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  1. Cardinal Grammeter

    Datsun 620 tach tachometer

    One of the Holy Grails of 620's. Good luck!
  2. Cardinal Grammeter

    Brake Adjuster Clip Removal/Install Video

    Found this good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u46PdWuL8D4 In words: Curved clip with bent ends is installed concave outward with the ends away from the backing plate slot square hole. Flat clip installed from other direction. Must clear the bend ends when installing, then will snap in place trapped by the bent ends. Watch the video - worth 1000 words.
  3. Cardinal Grammeter

    WTB: 620 Leaf Spring Bumpers

    Time Left: 20 days and 12 hours

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    Good used condition is fine. Will also consider new too. I need 1 bumper but frankly, the other one is starting to separate too - so I guess I could use 2.


  4. Cardinal Grammeter

    620 Brake Adjusting Assembly: Broken T-Slot: Repair

    The "T" head broke off and need to get truck back on road. Was going to aluminum stick weld but can't buy the rod locally. So that leaves fabricating a bolt. The plan is to drill and tap a hole, screw a bolt in, file the slots in the bolt shank, and trim the bolt head. 7/16" would be good for the slot and head, but I'm concerned about weakening the casting. I'm not sure if all that slot length is actually necessary - frankly a rod the width of the clip slot with a big head should work since all the pieces are nested. The length may have been required because of the weakness of aluminum - especially after old and corroded. However with steel, a much smaller min cross-section should be OK. Two choices for the connection: thread housing or bore - both with sleeve Loctite. I'm tempted to bore so I can completely fab the steel bolt to final dimensions whereas threaded means I would have to slot when assembled (although could finish bolt separately, align slot w/loose threads, and Loctite). Bore would preserve most housing metal. Will post back with results... EDIT: Decided on a 1/4" carriage bolt - already has the flats.
  5. Cardinal Grammeter

    1974 620 Ultra Quiet (like OEM) Exhaust: Adapt 720? or?

    UPDATE: Installed the 22266 which fit perfectly. Then a 46" straight Walker pipe bent maybe 20 degrees above the axle. Did the bend heating pipe up with torch while leaning into it. 1.5 if so small it is easy to heat and bend. Used the stock hanger mounts. Truck is still on jack stands for other maintenance, but sound is very good, i.e., there is little sound, nothing but a soft hum. I am very pleased with the results. CHAPTER II in the exhaust will be what to do when long Y-pipe fails...
  6. Cardinal Grammeter

    Ignition Switch Quality: Duralast $24, LockSmart $30, Echlin $40

    Bot a $15 + 15 shipping used from car-part. Works fine and the cylinders swapped. (I figured even if I got a bad one, I'd just buy another until I got a good one.)
  7. Cardinal Grammeter

    Where is 620 Ignition Switch on CarPartsManual.com?

    Nevermind. Bot a used 1973 - the cylinder swapped in perfectly>
  8. Cardinal Grammeter

    How to repair a 620 glove box door!

    BLACK PULL TIES: I decided on (3) tiny (1/16") black plastic pull ties. I drilled 1/16" holes in the bottom of the door inner panel and correspondingly in the 3 bolt hole flange. It articulates smoothly and frankly, it's very hard to notice the black ties since the locking head is only 1/8" cubic.
  9. Cardinal Grammeter

    620 Glove Box Door Arm Removal

    WTF... Pic doesn't help. The door is recessed into the dash so it is NOT POSSIBLE to rotate the arm anywhere near the 90 degrees to align the tap with the slot for removal. Further, the slot width is only twice the arm thickness. The only way I can see to do it without disassembling the dash to remove the rubber bumper on the arm tab is to bull it out and cracking the narrow slot open. What am I missing ??? EDIT: Starting to tear dash apart.... ...EDIT2: Yep, have to pull the carboard glove box. THEN you can pop the rubber bumper out (silicone lube and then dig into barb w/jeweler's screwdriver and push through hole. THEN with some duress, can work the tab out the narrow slot. Just use cardboard to protect dash from getting marked. Slot will never be the same...
  10. Cardinal Grammeter

    620 Glove Box Door Arm Removal

    Appears that the rubber bumper is larger than the dash slot and must be forced through.
  11. Cardinal Grammeter

    620 Glove Box Door Arm Removal

    I figured there would be a 90 degree end on the arm so a simple manipulation of the door would allow the arm end to come out of the dash slot. Obviously that didn't happen. But then, due to the nature of my hard, brittle, and cracked dash, I wasn't going to force anything.
  12. Cardinal Grammeter

    Bushing Carb Throttle Shaft (DCH340) OR ???

