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  1. Which one is this? The black one you bought?
  2. My MAF is set up to run as factory as possible. It has a Stillen velocity stack adapter and a K&N filter over that. The Velocity stack adapter is bolted straight to the MAF. Several inches of factory tubing out of the MAF to the throttle body. 34 the knock sensor seems I replaced that. Maybe not. Easy fix tho.
  3. Ok, now I have 12, 22, 34 12: Mass air flow sensor. 22: Fuel pump control-fuel pump is hard wired to the ignition switch. I know not ideal but it works for now. 34: Knock sensor.
  4. @thisismatt I'm on the net right now looking for a sensor. Then I have to figure out which wires it hooks into.
  5. @thisismatt, @bottomwatcher Now we're (I'm) getting somewhere! O2 sensor is going in! As for the speed sensor input, how do I do that? Another thing I'm having difficult finding is a wiring diagram.
  6. @thisismatt Thanks for the diagnostic trouble code numbers. Now I have to figure out where to look and turn the screw...Like really, turn a screw first? Seems retarded. Doin turn table trix and a little beat-boxing with the screw driver. A-chew-it chew--it.
  7. @DanielC No to all three of the first questions. No manuals, think it is OBD 2 not sure, and no O2 sensor of which I wish it had. The engine compression is 180-185 across. EFI pressure is between 30-40 psi according to the gauge. You stated "A ground connected to an intake manifold, instead of the engine block can mess with the EFI computer." I will look into that. I replaced the ignition goodies with factory goodies. It should be good. It better be good! I replaced the distributor with an aftermarket one (the factory one wasn't available) and no change in performance. Your knock sensor story probably had to do with corrosion secondary to a wet environment. Definitely will keep that in mind though. The IAC is set to factory specs to the best of my knowledge. I would have to figure out how to pull codes. No wires to connect to? Perhaps blinking lights? Dunno. I will look into the wiring and ground issues and see if I have faulty connections. Thank you for your info. It's much appreciated.
  8. @datzenmike Thank you for the tid-bit of information. The problem with my cold idle is it runs very rough and will die. I do have an IAC that does work. Still drying to figure out why it wants to run rough when cold. It shouldn't.
  9. @Crashtd420 Yessir, it is a manual gear box. And perhaps the ECU may need additional info. Dunno either. The inquisitive thing is, this problem is hit and miss. It has had several spurts of running top notch. Then crappy again. Weird! It has, for the most part, been an issue with fuel supply and demand. I thought I fixed all the fuel issues. I really think I have. I feel that the issue is now focusing itself on the wiring. This is my next tackle. The car now cuts out under load.
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