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  1. Cardinal Grammeter

    Datsun 620 Door Mirror Template

    Factory Service Manual (which I have !!!!)
  2. Cardinal Grammeter

    Datsun 620 Door Mirror Template

    SOLVED: It turns out the hole locations are in the FSM - both for Fender and Door mounts! DUH! (Homer Simpson) Didn't anyone know this?
  3. Cardinal Grammeter

    620 Air Cleaner Guide

    Unfortunately, there are no part numbers for the main body nor are there pics of the vacuum hose routing/connections. I checked the parts manual and there are 7 configurations: L16 to Aug 1972 L16 from Sep 1972 - hose fitting on base of snorkel L18 - all: angled heat duct pipe since the straight one hits the EGR L20B - all: hose fitting near base of snorkel A) to Jul 76 B) Aug 76 to Jun 78 had Altitude Compensation C & D) from Jul 78 two variants: FED: #18 is a hose, CA Camp: #18 became a T
  4. Cardinal Grammeter

    Would late 620 Retractable Seat Belts fit my 74?

    I know mine does not have the retractors. Has anyone done this?
  5. Cardinal Grammeter

    Crazy UPS Rates Promotion

    I was offered it when I contacted my account rep to complain about my rates. I'm pretty sure you have to call them and ask to setup an account.
  6. Cardinal Grammeter

    Crazy UPS Rates Promotion

    You DEFINITELY want to look at this promotion. I got eBay UPS discount years ago, then got sighed up with a Volume (more you do, less you pay) account with sucked balls. So I called in a couple days ago, got a new account rep, and she totally hooked me up with these rates - just look at how big those "percents" are in the unformatted table - who cares which ones apply, the smallest are huge compared to retail.
  7. Cardinal Grammeter

    Crazy UPS Rates Promotion

    Long story short: Ground Residential is 30% discount, Ground Commercial is 38% for 1-20#, more discount for heavier weights. International is 61%. Have to signup by Monday. Rates stay in effect to 2044 Below is table data copied - if you work at it, you can navigate it with the above references. Tier Incentive UPS will apply the following incentives to each eligible package tendered to UPS. These incentives apply to all zones unless otherwise specified. Incentives apply to Outbound, Freight Collect, Third Party, Returns® and Undeliverable (where applicable). Weight (lb) Domestic International Next Day Deferred Air Ground Comm Ground Resi Export Import Canada Standard 1 - 20 60% 55% 38% 30% 66% 46% 25% 21 – 50 65% 60% 42% 35% 71% 51% 30% 51 and up 70% 65% 46% 40% 71% 51% 30% Letters, Documents & Paks will apply the 1-20lb Incentive from their respective service level. Domestic Air CWT Domestic Ground CWT International Express Freight 40% 35% 40% Additional Incentives UPS will also apply additional incentives to the following services: Accessorial Domestic Domestic Cubic Inches Dim Divisor Delivery Area Surcharge 25% All 166 Delivery Area Surcharge Extended Residential Surcharge Additional Handling Charge Large Package Surcharge Address Corrections UPS Smart Pickup ® UPS On Call Pickup ® Delivery Confirmation – No Signature Saturday Delivery – Air Saturday Pickup Initials
  8. Cardinal Grammeter

    Beware Asian Brake Adjuster Assemblies - One Side Only

    The issue with adjuster is "which end is up" The FSM clearly has the screws facing forward. So with a RH thread on the RHS of the axle, at the backing plate adjusting hole, wheel UP will spread the shoes. That is opposite from the FSM adjustment instructions. I think it is possible to put the adjuster screw facing either forward or rearward which causes the "wheel up" or "wheel down" to flip which might be a simple solution if faced with having to use the wrong type thread. WHY REPLACE: The T-slot broke off from corrosion. So the adjuster assembly would not be sliding in the backing plate slot. NOTE: I did a repair where I drilled and tapped a 1/4" hole for a carriage bolt. I filed the head square and the square portion under it's head was very close to the right size for the slot. The clips seemed to engage sufficiently with the resulting fore-aft slop from a bolt instead of the full section. EDIT NOTE: Since I've broken the housing, and that the housing is probably the weak point, it's a moot point if I don't have the LH screw in these cheap replacements.
  9. Cardinal Grammeter

