Heres a few pix old -current.....








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Wow, I had forgotten that photo! In the background (while Mark's is being placed on the towdolly) is the red roofline of the fourdoor cab, the peagreen truck that Datsun Dreamer now has, the white '76 that may or may not become RHD and one of My trailers stripped prior to pearl paint under the blue tarp. All of those Mark had helped Me move over to this house from the other lot to get them out of the City's sight. That is why the red roofline is up so high, it was on My trailer. But, alas, the City got wise and figured "let's see what the other propertys listed under this guys name look like" and a week later I had another citation!!! So, back to the other lot with them all after it got checked off!!! Finally, with new fencing at the other lot, I was and still have been, left alone.

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Mike those few days were fun but sad at the same time. Having to cut up all those 620 sucked but it had to be done. Heres a hint of what may get underway in a few days....Ill be making cut lines on the roof & buying a few new sawzall & jigsaw blades....:D

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Mike those few days were fun but sad at the same time. Having to cut up all those 620 sucked but it had to be done. Heres a hint of what may get underway in a few days....Ill be making cut lines on the roof & buying a few new sawzall & jigsaw blades....:D


I thought you were supposed to have bought that stuff over the weekend. You are slacking!

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Ok i spent about an hour on the 620 today & got the cut lines re-marked & got the sawzall & jigsaw out & got the roof removed! I used the big saw to go through the double walled sections & the little one to rip the rest.



The open areas next to the seats will have filler plates welded in [already made] & the same thing on the windshield area....



this is where the seat belts will be anchored. Ill cut a hole & weld in a nut & maybe a brace inside the body...


the old roof...Mike the sunroff will be returned to you @ Reso :D


the new roof set in place. I still need to trim the ends so it'll sit flush. Basically it'll overlap the existing /remaining roof section & brackets will be welded in so the roof can be bolted in place....




I also plan on removing the rain gutters & welding the door frames onto the roof & A pillar.


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haha, if i didn't know better i would think you were having a datto meet at your house... 620 looks awesome man. love the idea of a hard top convert. i've always loved those rally style mirrors, where'd you get that one? is it really much more useful? that aspect doesn't matter much cause i love the look, as long as it's reflective it'll be useful.. haha. have you figured out what kind of latches you're gonna use? if you haven't considered it, i'll recommend the latches out of a miata, on the soft top. my dad's got one and those latches are nice, very adjustable for a good tight latch and they sorta lock when they're latched, the factory miata hardtop only uses four of them, i think. the soft top just has the two at the front and that thing feels so strongly attached when they're locked in, obviously yours isn't gonna be on and off as often as a soft top would be, but still it's nice to be able to do it real quick. you could even set it up where you can secure the top in the bed and that would make it simple. also are you gonna lose the side windows or you gonna open up the track after you weld it up and make it so the door can still be opened when they're up? i say a truck with no top for sale on ebay one time and the passenger window was broken because he didn't do that when he welded the window frame to the a-pillar and somebody opened the door real hard and broke the window off ha.


keep it up man. LOVE IT.

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Ok, console is from a Dodge neon & holds my coffee mug perfect :D Tnip, the mirror is a Wink & was a swap meet score for $3, works great. Ill look into the Miata latches if what i bought dont work. They are out of a Fiat spider.....



On the rear cab wall ill weld in angle iron along the top for strength & drill a few holes that the roof will actually be "bolted" in place unless i can find a few more of the latches...

Im not sure how ill deal with the side windows after the frames are welded up. I usually drive w/ them open anyways so hopefully i dont bust a window by accident.

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Man that is going to be a big project but I look forward to seeing it when its complete. Man it must be scary making the first cut cause thats the point of no return. I wanted to reply to the question about the plate frames and unfortunately I dont have the dealer frames. I am now looking for some cause mike says they are a must. Being a new guy I have to ask what is RESO 07? I am assuming a show of sorts. The project looks like it will be a lot of fun. DO IT IN A DATSUN!

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reso = resolutions a truck show that has been in the socal area for years from what i hear. this is the last year for it. pcd can tell you from experience.


i like the fiat latches you've got, if they work then i say keep em, the miata ones are probably about twice that size overall. i just think the fact that they're adjustable is a nice touch, make sure your seal seats well throughout the year and throughout the age of the seals. and idk exactly how the design is but you might also want to look at honda delsol latches, targa top, but i've heard it's a pretty good design. have you thought about some little posts to center it when you put it on?

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