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  1. My co worker is actively looking for an RX7 in the Seattle area right now. Love those cars
  2. I think I have a scrap tail panel for that jack clip. I will check this week for you Paul
  3. A PNW car! Welcome to the group. Lots of help available here for those who ask good questions.
  4. Almost makes me want to have their pizza.
  5. Let’s see it! We love pictures of projects
  6. Yes it is a JDM spec car built in 67.
  7. Here is the location of the light on my Bluebird
  8. Nice use of the oval tubing for clearance. It has come a long way since I saw it at Canby
  9. Thanks for documenting the rebuild so well Carter! We are rooting for you guys for sure. I have not seen the actual movie, but this feels like "Return of Swamp Thing" to me. Keep it up!
  10. Only ones I have seen have the raised D
  11. Where is the race being held? Might want to check it out!
  12. While the engine is out... That's how it starts sometimes. I am attempting to keep this from being a restoration for now. I already have one of those going that I have never driven in all the years of ownership. Having said that off we go in the list of things to do. Going back in time to my initial attempts to get this car on the road, I was replacing the clutch hydraulics. The tube nut for the slave cylinder hose did not want to budge. Progression from a standard wrench to a line wrench made no difference. I ended up heating it with a torch and using vice grip pliers. Time to replace the rusted up hard line. Much better On to other things... The new engine will have a little more power than the L13. Plans also include a 5 speed. This made the gearing in the rear differential incompatible for sure. I have no desire to wind the new engine up on the freeway the way the old set up did. My solution was to use the Subaru STI R180 with 3.90 gears I had stashed away for my 2 door. I picked it up with the understanding that it needed some refreshing, so off we go down that rabbit hole. New bearings going in The only way I found to remove the assembly from the case without grinding something. Remove one of the ring gear bolts. That took some time to figure out. And back together. Special thanks to Keegan for hooking me up with the diff and stub axles!
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