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  1. Regarding cars: look at what they've done in Japan and then even Germany - but at least in Germany your car has to be sound enough to go, how shall we put it, "fast?" Imagine a civil war breaking out between R and D - and you had to pick a side! Remember the episode of "douch" vs "turd sandwich?" I'm 68 and done with all this shit. Let the Reptilians duke it out with the Space Corn People - I Don't Give a Ratsun's Ass (Hey, was I the first to coin this? Might use it as my signature...)
  2. Unfortunately, although they have brains, some people are not endowed with the ability to reason.
  3. I don't believe anything political on the internet. If I wanted to damage one party, I'd make them look like Satan with some slick false flag work. EZ PeeZ.
  4. Protest with The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Register with a 3rd Party If enough people do it, the R&D heads' will explode and you won't have to lift a finger. I registered Libertarian a long time ago. After this election, I'm done voting. I'll let my 3rd party registration do its thing.
  5. My point is that the R&D when in control would not accept election fraud and now that it has been exposed, they may close the loopholes. But it would be a shame to dismantle a perfectly good fraudulent voting system, eh?
  6. Could be that both the R & D wanted to get rid of Trump so there was a sort of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing going on to get rid of him. But when order is restored and R&D rule things, they may not tolerate one party trying to cheat the other party - this would be akin to someone in the Mafia cheating someone else in the Mafia - that will not be tolerated. So we may end up with a reasonably audible voting system in a couple decades! LOL
  7. Thoughts when addressing Senate: "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am"
  8. As I did too. I wonder why there are 2 parts and yet only 1 in the parts manual. Nissan parts guy said everything is done win VIN number. How did you tighten the nut? _____________________ The track is a Riverossi style O scale. It's amazing how much wider the Lionel O-gauge is
  9. I'm pretty much a train guy too and I had no idea what that track was. That would be another clue! LOL
  10. I like this one: "After AG Bill Barr says no evidence of widespread fraud in 2020 election, 9 Texas Republicans decry "shocking lack of action" on allegations" ...just evidence of fraud must have been found. I'll believe the election when they start putting people in prison who committed the fraud and not just.... well.... what was I saying, LOL, I quit believing elections were honest years ago. The puppeteers are just getting their game down for controlling elections since eventually the majority of people will be getting government checks
  11. I'll give you a hint, they are wider than HO. (were you thinking AHM?)
  12. A ridiculous amount of spiritual energy and patience was expended creating the bushing. NOTE: anyone who can identify that train track will have my utmost respect (!)
  13. I have to laugh, Autozone of all places explain what the 16 and 22 mean: https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/driveshaft-center-support?filterByKeyWord=center+support+bearing&fromString=search&isIgnoreVehicle=false bearing width. Arghh... I mean like didn't anyone know this? (not that I'd pay AZ $135 for one)
  14. It appears the 16 and 22mm refer to the thickness of the ball bearing. I bot the Anchor 8475 which has the following # cast in the rubber: 35722 B5000 Of course I have the wide one and the Anchor is the narrow one. Hopefully I can get some shims from the local driveshaft shops. While it looks like the rubber is correct (I have no idea other than pics since mine is totally gone) I'll have to check that fit with some kind of mockup before I press on the driveshaft. I'll be posting dimensions shortly. DIMENSIONS: What is different?
  15. Pair charged with 18 counts of felony voter fraud https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/pair-charged-with-voter-fraud-allegedly-submitted-thousands-of-fraudulent-applications-on-behalf-of-homeless-people/2464168/ I think it is hilarious how they conduct elections. You have one organization supervising the election and then you have R and D overseers. When classified documents are transported, there is always a 2-man team that accompanies them. Same for nuclear launch of missiles 2-man team. Supervision of Elections can be a R or D which is t
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