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H/C Irma

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This girl is getting a little angry,.....




"Powerful Hurricane Irma is expected to strengthen over the eastern Atlantic Ocean during the weekend – potentially becoming as potent as a Category 5 storm as it swirls its way toward the Leeward Islands, where it could make landfall next week"


Possible Cat 5 predictions by MSN- and youtube takes it to the next level.







Fox news is on board with the Cat 5 possible.





Any where from the now confirmed cat 3, to upgrade to a possible 5 by land fall, this one will make a serious mess no matter where she hits.

Land fall could be as far north and the New England states.








Since 2000, nearly a quarter of all storm names retired because of catastrophic damage have been I storms:

  • Iris, 2001
  • Isidore, 2002
  • Isabel, 2003
  • Ivan, 2004
  • Ike, 2008
  • Igor, 2010
  • Irene, 2011
  • Ingrid, 2013


Some where around 15 days before she comes ashore.

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The media pushing this panic mode is getting old, at least for me. From yesterday about how the storm is being picked up on equipment used to detect earthquakes...........It is not the first time a storm has and wll not be the last.






AND,..lol,..we have to add Jose! To the already panic masses,......which is right on the heels of Irma.







and the media going on about how Irma looks like Katrina





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Can't wait to see more idiot reporters standing in the fucking rain. Stop it! We know it is a fucking storm!! 




But seriously, be careful out there




                  I also noticed the Potco store sign across the street.

That doesn't look like Oregon to me. 

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