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  1. Was watching this show, at the end these guys selling their hard work from the outback. The guys wanted 5k, but the other guy offered 2.5 and a carton of beer, sold. What is a carton of beer? I am sure it is not 2.5k in value.
  2. https://boingboing.net/2016/12/13/glow-your-roll.html ,..how many want to bet Mike posts I had a set back in the day,..
  3. 900 pounds less then the factory steel. The car is fantastic, but it would be something to see this process on some other car or truck(other then the ones they have done). https://speedkore.com/
  4. I have been overlooking ford/chevy not really into clunky V8's,......but this Duratec by Ford looks to be something interesting.
  5. The comments section made this video " Digging out a toxic and electric fish only to throw it at your youngest child. This might be the most Australian thing I've ever seen."
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/offbeat/this-australian-farmer-bravely-protected-his-beer-after-being-attacked-by-a-kangaroo/ar-BBQDzVH This Australian farmer bravely protected his beer after being attacked by a kangaroo priorities right,
  7. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-shows/sema-show/a24442248/mopars-hellephant-is-a-1000-hp-hellcat-crate-engine-taken-to-the-extreme/
  8. Welcome,. Great start on the build.
  9. https://qz.com/1400791/that-road-sign-telling-you-how-fast-youre-driving-may-be-part-of-a-us-government-surveillance-network/ The next time you drive past one of those road signs with a digital readout showing how fast you’re going, don’t simply assume it’s there to remind you not to speed. It may actually be capturing your license plate data. According to recently released US federal contracting data, the Drug Enforcement Administration will be expanding the footprint of its nationwide surveillance network with the purchase of “multiple” trailer-mounted speed displays “to be retrofitted as mobile LPR [License Plate Reader] platforms.” The DEA is buying them from RU2 Systems Inc., a private Mesa, Arizona company. it was just a matter of time,..
  10. Nice find. Should make into a great project car.
  11. Wow that is a lot of rust. I would have already given up and moved on to the next car. Did some looking, could not find one not even in the scrap yards. Good luck on the build.
  12. Also on her hand and looks to be one on her abd. This is the kind of woman that is owned by a 300lb slob on a fatboy with MC across his back.
  13. For the amusement of it, I get these pop quiz sent to me. Today's was on Aussie food. Of course the only one I got was the vegimite. One sounded interesting and I might try a Louisiana version. Like split pea soup, and the local meat pie is https://www.natchitochesmeatpies.com/ But I am not going to try it with ketchup.
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