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  1. "Scotchloks" IF they're the correct size and the pigtail is secured to the wire being tapped. In an emergency
  2. I put in a GM 100A two wire alt. Boy, do my electrics work!
  3. see if you can replicate stock with the new harness. The Datsun's "different"
  4. old Datsuns: too many oxidized connections & check the grounds
  5. rewire properly if you put in "big" lights
  6. used to work restoring roadsters, I did the electrics. clean ALL contacts in the circuit: bulb sockets, harness interconnects, etc. Once soldered an inline fuse holder to the fuse "tabs" in the fuse box to save the owner the cost of a fuse box. Clean connections will lower resistance and reduce current draw.
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  8. don51o

    Valve adjustment??

    to remove rocker arms where "unlocking" jam nut doesn't work, get/make strong rod (I ground down end of allen wrench) that fits into rocker oil hole and lever towards cam. rocker heel will rise off pivot and you swing to side: free rocker. No need to touch adjustment. Remove rocker arm spring retainer and you can use socket and big bar to remove pivot socket.
  9. don51o

    Valve adjustment??

    I set them .001 tight-cold. then check hot. seems quite close. (street perf. cams). Banzai510 has the adjuster answer
  10. show them some respect. these aren't Detroit lumps
  11. figbuck: retorqued the cam towers? cam wasn't binding?
  12. loose valves, valve float, bent valve not fully closing; wore-out motor; valve retainer wrong depth for lash pad; lash pad caught between top of retainer and rocker arm- "extra lift"; bent valve
  13. I've always used #1 BUT never done "real" timing check. Two adjustments for stretch. Always used factory parts.
  14. don51o

    Mikuni tuning help

    Hi; venturi's too big? Accelerator pump nozzle plugged. Accelerator diaphragm defective. Check valves not working. Accelerator pump is adjustable for bigger or longer "shot". Mikuni PHH carburetor service manual. "calling" from Canada
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