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  1. Final tire sizes and diameters near the OE tire 26.2" 195r14 26.1" 205/75r14 25.7" 6.00-14 (as per previous measurements & estimated adjustment for wear) 25.7" 185r14 25.5" 195/75r14 24.9" 185/75r14 There are some pretty good prices for 185r14's on eBay.
  2. Thanks, I edited in your correction (I don't know what I was thinking.) Accurate mph is available but there is speedometer error relative to the odometer. Of course you can go an indicated 60 mph, and see how long it takes the odometer to increase 1 mile - it should be 60 seconds if the speedometer is spot on.
  3. Most Awesome! You were saving The Best for last! 80/3.14 = 25.47 Assuming about .125" tread wear, 25.47 + .25 = 25.97 Copying tire diameters from previous post in this thread: "... it seems the consensus is 185 or 195 75 series 14's. 24.9 vs 25.5 respectively (205 IS 26.1)" So it looks like the 205 @ 26.1 is .1" tall and the 195 @ 25.5 is .5" short. I wonder what the speedometer/odometer accuracy was with the 6.00-14's? Speedometers usually read high so you won't exceed the speed limit given wear and tire size variations. My 205's definitely result in speed faster than indicated but I haven't checked odometer accuracy. I want to do compare GPS trip mileage with odometer which will allow backing out the precise tire diameter for no odometer error. But my Garmin is starting to fail finding satellites. I figure this topic is fully discussed with the last tape measurement (!) The only thing left are some GPS odometer results to see what "the gears" say.
  4. It just keeps getting better: There is a difference between "Bias" and "Bias Belted" tires. ALSO some of those 185/80r14 tires have treat wear ratings of 680 and "70,000 Mile Warranties."
  5. More explanations from Mecum" "From the 1930s onward, American cars gradually transitioned into smaller wheel diameters, while increasing tire and wheel width. Any tire size that ends with a zero, such as 6.70-15 or 7.10-15, featured an approximately 90% aspect ratio. Any bias-ply tire ending in the number five, such as 6.95-14, 7.75-15, etc., featured an 80% to 84% aspect ratio. We continue to use numeric sizing in most of our bias-ply tires, as well as our bias-look radials. For radial tires, we simply add the letter “R” in place of the hyphen (ex. 6.70R15)." So the 6.00 is 152mm call it 155 and @ 90%, a 155/90r14 diameter is 24.98 inches. (of course the Aspect Ratios are approximate for stuff that old.) Would be nice if someone had an actually 6.00-14 off a 620.... But it sounds like 6.00-14's could vary all over the place I'd bet. Would like to find that pic of the guy measuring a 6.00-14
  6. WooHoo, did a search on "6.00-14 truck tire" and found this Chinese site with a complete table of bias ply tires: (Is the OE 6.00-14-6PRLT a radial tire? ANSWER: NO: the PR is actually 6PR or "6 Ply Rating" and LT is "Light Truck") OE tires are bias ply according to FSM which also shows everything in RH drive. So did 620's actually come with 6.00-14 tires bias ply tires in the USA since the speedometer calibrations suggest radials? https://runwelltyre.en.made-in-china.com/product/LBOQkwVJXzcT/China-Bias-Truck-Tyres-6-00-14-6-00-15-6-50X14.html Hell-uv-a truck tires for $20-30 each (8 ply) but looks like a 20' container min order. The 600-14 OD is 680mm which is 26.77" diameter. However my 26.11" 205/75r14's are too big according to speedometer (error is something like maybe going 3mph faster than speedometer says using GPS) - but I haven't checked my odometer - EUREKA - can use GPS Trip setting to check Odometer accuracy. Nasty winter storm here. We should be able to get a lot of measurements use GPS since so easy. Hardest part is reading size off of tire. NEW Products Suppliers Sourcing Requests Products Post Sourcing Request Print This Page Home Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Tire & Accessories Truck & Bus Tire Favorites Share Bias Truck Tyres 6.00-14 6.00-15 6.50X14 Reference FOB Price Get Latest Price US $20-30 / X20′GP | 1 X20′GP (Min. Order) Diameter: 11′′- 15′′ Tire Design: Bias Belted Tyre Certification: ECE, ISO9001, DOT Tread Pattern: