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Just say no to vampire connectors...


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I've wanted to post this for a little while..... I keep seeing these vampire connectors in people's wiring....

When I use to install alarms and remotestarts and every time i had to repair someone else work i would find these.. the vampire connectors were the biggest cause of the systems malfunctioning....

This is a reference sheet to what that I think is a better way to make the connections....



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I use the metal crimp connectors often, but i remove that blue plastic covering completely and use heat shrink. I crimp them down (which makes a U shape) then turn them 90 degrees and crimp that U shut.

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Two things I hate to see in any car, or piece of industrial machinery......

Butt connectors & wire nuts.


On the other hand, I've never had any problems with Scotch Locks (what you call vampire connections).

But you have to use ones sized for the wire you have.

And if used under the hood, or anywhere there is a possibility to get water on them, I use a dab of switch grease in them, and heat shrink over top.

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I never actually new what they were called... I saw some one refer to them as vampire connectors ...


G-daux i guess the biggest problem I've seen is that the people I have seen use them couldn't choose the correct one to use...


If used they need to be used properly ...


I guess moral of the story is use the right gauge wire and The right connector and protect that connection no matter what your preference.....

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All the juice in my truck should be sucked dry by now, I have vampires everywhere, it's just so much easier to install a trailer plug with them than it is to strip and wrap wires under the truck.

I only have the blue ones myself, most the wires I need to use them on are the correct size, and I would never use them on larger wires like what go to the alternator, I make them from scratch and would never splice into anything that large anyway.

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They have their uses, and when used properly cause no issues that I've personally witnessed, such as alarms or led lighting. I do agree that solder and heat shrink method is the best. I am also a fan of the glue lined butt connectors. They are actually an approved method for wire repair by GM and they come with the majority of pigtail connectors.

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