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  1. Trophy24

    Ant-Dat's 71 N510

    If you don't mind me asking, what is special about the L13 or L14 that makes them desireable for a turbo build? I have an L13 in my Bluebird
  2. Trophy24

    'cuz racecar! 1969 Datsun 510 2dr

    No room at home darn it!
  3. Trophy24

    510 strut top fail......oh no

    I think this vey thing was mentioned by a certain race car driver at the Canby dinner this year.
  4. Trophy24

    Datsun desert recovery

    I had seen bits of this story. Thanks for putting it all in one place!
  5. Trophy24

    "Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

    Looking forward to racing updates
  6. Trophy24

    Anyone watch Wheeler Dealers?

    Wheeler Dealer effect?
  7. Trophy24

    Paul's 69 2 Door project

    No way! There is paint on the car! My update from the body shop today. Looks like it will be coming home soon. Not sure how to behave right now.
  8. Trophy24

    The Bluebird from Japan

    Ok so the fuel system is mostly sorted. After cleaning the tank I decided that the fuel filler hose that was already showing some cracking would either get replaced now, or slosh fuel into the trunk before too long. Since I don't like the smell of gasoline in my car, and I don't want to burn it down, I decided to replace the fuel filler. My research found several ways of doing this. I like the reproduction pieces that are available, but this car has the early style one piece rubber hose. I chose the after market replacement set up for the 93 Ford Ranger. Readily available and inexpensive as well. I could not find a detailed write up on how to do it, but realized as I got to it that it is really easy. I used my belt sander to flatten the bottom of the mounting flange so it would fit the car. Hit it with gloss black engine paint to cover the bare metal and done. Only 3 new screw holes in the car. Cut the hoses to the right length for a clean fit. This set up uses a hose within a hose for the fuel nozzle shut off. That meant I had an extra port on top of the fuel tank that would not be used. I decided to use the original hose and t fitting for the tank vent set up and cap the end with a standard 1/2 inch copper pipe cap that is soldered in place. Neat and clean enough for me. I just bought a fuel cap at the parts store for the ranger pick up. Yes I know it is up side down ha ha A bit of a scare to see if the fuel door would close, but it turned out ok!
  9. Trophy24

    Paul's 69 2 Door project

    Don't know about that. This car hasn't been out in public for at least 7 or 8 years considering it was a shell when I bought it. That may happen at some point
  10. Trophy24

    Paul's 69 2 Door project

    Ok so maybe not in paint yet, but more progress shots from the body shop. Considering how long I have been messing around with this car, I have no problem with the rate of progress. Almost there! If I do this right, I will be able to drive the Bluebird out of the garage before the 2 door comes home all shiny and new looking. :thumbup:
  11. Trophy24

    The Bluebird from Japan

    I should be driving it soon. A few things to sort out and it is on the road for shake down driving. Don't want the maiden voyage to be the Canby trip. Updates soon
  12. Trophy24

    Non Roller to Daily Racer - Datsun 510 Wagon build

    Looking forward to seeing this project
  13. Trophy24

    "Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

    That last picture sure shows the hokey pokey part. Bam!
  14. Trophy24

    Alignment issues on 510

    I would agree the arm is bent. I have found it hard to see this amount visually. Trust the measurement and swap it out. (And let us know how it goes)
  15. Trophy24

    The Bluebird from Japan

    So work continues to get this car on the road. While cleaning out the fuel tank, I realized that the supply line was clogged. Compressed air would not blow it out. It was submerged in that crud for years it seems and was plugged solid. Since there is a bend in the line as it enters the tank, I couldn't just poke it through. I got a tip from the JB Coachwerks racing crew on how Sam solved that problem on their race car Swamp Thing. Some patience, Carborator cleaner plus a zip tie did the trick! Here is the tank as it sits before I use POR 15 metal prep on it (the next step). Way better than where I started ha ha. Time to work on the rear suspension too. I removed the stock shocks for the 2 door and got around to installing the coilovers. The wheel fitment will be snug, but I think I will be ok. 15X7 +10 with 195/50R15 If they rub, I will go back to the steel wheels and hubcaps when the 2 door comes back from paint. Should know pretty soon!

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