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  1. Navy sent me to Groton Connecticut on the USS Virginia. Not a whole lot of time for cars these days. Anyone in New England with a 510 or any Datsun that wants to hang out, PM any time. Chunk is still with me, towed her up here. She isnt in the best shape at the moment. Need a LOT of little shit fixed. Havent driven regularly in about a year an a half, down to driving about once a month. So sad considering this used to be my daily. Dont want to drive at all here, I am super afraid of the salted roads here, and that 4 salty winters are pretty dangerous. The biggest things on the list to get done are a major electrical overhaul and unfucking a lot of halfway fixes I did since I have been in the Navy. A lot has gotten neglected namely charging system and electrical as there are multiple draws/shorts. theres countless little shit that either broke or I tried to get fixed that ended up just becoming even more broken and un fixed. I need to reinstall the button for the hatch, need to put on window cranks, ignition switch needs fixed, wiper switch is broken, headlight switch is broken. I broke me e-brake cable so that needs replaced (have spare but not sure how to get old one out, its crimped in?). Thankfully I have a set of choke cables I got last winter from yellowdatsun, since its already freezing here in CT. Not sure really what to do at this point, especially since they moved me back into barracks so I dont have a garage anymore. Anyways just an update/bump for anyone who might be interested. pic of NYC with chunk and my sea bag in the rear view, so that I dont leave you all hanging:
  2. Moved off base. Bought a couple hammers and collected some better tools. Zero progress on Chunk besides floor mats and general tune up type stuff. Still collecting parts for paint, I have all new rubber for the windows a few new trim pieces ect. Will probably remove all windows and headliner to rebond roof to support bows before I take to body shop. Still a little hesitant just cause I will be moving this summer. Oh well, I will keep this thread updated with progress. Heres a cheesey little video of me cruising around. Got a gopro so more driving videos to come, future videos will be more exciting than this one hopefully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eipS9dUq3SU
  3. For step one: No, because resistance will change for both potentiometers... how will you know which is which? Its been a long time since figured the wiring out so I dont know specifics but for me it was easiest to check with voltage hooked up. I am not sure exactly how the tone vs volume pots differ but you're right, there is probably a simpler way to check with a meter. For the second comment you are right, and I thought I edited that portion out. It has been a while since I did this write up and I have edited it a few times, and it still need some revisions for technical clarity. Also for the record, I had to replace my radio two weeks ago, the old board wasn't salvageable after I broke it and that magic smoke rolled out. Installed my little aux back in the "new" radio and it didnt work quite right at first. I rewired where the resistor was on the RCA and it worked. Maybe this weekend I will go back and revise the original post once again, cause I didnt exactly do it right the first time. I am no electrical genius either, I just wanted to make this write up to try and help some guys out and maybe spark some ideas. Just fuck with it until it works, or until you break your green board and have to buy a new radio. :rofl:
  4. I tried replacing all the capacitors in my radio this weekend and part of the circuit broke in half in the process. Jumpered all the broken connections and even added a blue LED in place of the burned out light. Thought it was good so I Put it back together and went to test it. When i turned it on I blew my 5amp fuse, so replaced it. With the new fuse I turned it on and got no sound output, then i see smoke coming out of front cover. Crikey, so I guess I am in need of a parts radio or something and some actual testing with a multimeter before I hook power up to it again. :(
  5. I havent been on ratsun in a while, so I come back and see all this unfolding... I negotiated to buy a tapedeck from tristin waaaaay back and never received anything, basic replies from him were that it was sent, on its way, problem with shipping ect. I am guessing that was all bs on his side of things, but i had accepted that, and the fact that I would never see that tape deck or money assumin that it was a total loss on my part. So i guess I respect this apology, and its good to see some of the other people who thought they were getting fucked over finally receiving their stuff. Time will tell if this is just more BS I guess.
  6. I did, maybe bad connection? Also, it was a 40cent part from radio shack not exactly built to last. Mine is consistently bad, but tolerable. Might investigate next weekend, i have been having some other electrical problems. BTW got the overriders put on with my spare set of bumpers thanks again for helping me out with that.
  7. No the modulator thing is a essentially a small radio transmitter that send a short radio frequency to the surrounding area for your radio to pick up. Basically creates your own personal radio station and the signal is whatever would normally be sent through the headphone jack. Mine sounds like garbage too!! B) B) lol. I got a new radio antenna so I finally have AM signal and when I use my aux the signals bleed and blend into a static mess unless I just have the tip of the jack touching the RCA. Havent riddled out why, maybe its the type of dual shunts rca i used, but it cuts out the radio signal and sounds clearer. Something is definitely wrong with my radio, most likely one of the paper capacitors that they used in these. I use mine everyday regardless, mostly listen to Earth Wind and Fire and generic B3 organ funk, static and all. If I ever repair my radio I will be sure to update this thread with how to. Will definitely upgrade circuitry as well and include LED backlight :rofl:
  8. I just dont, okay, dont judge me :( Military life separated me from my tools and garage. Limited to small collection of hand tools I have in my truck box, and hammer just hasnt been on the no1 list of priorities. Its like being stuck in a hotel with only a tooth brush and a disposable razor. Some surface rust has started to flake a little bit more than I am comfortable with in wheel wells, need to get some POR15 in there. Any suggestions for preserving the exposed sheet metal of the body parts without looking MORE like an unfinished bodywork primer-mobile?
  9. Front bumper brackets arent exactly straight but I dont own a hammer. Rear bumper has no chrome left but its really straight. Notice new antenna.
  10. Mini update on chunk. She lives! Got a matchbox distributor from a friend in Arizona. Still havent driven her much but thats ok, I need to kinda get some more little stuff sorted before i go crazy driving her. Devolved an oil leak at the pan (about a drop a day), need to install matching set of locks i got, permanently mount new coil, lock tight alternator bolts ect ect.. also, chunk survived the great South Carolina blizzard of 2014.. :rofl:
  11. Got some more history on my car: http://ramkitten.squidoo.com/100dollarcar "...I sold the Datsun to a lookout tower guy for $600.00. He drove it daily for several fire seasons up 9,299-foot Mt. Elden and afterward to the East Pocket lookout, a 60-mile, unpaved round trip." Explains all the dust under the dash. Kinda makes me sad to see that the 510 isnt in AZ anymore, seeing as its and AZ car, but I know it will be back one day.
  12. I dont have an l16 though, I have an l20b and dual carbs. Might explain it? Stock 3.9 diff. Regardless I have 0 mpg at the moment. Bought a multimeter but got yelled at by on base security for "working" in the parking lot, so I am still clueless as to why there is no spark. Definitely just gunna park it somewhere safe and worry about it when I come home from Arizona.
  13. Internal resistor coil, and I had a spare new one i tried. Swapped condensers with 3 spares I had. Dont have a multimeter or even spare wire/lightbulb to check for power. Might be ignition switch. I go out of town in two days, so I will check stuff out again when I get back from vacation, but with an EI dizzy.
  14. Chunk's broke. Well lost spark at least. Dont have a multimeter, but I swapped around some spares with no luck. Frustrated with working in parking lots and roadsides. Gunna get an electronic distributor from a friend in AZ when I go on leave for Christmas, and ditch the points. In the meantime i bought a wheeler for the woods/around town so I dont have to drive the Datsun so much.
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