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I don't smoke so I don't care either way.


But in allowing this shit in washington. They also got dried fucked from behind.   Read up on what happens when they pull you over now, and you deny them a sobriety test.  Good luck to those who get high.  Wouldn't that be fucked if you were sober... Went down and had to do a blood draw or urine test... and failed because you smoked weed 2 days prior? They can't tell exactly when you did it...  DUI's like a mother fucker.    I bet WA was all for having this passed. Just think of all the revenue besides taxes they are getting from DUI fines!  Ahahah sweet!  almost 10% sales tax, a sin tax on all cigs and alcohol, taxes on weed, and now raking in DUI's like a mother fucker. 

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Prisons are full of minorities disproportionately found guilty and punished for something us gringos in the 'burbs barely get a ticket for. that is one of many reasons I voted yes. What actually needs to change is the fact that marijuana is federally a schedule 1 narcotic. Our for profit prison system is one of the major lobby's funding the no ads.

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I voted no in Washington for the exact reasons IZZO brings up... But i have no problem with telling my teenage boys why it should be legalized ,, for reasons precisely pointed to by Nismo Dr.


  Marijuana has never really been my thing,, but i have worked around others that smoked and were very productive, and creative every day.  My physical apperance would lead one to guess at first glance otherwise,, so i figure if i'm forced to give up my blood on the side of the road,, as it will come out clean, for even alcohol,, i figure i will be suing the state eventually.

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All this 'what if' spooked out shit is a bit nutty. What if a satellite dropped from the sky and hit a building that used to be empty but now is a pot shop full of people. Oooh the evil weed. Fact is .01% (point zero one) of people pulled over have even been tested for pot in wa since legalization. They still have to haul you in, get a judge to sign a warrant, spend money on a specific test, make you wait like 5 hours and so on. But if you read the sky is falling news reports, they make it sound as if everyone who is pulled over in wa state is hauled off for this procedure. It's just not happening, just like it did not make you kill your mom with a frying pan and leap to your death in a pot induced rage. It's kooky scare tactics.

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.05 nanograms or greater of THC in the blood stream as determined by an authorized blood draw and analysis.....


Well this is FUCKED

Pot stores in your fat cells.. There for a fucking person that "the cop thinks" may have be driving high and asks for a blood test is fucked! Even if that person had stopped smoking week 3 weeks ago. There will still be the .05 nanograms in your body.


I've read some things that say it can even stay in your fat for years after you've stopped smoking weed.

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Hey I'm all for it passing, I just think it sucks for those who are gonna get fucked by it.


It really makes no difference to me.  nismo does bring up some good points.  Smoke.  even tho as of now a very small percentage has been pulled over and tested.. It's just the beginning.  Give it some time.  It'll become a major issue like anything else.  People get bored of what they are doing now and a whole train of politics and people will jump aboard the Stoned Driver train. 



Ever see Family guy. The episode where Brian is hanging out with Rush Limbaugh?  Seems like that's how a lot of people are. not all, just a lot.  They will follow and fight things just to fight. 


Go watch that episode. Then watch Idiocracy.  AHahaha.  It's where we're heading anyways. 


For those who smoke it, smoke it.  I'mma drink my coffee and blow out my ass in 10 minutes.

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Very well could be an issue, but I really prefer not to let the fear of what may happen mess with my life too much. I mean, there is an obvious limit to that, I won't go out and drink a gallon of diesel becuase I'm not affraid of what may happen or anything. I just get so tired of our constant hand wringing of what is thought might happen. Bird flue, ebola, the government going to ban bullets, all the children will now smoke pot, the list could seriously go on for a mile of all the shit people think they can foresee the future on. So yes, the number could be bigger later, but it's not yet.


I am about as anti police scam as you will ever find. So many are nothing more than thugs, liars and bullies. But, some common sense will have to take place in this deal. They would be after money with this move. But most people who smoke, you can't tell and if you're so high that you're acting high when pulled over, well, that's kinda on you. The thing is, how many people will test clean in this huge ordeal where they are hauling off the masses to have a test done and at what cost? That's a lot of wasted money at the end of the year, not to mention possible law suits for false imprisonment, lost work on and on. I'm not saying they are smart, but they have to see this as a real risk to their profit margin.

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