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  1. Always good to have a machinist friend. Excited to see how this turns out
  2. Nice progress on the truck!
  3. Thanks for putting on this fun event. It was with the trip from Seattle to see all the cars and people who turned out. I appreciate all the work that went into this!
  4. Man yes that is a good idea. I will need to do this for my 510 so thanks!
  5. Aaaand... back to the heater core repair. Man am I over due for updates. Yeah you could say the heater core had a leak. Fails the dunk tank test at 5psi I am super lucky to have such good friends in this community. Jeff came through with a very slightly used to be NOS heater core from his 68 2 door On to the heater control valve So I cut the 240Z heater core apart to come up with this as a mounting bracket And then cut the end off of the part that was too short to go through the firewall and connect with the heater hose New hose found using Google images for the shape And a pic of the valve with extension, hose and core assembled together I found the control cable (wire) for the valve was stuck in the plastic sleeve making operation impossible. Here is what I came up with: Bicycle brake cable housing (cut to fit) Hardware store "music wire" for the control cable I think the sizing is just about right old new all put together and ready for action New heater hose still available from Nissan to top it off I was glad to be done with that one for sure
  6. I am interrupted at work on a regular basis and have done this very thing because of it. To help prevent it I had to be willing to give up some productivity and really think about where I left off when I get back to things. It’s not always possible to prevent
  7. Sometimes you have to look closely to figure it out. Nice find 👍
  8. Sorry to see that. I was enjoying your posting until that last picture. So close too. Hope the damage is not too extensive!
  9. All reputable shops follow the tire manufacturers association guidelines for tire repair. Keeps the liability away. Plugs are a no no for sure
  10. I believe they got it running and driving Saturday night.
  11. That is a nice set up. I’m used to using a lift all day at work, But can’t put one in at home because of the rafter height. What you are doing is way better!
  12. Asking for a friend for sure. (I would hang onto it too). Congrats on the Bluebird!
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