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My 620 is stolen


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Well it happened.  I live in a shitty neighborhood and woke up this past saturday at 530am to my datsun driving away... 


They broke in and hot wired it... I jumped in my van after getting dressed and calling the cops .... tried to catch them... 


If you see one come up for sale that looks suspicious please let me know..  Was stolen in Providence RI... 


Rip my little hustler...



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i hound CL and every other way i can think of to find datsuns (im up in maine, also in MA most weekends) I'll let you know if i come across anything.


hopefully the cops can help, but if there anything like the ones up here you have a better chance finding it yourself.

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It's no good to anyone except for tires and battery and will turn up in a couple of days stripped and left. Keep phoning the police every 6 hours asking where they are on the search, get the name of the officer in charge and ask for him by name and get and have the insident number to quote them. When he gets tired and doesn't call back call even more often and include his supperior. Call and ask for him too!!! Don't be put off with bull shit keep calling!!!. Truth is they don't give a fuck about some shitbox that will turn up by accident in a couple of months from someone complaining about it being parked there so long. You want it back? make it easier for them to keep an eye out for it, than you tieing up their time a switchboard all the time complaining. Remember.... the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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