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  1. dont get all gassy about it. 39 bill is a lot of money, but...if it is less than 1% of what is blown on shit, would you not agree that totally removing, lets say a full 1% is not exactly the answer to the money wasting issue is it? Don't get huffy at me, I didn't invent math.
  2. Yes, that less than 1% of the budget is killing us. We waste such a startling amount of money, worrying about aid is a lot like looking for a lost penny inside a solid gold train running on solid gold tracks. However....I do agree, if they don't like us, then fuckem, take the money away. Unfortunately, that money will just be used to buy a truck load of ivory toilets or something.
  3. Not so much really. The majority of us are very worked up and hand wringy over most tragedies. I on the other hand, very blasé.
  4. nothing puts the fear of god into an assailant like a full auto baby.
  5. And now, a short rhyme..... The shark thing was dumb from the start, that's the funny part.
  6. this could all be solved by taping the gun to the back of the baby where it couldn't reach it.
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