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  1. My concern is that as the internet has evolved in a tool for getting the truth out, so have the forces of censorship and propaganda. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are being "cleansed" ironically by private people and not the government. I wonder how news of the Arab Uprisings / Arab Spring would get out nowadays? In fact, that may have been the "shot across the bow" that got the propagandists organized and to work on how to control social media. Of course China and North Korea are probably way ahead on those logistics. Unfortunately, every web page is owned by someone and lives on some server somewhere. As long as that is true, you can kiss Freedom of Speech Bye Bye. So what is this.... Dark Web????
  2. Great piece of data presented! Similar plot for Wisconsin: https://m.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/photos/a.10156483516640725/10165841516530725/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=EH-R
  3. Small world! Actually sounds like bench seats are inherently dangerous for lateral issues in which case seat belt usage is even more necessary. A bucket seat with good bolster at least keeps you at the wheel.
  4. Yeah, you are supposed to THROW IT AWAY AFTER EVERY USE! Can you imagine the demand for masks if that were the case! How about at least 100X the current demand!
  5. Masks are virtually meaningless if people still cough in the hands and then wipe their hands on everything. That is so ignorant and stupid, it's beyond comment.
  6. Another thing that pisses me totally is that the virus can live up to 10 days on plastic and something like 1 day on wood. Did you ever move a bunch of carboard boxes w/o gloves? You will "burn your finger tips" resulting in bleeding cracks because the carboard wickedly extracts the moisture from your skin. I had a $200 crocodile belt rolled up in a coil but left on an exposed wood shelf in my closet. I forgot about it and maybe a year or 2 later I found it brittle as a rock - other similar belts were just as flexible as the day I left them there. The wood extracted all the oil from the belt. Ever notice how fruit/vegetables rot if you don't take them out of the plastic bag? The plastic keeps the moisture intact for the Kooties to thrive. We should totally quit using the plastic bags. They are a perfect vehicle to transmit and protect the virus.
  7. I had a bit of a scare. I was driving my dad's 72 Eldorado w/leather bench seat that was conditioned with stuff that made it slippery. A "large" friend of mine was riding along and I had to make an emergency right hand turn swerve and he comes shooting across the seat pinning me to the door as I'm trying to drive out of the problem. The whole time he is trying to grab onto something to keep his weight off of me. Fortunately, nothing happened and we thought it was hilarious, noting that it was a close call and that seat belts should be worn.
  8. "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!"
  9. I know, My bad, ... but Great Info you posted!!!!!! Where did you find it? Of course the downside of this is next time the cheats will get this right too. I wanted to look at time histories of the tallies to see if the ratios held. Looked for about 10 minutes and gave up. I suppose the only thing one could do is go back to the paper ballot. And then make a database of the actual contents of those ballots. Each ballot would have a serial number on it and each voter would save that number so that after the election, they could confirm that their ballot was counted and counted correctly. Etc. Etc. It's just that it's too easy to rig elections!
  10. The dumbshits didn't even bother to fake results that pass a Benford analysis! What retards! NOTE: Benford's test for financial numbers is quite simple. One would think that fake #'s in a quarterly report, etc. would have a uniform random distribution, right? NO! The answer is: The LOG of those #'s has the uniform random distribution. If you ever used a slide rule you know what that LOG of # looks like.
  11. Our government is exactly what we deserve - we elected them. EDIT: Note, if someone says the elections are rigged, then it's a moon point since We are Doomed either way.
  12. I'm checking out that CL rear bumper but frankly, I really like the NO Bumper look! I was thinking about all the "obstacles:" 1) Spare tire 2) Receiver has to be under license plate 3) Frame is high 4) Frame does not come "all the way back" And then I saw this hitch which doesn't look that bad. Frankly, I'm surprised this is a Class 3 - not much to it. (The 4" structural channel welded up hitch under my 69 C20 must have been a Class 10, LOL I'm going to check out Uhaul too. Thanks
  13. Hummm.... interesting, we both have wrong seat and swap makes things correct. When you say yours needs upholstered, just how bad is it? You are 14+ hours from me, but if we met half way that could be done as a long day trip. When you said "...+ cash," were you thinking the $500 or something else? I just might be looney enough to do the swap - I really like having stuff correct even though condition could be "barn found." EDIT: Also have a ski buddy that might possibly plan a ski trip to Jay Peak Ski Resort at the northernmost tip of Vermont.
  14. UPDATE: Talked to shop. The construction is as follows: 1) hard base over springs 2) 1" foam 3) 1" foam 4) jute 5) 1/2" foam 6) ? (sheet of something) 7) Cover which has 1/2" foam sewn into it. They said they will try removing layers. They said I was basically sitting on the springs - I told them that wasn't a problem. I'm thinking removing 2) and 5) and maybe replacing 3) with 1/2" foam. But before I take it back I have a wiring problem in my 2nd daily driver I need to get fixed. Keeps blowing fuses, looks like in the loom.
  15. Thanks for the info and the pic. The pic looks like mine including the "steep" top of cushion angle. NOTE: I also found a pic of an old solid bench seat and took a pic of mine from the same perspective to see how things compared and mine looked maybe 1" higher at the front - nothing could be determined elsewhere. LOWERING: Lowering the seat either by lowering the track mounting points OR cutting and lowering the seat frame cannot be done without putting a curved notch on the front bottom seat edge which is about 1/2" above the floorboard tunnel right now. The Notch should be simple enough as would a simple "Z" bracket. The aft has no simple solution, And if not lowered while the reduced seat bottom angle may be OK, more "recline" would be needed in the back because I believe it would feel "too upright." The aft rail mounting cannot be lowered w/o "channeling" the floor board. TALK TO SHOP ABOUT REFOAM OPTIONS THERE SHOULD BE A KITTY: I'm simply going to say, "Hey you made it too high." and see what they suggest. The original quote was $375, but they informed me I had broken springs and foam was shot (which I knew) and said $500-550. So I said "whatever it needs." They charged me $500 and with tax $530. I offered to pay cash "out the door" for $500 w/o receipt which is customary around here. I don't know how much income they're showing the IRS, but they probably saved over $100 in tax and SS payments - so there should be a "kitty" to work with me. Depending on what they say, I will ask what might be achievable if they make the seat cushions as thin as possible. One might say, "Tomorrow's the Big Day" Tom
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