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  1. Aaaaannnnd how do you like it?
  2. Carcovers.com makes one that is a nice tight fit. Their choices list it is for a 510 Coupe. That may be true because it seems to not come down far enough on the sides on my 2 door
  3. Wow that’s good to know! I have switched to Milwaukee from Dewalt in the last year or two. I will hold off on the hammer drill
  4. I’m pretty good at supervising someone else do the tires lol 😆
  5. The throttle body stop or screw is just that. A stop. The throttle position sensor should be set to tell the computer the throttle is now ... closed. The screw indicated at the top of the thread would be the idle setting. Save this for when the computer knows the throttle is closed so it stops messing with ignition timing
  6. Thread file would fix that. That’s what I do at work. There is a punch we use that pushes the staked portion of the nut up so the threads don’t get messed up. https://www.amazon.com/Schley-Products-Toyota-Unlocking-SLY-65420/dp/B004IQDIAG Aaaaannnnd Bob’s your uncle
  7. My experience has been with the V2 and MR2 manual rack. Looking forward to upgrading my Bluebird with the V3 and RHD option
  8. I have driven the manual steering box and the JBC rack and pinion cars. One of them before and after rack installation when I aligned it. There is no comparison in the way it drove guys. Totally worth doing if you want a good driving experience.
  9. Looks like it was already swapped when he got it. Nice to see the start of a project thread! We all learn as we go on these cars. I am glad you are back at it. We all love pictures.
  10. There they are! Looking forward to your impressions of the new set up buddy!
  11. Nice to see Cooper get some love 👍
  12. This looks promising! Tell us more about your project 👍👍👍
  13. Yeah! Updates please (said the guy who doesn’t update)
  14. Some time after: kitchen remodel sell house divorce buy my own house move 🤷‍♂️
  15. Here you go Right after picking up from the paint shop
  16. My co worker is actively looking for an RX7 in the Seattle area right now. Love those cars
  17. I think I have a scrap tail panel for that jack clip. I will check this week for you Paul
  18. A PNW car! Welcome to the group. Lots of help available here for those who ask good questions.
  19. Almost makes me want to have their pizza.
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