Highway Tread Pattern Tire Hierarchy: 10PR Cord Material: Nylon Customization: Available |Customized Request Contact Supplier Mr. Jerry Contact Now Chat with Supplier Inquiry Basket Qingdao Runwell Tyre Co., Ltd. Gold Member Since 2011 Audited Supplier Manufacturer/Factory Product Description Company Info. Customer Question & Answer Basic Info. Model NO. 600-14, 600-15, Inner Tube Inner Tube Customized Non-Customized Condition New 6.00-14 Rib Transport Package According to Customer′s Request Specification EXPORT Trademark RUNWELL Origin China HS Code 4011200011 Production Capacity 300*40′hq/Month Product Description High Quality Bias Light Truck Tires. Specification: 6.00-14-8PR / 10PR 6.00-15-8PR / 10PR Pattern: RIB Brand: RUNWELL Minimum order quantity: 1x20' feet container (several sizes in one container is ok ) Delivery time: Within 20 days after order confirmed. Tyresize Standard rim Inflated size of new tyre(mm) Max load(kg) Standard pressure(kpa) OD SW Dual/Single 9.00-16-14PR 6.50H 890 255 1720/1955 630 8.25-16-16PR 6.50H 855 235 1600/1800 730 8.25-16-14PR 6.50H 855 235 1500/1700 630 7.50-16-16PR 6.00G 805 215 1395/1580 770 7.50-16-14PR 6.00G 805 215 1320/1500 730 7.50-16-12PR 6.00G 805 215 1250/1400 630 7.50-15-14PR 6.00G 780 215 1320/1480 730 7.50-15-12PR 6.00G 780 215 1215/1360 630 7.00-16-14PR 5.50F 775 200 1180/1320 730 7.00-16-12PR 5.50F 775 200 1075/1220 630 7.00-15-12PR 5.50F 750 200 1030/1150 630 7.00-15-10PR 5.50F 750 200 915/1040 530 6.50-16-12PR 5.50F 750 185 925/1060 630 6.50-16-10PR 5.50F 750 185 875/975 530 6.50-15-8PR 4.50E 730 180 730/825 420 6.50-14-8PR 4 1/2J 705 180 690/775 420 6.00-15-8PR 4.50E 705 170 630/720 420 6.00-14-8PR 4 1/2J 680 170 600/685 420 6.00-13-8PR 4 1/2J 655 170 570/655 420 5.60-13-8PR 4J 600 160 565 420 5.50-13-8PR 4J 620 160 500/565 420 5.00-12-8PR 3.50B 568 143 465/485 400 5.00-10-8PR 3.50B 517 143 410/430 400 4.50-12-8PR 3.00B 545 127 395/415 400
  7. That Tire Size Conversion Chart has some real weird instructions on how to use (basically meaning it's useless). Here are the instructions that are at the bottom in small print: * When replacing Alpha Numeric tires with Euro-metric or P-metric tires, look for the Euro-metric or P-metric size listed in the equivalent aspect ratio. For example, when replacing a FR78-14, you would look up the appropriate 75-series size, the 205/75R14. If replacing a FR70-14, you would look up the appropriate 70-series size, the 215/70R14. If replacing a FR60-14, you would look up the appropriate 60-series size, the 235/60R14. Listing in chart does not imply complete interchangeability. When changing tire sizes, dimensional clearances must be checked. It appears the 185r14 no aspect ratio designation is allegedly an 82 series tire or simply an 80 series. There are current 80-series tires available at this time. I used to calibrate taxi meters for Jeannette Taxi and there was a mile marked off near by. They were forced out of business due to PUC rejecting bids for areas "because you are not a large enough concern" the markings are probably obliterated. It would be nice if other members might have an opportunity to check their odometers over the measured mile and their tire size and tread depth. Also would be interesting to see how well the speedometers are calibrated to the odometers.
  8. Yes, it seems the consensus is 185 or 195 75 series 14's. 24.9 vs 25.5 respectively (205 IS 26.1) Tiresize.com lists tires by diameter however they do not support the 185r14 195r14 sizes w/o aspect ratio specified. https://tiresize.com/tiresizes/ Unfortunately, the Speedometer is not the way to assess tire size diameter correctness - the Odometer is the one since it is connected by gears to the rear axles. If the odometer is off, then you have to insert a small gearbox at the speedometer cable to make the correction. The Speedometer is calibrated. PA State Police had "Calibrated" speedometers - they were done at speedometer shop in Youngwood, PA. Stewart's or Stuart's - I don't remember. Your odometer can be spot on, but your speedometer can be high or low depending on how it's calibrated. That would explain why either the 185 or 195 can be more accurate.
