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Honda K24 swap a Datsun 510


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What is the future engine swap of choice for our Datsun’s? Hmm let’s contemplate that for a minute or more. The prices for some of the go to engines have  gone up significantly recently. Supply is dwindling  for the imported SR that is so popular. What will we do in a year? How about 5?  What if you are racing in an endurance format that will push your engine enough to have to plan for it’s demise at some point?

We will be exploring an option here that others have found great success with. The Honda K24. 

Some of you will find that a terrible idea for (insert reason)! That’s ok for you and your car. This thread will follow the journey that will hopefully end with a successful install into one or more of our local cars here. Follow along with us as we solve the problems associated with integration into the 510 chassis!

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The K24 is available at your local junkyard for a reasonable amount of money. Show up on a 25% off day and it gets even better. 

When you cut the front of the car off the engine comes out much easier LOL

Look at Jeff go with the sawzall!


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Our buddy Dave helped us get it out in less than 2 hours. This is an Accord engine set up for fuel economy. We chose this one because it was cheap. Mocking up and fabricating will come with risk of metal contamination. Better to start with this one and not worry about it. 


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We haven’t found an adapter for the 71C. Other transmission adaptations are available if you can spend enough. 


Since we Have the transmissions and capability of creating an adapter, this is our current route to follow 

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20 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

I found this A series diagram while poking around the web the other day. Makes me wonder if someone has an L/Z/KA motor diagram -






Gotta love that 1200 community.  Their tech wiki is extensive and amazing.

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This is what you call a thread jack. Try posting a new thread in the 210 section.

On 11/3/2021 at 4:45 PM, JacobBieg said:

So I have recently purchased a 1979 datsun 210 and after changing the sparks I've noticed oil in the spark well, which normally is a pretty easy job, however I cant find spark well gaskets for my model anywhere. Any ideas?


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The adapter to the transmission is available for several different options. The 71C that we have most abundantly is for the 240SX with a KA24DE. Think we will go with that one. Grassroots racing sometimes means you build it yourself to save some money. Time to scan the front half of the transmission case




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