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Wife says it looks like an egg,, and not in a nice way.


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No ,, he's been riding my jock in group text  to drive over to his shop so he could make fun of it in person ,, and i go over there and he's closed.


BUT ,, the boy went and payed for 6 months of broad form insurance and traded me getting his LS400 aligned for some tiny tires,, so maybe it will get out more than it does now.






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4AG would be a way better motor over the CA. Lighter weight, same power, less work to install.

Parts are also way more plentiful for the Toyota.


And a 4AG sounds soooooo good when wound out.


Not true at all.... CA is far superior than a 4A...

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Except availability and cost..  Which when you have 3 kids,,  one of which is attending university,,, matters a shit ton more than being as cliche with a motor choice as a lesbian driving a forester .


Not true at all.... CA is far superior than a 4A...

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Haha yeah,,,  i was out on the coast picking cranberries every day since the 3rd of October till last Saturday .. My dad has internets but no wifi and been just to beat after cobbling back together machinery my inlaws fucked up all night,,  to give a shit to interact with non-swamplanders much.

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The 4A has way more long term potential.



Easier to get parts for.

Better support.


While I agree with your statements, the CA will be more powerful right out of the box. And keep it Nissan. 


Also, distributorless coil-on-plug ignition system, better/more sophisticated EFI, and did I mention Nissan made it? 














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If shipping wouldn't kill it, I have a few A14s?   ^_^


went to an auction that was clearing out a junkyard a year or so back.. Those combined with the greasy known runners i was given a few years ago i probably have my needing a A14 covered.  



I bid on all of them thinking i might win one or two... 





i am thinking if the price of longtail 4speeds ever spikes,,,,,,,,,,, i'm going to retire in the south of Idaho



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For the record the 4Age would actually be replacing a BMC copy tractor engine so 110 horsepower will be MORE than enough to rattle that scary handling 411 apart on the backroads. And to be able to easily cruise on the 70+ freeway by my house since JRock can only drive 75+ it would be nice to be a tiny bit more relaxed on the 2 hour trip to Canby and 3 1/2 to Canada


I already have quite a few major bondo cracks from us smashing down the country roads around here on our "cruises" with the J13 pegged to the floor most of the trip.


:rofl:  ..

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