    Beware Asian Brake Adjuster Assemblies - One Side Only

    Thanks. Are you sure? Although not specifically stated in the FSM, I'm thinking it's the opposite from: 1974 FSM: 1) "Turn DOWN adjuster wheel with a screwdriver, and spread brake shoes." 2) Turn DOWN until heavy drag or drum is locked up. 3) Back off 12 clicks. To spread, "wheel down" means screwdriver handle is pushed upward. Sometimes it is not clear what is "up" or what is "down." From FSM exploded view or rear brake : The screw is oriented forward. On the RHS, to spread, winding out screw CCW results in the inboard side of screw going UP.
  10. They advertise both part numbers for the LH and RH threaded assemblies, but they ship you a pair of RH threaded. (Anyone know off-hand which side the RH threads go on?) I'm on my 3rd reply to them (eBay) and am about to file a Not As Described. I may be screwed because when I inspected them, they look OK and gave them a positive feedback. (Of course eBay is really bending over backwards for buyers so maybe I can still initiate a complaint.)
  11. Cardinal Grammeter

    74 620 gas shoots out of filler neck during fillup

    SOLVED 🎆🎉 (NOTE: The old emojis were better) It was the new hose with the molded bend - the bend was acting like a "ski jump" and launching the fuel stream up into the venting air stream. The OE hose I removed was straight although the tank neck and filler neck were not co-linear. So I decided to get a hose with the proper bend in it. My solution was to keep cutting the bend back, try the fit and if there was any indication of a localized change to the flow path, remove and cut back some more. I ended up with a straight segment from tank to filler necks with a little bend left on the tank end that made for a better hose clamping. Today it took FULL THROTTLE at the gas pump. Finally.....
  12. Cardinal Grammeter

    Datsun 620 tach tachometer

    One of the Holy Grails of 620's. Good luck!
  13. Cardinal Grammeter

    Brake Adjuster Clip Removal/Install Video

    Found this good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u46PdWuL8D4 In words: Curved clip with bent ends is installed concave outward with the ends away from the backing plate slot square hole. Flat clip installed from other direction. Must clear the bend ends when installing, then will snap in place trapped by the bent ends. Watch the video - worth 1000 words.
  14. Cardinal Grammeter

    WTB: 620 Leaf Spring Bumpers

    Time Left: 8 days and 10 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Good used condition is fine. Will also consider new too. I need 1 bumper but frankly, the other one is starting to separate too - so I guess I could use 2.


  15. Cardinal Grammeter

    620 Brake Adjusting Assembly: Broken T-Slot: Repair

    The "T" head broke off and need to get truck back on road. Was going to aluminum stick weld but can't buy the rod locally. So that leaves fabricating a bolt. The plan is to drill and tap a hole, screw a bolt in, file the slots in the bolt shank, and trim the bolt head. 7/16" would be good for the slot and head, but I'm concerned about weakening the casting. I'm not sure if all that slot length is actually necessary - frankly a rod the width of the clip slot with a big head should work since all the pieces are nested. The length may have been required because of the weakness of aluminum - especially after old and corroded. However with steel, a much smaller min cross-section should be OK. Two choices for the connection: thread housing or bore - both with sleeve Loctite. I'm tempted to bore so I can completely fab the steel bolt to final dimensions whereas threaded means I would have to slot when assembled (although could finish bolt separately, align slot w/loose threads, and Loctite). Bore would preserve most housing metal. Will post back with results... EDIT: Decided on a 1/4" carriage bolt - already has the flats.

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