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  1. Here’s another photo on the ascend Angeles Crest, when the cars were still somewhat clean.
  2. If in the future you do decide to upgrade to a Koyorad, it really is worth the money. It is easily the best investment I have made toward my car.
  3. Sunday isn’t a good day to be in that area. Lots of riff raff and police presence. This part of Mulholland is a bad place to be. The spot was burned out years ago and many things have changed up there to deter people from hanging out. Surrounding roads are usually ok.
  4. I’ve seen a similar akina license plate frame. It had what yours have on the bottom, but on the top with kanji’s on the bottom.
  5. I have contemplated installing retractable belts, but I actually don’t mind my non-retractable seat belts (not stock, unsure what they came from). I have mine adjusted so it’s just snug on my torso. Makes me feel safer even though it probably isn’t.. I have the passenger belt adjustment almost maxed out to the shortest length so it’s not piled on the seat/floor, and to keep it from flapping in the wind. I rarely have passengers, so it’s mostly unused. Those seatbelts look nice. The price is reasonable, but I’m not fond of the country of manufacture.
  6. What do you think the chances are of Zeke being able to attend the Randy York memorial cruise?
  7. I once installed new factory plastic bushings, and they disentegrated in probably 200 miles. Did the brass door bushings, been good for the last ~8k miles. I used to get gnarly vibration and noise from the ball cup bushing. There was space between the ball of the shifter and the (new) cup, so I packed it with RTV and eminimated that noise.
  8. Subaru R160 CLSD will usually set you back somewhere in the $500 realm. They are 3.7:1 which may be good if you have short tires on your 13” wheels. How you’ll be using the car is a factor. If it’s just a putt putt car for the city, then $500 could be spent on something more useful, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll spend much time on the highway if you’re using a 4 speed, so the tall ratio might be a negative.
  9. DATSUN!!!!! Not BMW! Not Fiat! Not Lada! Not whatever else people call them....
  10. No, TSR uses chromoly stub axles/flanges with Porsche 930 CV axles. There are no adapters. The trailing arm axle is also chromoly. Meant to take lots of power, but come at a price.
  11. I have VHT paint on my manifold, and it started to fall apart within a thousand miles or so. I have seen this, and it’s something I’d like to try. I think it’s something you’d do on an already running/tuned engine, not a first start where you’re working over the engine adjusting things. Start the car and walk away deal.
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