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  1. I say go for it! There are tons of tricks to help lower compression for little cost... I was just reading the other day about a set up that would manually retard ignition timing for nitrous systems. Something about bleeding the vacuum to a vacuum advance distributor... Rising rate fuel pressure reg and alot of playing with settings...
  2. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Im gonna attempt to keep this thread on the rails. Got some little jobs done here and there. Started getting the floor sound deadened and heat shielded in order to get it prepped for carpet. Spent some time over the past few days and got a leather shifter boot made. This is the first boot ive done and I think it came out pretty clean. I even managed to get the last french seam sewn as I closed up the loop. Will look nice peekin through some carpet i hope! Also this closes off the hole pretty well to the tranny. Only a couple more "holes" in the tub i gotta close up!
  3. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Im over it man. I dont even understand what you are accusing me of disagreeing about LoL. I was just wondering if a restrictor plate would help shed some degrees. It looks like it wont help so im not going to do it. Lol. As far as whether you think I cant remember to turn on the fan when the temp gauge gets too hot, ill chalk that up to the fact that you dont know me.
  4. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    No offense man but im basically agreeing with what you are saying. How is the premise faulty that a stock water pump doesnt pump as much volume at idle as it does at high rpm? The water flow is slowed down and the heat generated by the engine is slowed down as its at idle and not under load. As far as the fan switches im going to do whatever i want with my truck. The truck was stolen out of my driveway which is why i had to swap the motor. The LAST thing that I will let happen is someone else drive my truck. This whole thread you have been chiming in with negativity. Im all for constructive criticism but you can take you lectures and leave them somewhere else.... Thanks
  5. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Yeah thats basically what i was thinking when saying restrictor plate.. Ive read that at idle and city driving water moving slower through the rad will have longer time for air from the fan to pass through and cool. Just like the stock rpm reliant pump would do in traffic. But then at higher rpms the water flow on the electric would be too restricted to cool the car at freeway speeds... Right now the only cooling problem i have is too small of a fan. Once i upgrade fans and fine tune the cooling system a little bit i should be fine. I have the system separated by toggle switches so i can easily start the engine and let it warm up before i even kick the water pump or fans on. An electronic controller might be worth looking into as i could automatically kick on the main or aux fans at different temperatures and only work the water pump above a certain temp...
  6. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    You cant run a regular thermostat with an electric waterpump with no bypass. When the thermo shuts the electric pump will build up pressure and burn out... Where as a stock pump has a bypass route. This was blocked off on my application... I think if i ran an external bypass i could run a stock thermo... As far as the restrictor plate it was just what i was reading at the time.. After reading more it looks like you are right.. most flow is the best! I just gotta get another fan!
  7. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Heat shields are going to be top priority this winter. I still have to make a restrictor plate for where the thermostat goes. Since im running an electric pump i cant use a normal thermostat, but most people recommend just a steel plate with holes drilled to slow down the water flow so more heat exchange can take place. As far as the drivetrain goes, the motor has more than enough power now to spin one rear wheel almost whenever i want...Right now i just have some shitty swirl port heads on the motor. I was searching locally and craigslist and came across a couple sets of used Edlebrock aluminum heads for around 350-500. Now these would still have to go to a machine shop but they are out there. Cam and rocker choice will prob be dictated by the heads once i find a set. There are also a couple race car swap meets around here at some of the local circle tracks... Im hoping i can shop around and score a good carb and intake for reasonable amount. The rear end is going to be the next major project. Right now im still looking at the Ford 8.8 Explorer rear end with lsd, but ive been looking into some ford 9" rear ends too. Thats going to be this winters work. im def gonna look into getting some custom springs made. Right now i can almost feel the axle wrap you are talking about. I have 2" lowering blocks on the back and im sure my spring bushings are pretty rotted. But once the truck starts hooking up its going to be a problem.
  8. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Tried to keep the hood scoop low key. Im gonna make a leather stitched cover for the back 2/3 of the scoop... then ill have some attachment points so i can put a rain cover on it... Not sure what you mean about having problems with the headers later... other than heat! lol... I still have a good amount of heat shielding to make, and will probably end up at least partially wrapping the headers/downpipes... Also the entire exhaust system is just kind of made to get by for now. I hate how low it has to hang, but it is 3" dual. Winter is coming here so im just trying to do as many shakedown miles as i can before i pull some stuff apart for the winter. Biggest project for the winter will be swapping the rear end and getting another custom driveshaft made. Will probably reinforce the frame in the rear end a little bit. Maybe research a homemade ladder/4 link setup. Then once the rearend is done ill focus more on the motor. Goal is to make 400-500 hp range... on the tightest budget i can... lol... And of course there are a million other little things to do... Need to freshen up the front end a little... back when i was driving this truck 5 years ago i had a laundry list of stuff to do before it was stolen... pretty sure i have a front wheel bearing on its way out... but i think i have it in my stash somewhere..
  9. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Been a while! Managed to get the truck up and running and road worthy last week... Shop has been busy, so time to work on it has been limited. Still have a ton of work to do, but its been awesome putting some shakedown miles on it and figuring out next steps. Got the alternator mounted and a few gauges mounted in the dashboard.. Still have a couple more to fit in somehwere... Basically wired a fusebox and harness for the engine controls, then cut the whole stock wiring harness down to just the lighting system. So all the lighting system and a few accessories works off the stock fuse box and harness.... Today i spent an hour or two and sound deadened as much of the cab as i could.... Next i have to seal up shifter hole in the floor and a few firewall holes... Then i can get started on some carpet for it! Ill have to try and get a few more videos of it running soon...
  10. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Yalp.... Have to pull the header and see if i can get the tig torch in there. worst case is ill have to cut the collector pipe off, weld up where the tubes meet and weld the collector tube back on..
  11. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Yeah I have a reg and press gauge installed but had the pressure too high for a carburetor... Exhaust will happen once i get the driveshaft installed and iron out a few more problems... Have to do some more welding on the headers ... looks like its leaking right at the collector... Still have to get the steering column in too... just got the bearings in yesterday!
  12. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Got a little video of the first start of the motor in the 620. Instantly found a few things wrong. Have a few small exhaust leaks at the header, too high fuel pressure and a leaky vacuum line. Thats why the motor sounds like it has a nasty cam in it... lol... Plus the exhaust is basically 2 foot long with 12" glass packs... lol
  13. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    I do custom upholstery for my day job. So i think im going to make some snaps around the hood opening and stretch some leather over the scoop that snaps to the hood. But i can wait to finish the interior! That prob wont happen until this winter tho... Just want to get this thing on the road and start shaking it down!
  14. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Hey guys! Been a minute since I posted about the swap! Ive been swamped with customers work all summer and am finally catching up so i can start working on this here and there. Got a bunch done... -Had to cut the header collector and downpipe, adding a pie cut to get the pipes to clear the radiator. -Radiator is mounted and plumbed to the electric water pump. -Got the tranny cooler lines hooked up. -Gas pedal linkage is installed and adjusted. -Front brake lines are hooked up -Have all of the engine wiring finished. Still need to start getting gauges and fitting them into the stock dash... -Fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator installed wired and plumbed... -Electric rad fan installed Basically all in need to be able to take the thing around the block is a bearing for my steering column that broke when removing... Need to install the rear brake lines and bleed.. Pick up the custom driveshaft... Be doing burnouts in no time!
  15. *fart*

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Thanks dudes... I'll get a little better at taking photos as I go soon... Been busy in the shop on other stuff... So I been banging out little shit here and there
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