  9. CANNOT find any specs for the 6.00-14 tire (specifically 6.00-14-6PRLT I'm guessing this is a Japanese tire size) I found one google answer that said 26.5 but that is too large: I run 205/75r14's that are 26.1 and they are too tall for the speedometer calibration. Coker tire doesn't even show a 6.00. For the 5.90 they say some nonsense about 185/70r14 (24.2" dia) which is stupid small. NOTE: I'm going to email Coker and see if they have any proper specs. WTF I believe someone said 195/75r14's was just about right. Two other options are the 185r14 and 195r14 which have diameters of 25.7 and 26.2" respectively. NOTE: Here is the only reference to the 6.00-14-6PRLT which is google hit but the link does not work: The Delica is a Mitsubishi mini van but searches on it only go back to 1989 which isn't old enough. wheel and tyre http://www.delica.ca › manuals › 31_Wheel and T... PDF *6.00-14-6PRLT. Steel type. 5-Jx14. Wheel type. Wheel size. Steel type ... means 6.00-14-6PRLT tires are installed on POZWSZUL front and rear wheels,.
  10. I feel for you, I have 100's of 620 project pics there. Relinking them would be impossible and so PB went with extortion. Last I checked (when they first wanted payment) it was $399 per year for hosting (!) I just checked and they've backed way off wanting only a few bucks a month. BUT if you have more than the FREE 250 pics limit, YOU CANNOT HAVE ACCESS TO DELETE PICS - you get a RED SCREEN and either have to CLOSE your account or BUY a month's fee. The "altruism" they claim is again bogus and still extorting people now for only a couple dollars.
  11. Yeah, Photobucket sucks balls, kidnapping pics and then extortion. I believe it was Mike that suggest imgur.com some years ago, it seems to be OK so far, is that a popular free hosting service or is there something better out there nowadays? (any reason to quit using imgur?)
  12. Yep, that's what I'm going to try. Lots of wrecking yards around me. But some don't sell tires because of liability.
  13. Just thought I'd ad more about the feeling that the rpm's are too high. I had a new stock exhaust put on my 74 L18 and on the way home, I found myself driving 70 mph on the highway w/55 mph speed limit - I didn't realize I was going that fast. I drive this road all the time and usually go about 60. But with the super quiet exhaust, I found myself driving 70. I also found driving on the interstate, after about an hour, my speed creeps up to 70-75 mph as I get "used to" the engine noise (but that was with a leaky noisy OE exhaust.)
  14. I just checked some tire prices at tires-easy.com (they seem to be liked to Walmart too) and the prices are stupid high. This COVID is standing on my last nerve. What is bad is that businesses are realized they can make money by forming cabals and price fixing. The business model will be cabals "competing" by each incrementally increasing price. Once you "lean out" the mixture, you can really make some big horsepower - and so it is with pricing and selling. RE: 195r14: *) All the manufacturers I found I've never heard of - usually bad sign although some of the best tires I ever bot were Sunny's - they had stiff sidewalls like high performance tires, and lasted (and were the cheapest too). It appears their tire plant is right at one of the big ports in China (if I remember correctly) so they keep shipping costs down. *) The tread patter on what few I was able to find look more like tractor trailer treads which do not look like they'd be good in the snow. *) They may all have superior life than "conventional" sizes. ______________________________ EDIT: I found 1) Name Brands, 2) All-season tread, and 3) higher life at prioritytire.com (massively greater selection than my go-to-place, tires-easy.com. EXPENSIVE $135 but: https://www.prioritytire.com/hankook-vantra-lt-185r14-102-100r-d-8-ply-as-a-s-all-season-tire/
  15. I have 205/75R14's on the 4.5's and it's a PITA to steer BUT I do like the taller tires in the rear for less engine revs. I believe the 205's are 26.2" in diameter. There is a 195r14 that is 26.1" that I'm considering. They are pricey $90-110 a tire. If I go to the 185/75r14, the steering should be easier but more engine revs. (I have the l20B 1980 wide ratio 5-speed I will put it if I need to replace the clutch. That would bring revs down something like 10% which isn't a lot. So the 5-speed doesn't really solve the issue with the 185's. Of course, at the rate I'm moving these days, like they joke about the Warthog: the airspeed indicator is a calendar... so that would put me in the "geologic" or "glacial" time frame.
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