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  1. 620z

    New Project - 86 ST

    Ok, so I couldn't find the plate but the alleged original engine is in the back of the truck.
  2. 620z

    New Project - 86 ST

    It will start after some coaxing but won't stay running. The swap was never completed so there is a ton of work to do to make it right.
  3. 620z

    New Project - 86 ST

    Yes, you are correct that the wheels are not the factory ST wheels and in fact from a Frontier. I was talking about the body, interior and suspension.
  4. 620z

    New Project - 86 ST

    11 hours, 3 states, 1 tire and a uhaul trailer later and my new project is finally home. Over all the new truck is in very good shape. Almost completely rust free. Everything is stock except for the engine swap. It now has a ka24 from a 98 Frontier. Guess he didn't want to bother with the wiring harness so he changed it over to carb. I have the intake and wiring harness that goes with it to bring it back to injected.
  5. Time Left: 1 day and 10 hours

    • WANTED
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    Looking for an unmolested or lightly modified 620. My budget is 4k, maybe a bit more depending on location because I have to leave money for transport.


  6. Got my first Datsun truck in 89. I currently have 2 620s. The most recent one is my blue unmolested '78 which I got in July.
  7. Welcome markymac. Good to see another Central Florida 620 owner. I remember seeing that truck on CL.
  8. Just saw this truck posted for sale on CL. It's a shame man, you did so much work.
  9. 620z

    old newbie with 78 KC

    Great find, even has the beauty rings. Love the paint.
  10. 620z

    My 620 is stolen

    I am on CL everyday, will keep an eye out down here in Florida.
  11. Ok so when I am wrong I have to admit I was wrong and of course KR was right. I will get back to that in a minute. So I swapped the water pump, thermostat, all belts and hoses, new coolant, everything was good. Swapped the cap & rotor, plug wires, new NGK's, fuel filter, air filter .. cruising right along. Swapped in the new carb and like KR said, the nightmare began. Could not for the life of me get it to run right, chasing vacuum leaks and idol issues not to mention the hard starting. Ego said, you can do it but finally I broke down. Limped the truck up an ole' timers shop in
  12. Oh, ye of little faith KR. :) I do understand what your saying (for most people I would agree) but the carb needed a complete rebuild. As it was, the truck was not drivable at all. I weighed the options and re-manufactured was the best option given my current schedule and goals.
  13. Ain't that the truth, very few :) I shot a documentary in Natchez, Mississippi and will be back there in April.
  14. Sorry, let me explain. Yes this carb is not Cali emmisions. I will rebuild rebuild the OEM carb but for now it will be stored. I am leaving the emissions equipment in place but it will not be used. Don't need it in Florida. The paint is in good shape but there are issues. Also issues with the body that need to be mitigated such as surface rust and dents and dings. While it won't be the original paint, it will be the original paint color. [url=https://flic.kr/p/peRyC5]
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