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Honda K24 swap a Datsun 510


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Sooo lets use the Spec clutch disc to check for spline engagement. Jeff milled the SR20 disc down to the right diameter and we put it all together with grease on the splines to see how far they went in. As things sit we have 2 to 3mm of engagement on the input shaft splines. We were hoping for more from the custom clutch that’s for sure. We then milled the rivets off the disc to check out the spacers for the center hub. Looks like the hole diameters and spacing are the same here








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We are thinking about making our own hub spacer to move the splines further. The clutch guy claims he can work with a thicker spacer so we will see. Leaving names out of this thread deliberately at this point. 

Good news!!!

Version 2 of the transmission adapter fit very well. It snapped into place on the alignment dowels with a very satisfying click!






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This is pretty cool! I’m interested in this swap. Let’s face it, sr and ka’s are going for crazy money. 

not that all these fancy custom parts are going to be cheap either I guess. Anyway looking forward to your progress. 

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Pricing it out even with a CD009 6-speed and adapter it is a pretty decently priced swap. 


Ya KA's and SR's are getting hard to find and expensive....

Gone are the days of a running, shifting engine and trans combo for $500.00 

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IF I could find both engine and transmission at a pull it myself junkyard, this swap, custom parts included, might still come in at a price my cheap ass would even pay.  But even if I am to cheap to play in your pond, I am super happy that you guys are doing this work.  I love to see enthusiasts filling these gaps in the market.  I think your parts have the potential for a good sized market, even beyond the Datsun world.

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