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Thinking about buying a 72 Datsun Pickup Truck.... Questions...Help Please :)


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Hello everyone... I'm new to Ratsun and this is my 1st post!!


I'm going to look at a 1972 Datsun Pickup truck tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys can help me out... 


The owner said that he's 5'2 and the cab is very cramped for him..... I'm 5'11 and was wondering if it will be a problem for me? 


Are there any ways to add more space? Replace Steering Wheel? Shorten Column? Swap Seats?


I've been doing some research and know to check for rust but is there anything else I should keep an eye out for?




Please message me or reply if you are familiar with this year....   The owner said he does not know the model #  but it's either a 620 or 720





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Strictly speaking a '72 would be a 521. Some very early 620 were made late in the '72 production year but are considered a '73. The first 720 wasn't till 1980. The build date is on the driver's door jam tag.


Five eleven should be ok, the steering wheel and bench seats are thin. Guess you'll have to wait and see.


Welcome to Ratsun and don't forget to post pictures later.

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5'2 and he don't fit? I'm 5'8 and fit snug in a 521.

Is he a really round guy? Resembles a basketball?


Jrock, super tall, drives a 521. Tanker, big guy, drives a 521. Hobo, really tall, drives a 620 single cab.


Does it have bucket seats from something different? Does he have an aftermarket steering wheel/hub creating less space?



Too much left out to answer why a guy so short doesn't fit in to a Datsun.


If stock Datsun truck, I ain't buying it.




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Jrock is like 6' 5ish and he fits. Not sure what voodoo he does to make it happen, but he rocks that thing.


Shortening the steering column has been done several times and from what I hear.. makes it feel like a completely different truck.


I have a feeling a bucket seat closer to the floor will get to where you want to be. I'm 5'11.5 and I was fine driving a stock 521.


You'll be fine. buy it and post pictures... or don't but it. But still post pictures!



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I sat in one with some buckets probably pulled from a junk yard (don't know what they were from) before I bought the 521 I have. The bucket seats were more modern, thicker, and the slight recline angle put the seat further forward than stock bench seat. It was an uncomfortable fit. I'm about 6'1". The stock bench seat, however, gives me enough room.

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Thank you everyone for the replies... After talking with the owner again he got the truck in a trade and it seems like he does not know a lot about it.... He said it was either a 71 or 72...I'll have pictures in a few hours & hopefully someone will know the model. 


Thanks again for all the great info. 


Anything else I should be looking for as far as "red flags"?

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I went to go check out the truck and ended up buying it. He was asking $1,800 and I got it for $950 :thumbup: . It's a little rough but seems mechanically sound.

I worked at an automotive ship for 4 years in/after high school and have some knowledge about cars so I kinda know what I'm getting into. Do you guys think this was a good price? I feel only a little risk at $950. 


About the truck:

Modified into wood flatbed w/gas tank located in back center of bed under trap door (way cool)

Missing badge on inside of door jam but I believe it's a 1971 - 521

On the title the model section is blank

Odometer reads: 59,XXX (probably turned over)

Newer bucket seats and center console installed 

LED tail lights 

LED dash console lights 

Halogen hi-beam headlights 

Newer mini steering wheel

*Not sure but steering column looks to be from another model (pics to be posted soon)

Light rust on quarter panels and bottom of doors. 



Sorry about my terrible spelling.... Funny thing.... I think that is the only reason I found the listing is because I spelled "Datsun" wrong. 


I will take some pictures over the next few days and post. I'm very excited to be part of the ratsun community and cant wait to get started with this little truck. 


I've been looking at repair manuals online does anyone have a recommendation? Haynes, Chilton, Etc? 

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