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Wife says it looks like an egg,, and not in a nice way.


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I don't count the oldest because he hasn't been living here for a few years now and by his base pay and how many hours he gets a week,,  he probably has to use a mutherfuckin wheelbarrow to get his paycheck to the bank ... 


Now Albert,,, that fuck is draining the bank something fierce..  I think we have more than $2500. a year just in travel back and forth.....    College fund,,,,,,,, you better start saving now bro.




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 So i honestly thought i would keep this little guy for ,,,, well,,, forever, ... I had been collecting parts for my gas sipper b210 project when this little honey dropped outta the sky like an angel. I was asked to sell it on so many occasions it was insane, but money is easily made and spent so their offers went on deaf ears...  I figured since i didn't need the b210 project anymore,   i put it on craigslist and a guy that knows my weakness swooped in and took his shot.....  The b210 ,, the 1200,, and both 60 series trannies and some miscellaneous parts i had collected, straight across for what he had... It took 2+ days and at least 5 different conversations with friends and a few more with family,, to decide on whether to trade or not to trade .


  For example of how long i looked for a 1200,,  i tried hooking up a deal with member cuts metal like mad,, Joe,, for his 1200,  in a straight across trade for the lizard mobile back in 2012-13(?) but he wouldn't trade. and shit i haven't heard hide nor hair from that guy in YEARS



So with heavy heart i bid adieu to the little egg that could.










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This is a terrible plan...

.Kinda but with what i traded for i should be able to sell and buy a nicer to start with, than the 1200 than i had if i choose to do that..  And it's not like it was the only 1200 around here by any stretch of the imagination.. This is the view of our drive down to Canby 2017 show.. Caravan doesn't seem in need of another B110 representing ,, yo.  



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All this 1200 talk and me knee deep in dimes....at least I can drive the green 1200. I imagine tomorrow could be the Datsun shuffle at Kamp Kelmo.  Since the Porsche renter I had moved out, I could push the grey coupe into a close enough spot, buy a connector kit....oh the possibilities.






As a side note, this would make Mrs. Kelmo happy as I would be playing by the rule of no more than 2 non running Dattos. :thumbup:  Also, I miss driving the crap outta that grey coupe.

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And it's that kind of thinking that has you now down one 1200...

























Well i thought i had gotten rid of all 1200 stuff around here and i wake up this morning and it's like the god damn Thing. There is another one sitting out there.. 


Apparently the fucking cars multiply like hobgoblins or some shit. 












Parked it up against the Big red in hopes it might morph that into a bunch of something that is not so cheap people are dumping them all over town.  












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