    FINALLY, finished bushing job and idle is rock steady.... Finally! Went with the UHMW which was a PITA to get the bore right. Turned OD, but with the thin wall (3/8 OD, 5/16 ID) had to go 1/64th over 5/16 drill to get nice fit. However, when pressed (very lite fit) in casting, bore was again too small. Drilling dug in and turned sleeve - had to drill backwards more or less eroding the bore bigger. Final result was achieved. NOTE: RE: 5/16 Oillite bushing: Turns out 5/16 is not enough clearance, need the extra couple mils for the 8mm shaft. Turns out cannot use a standard size metric bushing since the min OD of 11mm is too big for the casting. (EDIT: NOTE: could turn down the 11mm with a good chuck but if doing this, get a 3/4" long one for more jaw engagement.) So that means have to rebore the 5/16. A sharp 8mm drill would probably be OK but a cheap eBay 8mm reamer would be better. They are only a buck or two but over $20 from McMaster Carr. Driving my 620 is transformed not having to heel and toe and constantly blip throttle to get it to drop down to idle speed. Have other repairs to do (rebrake and tailpipe fell off) which I'm putting off so the love can build up from joy of driving now. I came very close to giving up and buying a Weber but NO CHANCE now especially since the power valve is not always on due to wrong hollow base screw placement (used 2 hollows and got them both wrong!) IDLE MIXTURE SETTING: Not sure how to adjust idle mixture screw. Can back out 2 turns or more and it keeps increasing idle speed - so I turn down idle screw. Old school AFB V8 etc. EDIT: start 1-1/2 out, turn in until rough, back off 1/2 turn. Definitely want to keep my good gas mileage going and improve if possible. EDIT: TRANSFER SLOTS: My thinking of late is when the carb is off, adjust the throttle plates so they are low in the transfer slots. Then use the mixture screws to set the idle. If the plates are above the slots, you'll have dribble off the booster venturies which is very bad. If too low, you'll have a blind spot while the flow gets moving through the slots. You can sort of adjust by ear, just blip the throttle by hand and note any hesitation. This test will reveal big differences when plates set poorly.
  13. Cardinal Grammeter

    Bushing Carb Throttle Shaft (DCH340) OR ???

    Started the rebush job: 8mm shaft is close enough to 5/16 so don't have to monkey with metric. (5/16 is 0.0025" smaller than 8mm which will improve shaft clearance so is actually a better choice.) Fixtured carb base by chucking 5/16 rod in lathe chuck laying on drill press table - produced nice perpendicular reference. 5/16 rod height adjusted to act as a drill stop. Drilled out in 1/64th steps to 3/8. McMaster Carr actually sells Oilite bushings in just about every conceivable size so a 5/16ID, 3/8OD, 1/2long was something like 89¢. Also ordered some UHMW which is a superior plastic for bushings. Waiting for delivery on the McMaster stuff (tomorrow). Don't know which material to use. Will update when I finish the job. NOTE: Ever since I put the hollow base plate screw in the right hole, the power valve (now not always open) is operating properly an gas mileage is very good - over 20 mpg around town and I'm confident I could get 30 on a trip. So I'm not eager to throw the DCH under the bus. It also is motivating me to install the 5-spd I bought in the Carolinas during the last total eclipse of the sun.
  14. Need part numbers to buy correct one on car-part.com
  15. Cardinal Grammeter

    Bushing Carb Throttle Shaft (DCH340) OR ???

    Here is a good throttle return spring design on this Chinese carb: (If I have nothing beneath the DCH cable track, I could fab a downward return spring.) A cheap but effective way to take up slop in a throttle shaft is to simply wrap some UHMW in the clearance - you don't actually need a bushing. Use washer(s) to keep it contained. I may get a Weber but don't like hearing about adding a spring. EDIT2: But after seeing this throttle return spring - one that I feel is necessary. I may be compelled to rig one on my DCH and see if it solves the problems which I think it will.

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