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  1. russaroll

    Infiniti J30t

    ??? 😞
  2. russaroll

    Best transmission

    5spd 🙂
  3. russaroll

    S14 top/ S15 Bottom SR20DET?

    Be careful of the snowball effect.
  4. russaroll

    How many posts until I am not a newbie?

    No datsun pics? Still a noob
  5. russaroll

    Want to know what are these wheels

    http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/events-2011-japanese-classic-car-show-part-05-wagons-and-trucks/ scroll almost to the bottom of the page "black Diamond steelies."
  6. russaroll

    GOONS check in

    getting groceries this morning
  7. russaroll

    510 Spooks, Alternate Material(s) to FG? - Comments

    I'm interested. What's the word on these?
  8. russaroll

    Steering column snap ring

    found some 1" ones at OSH. they seem to do the job. 1-1/16" or 1-1/8" might be better.
  9. russaroll

    Steering column snap ring

    It would if i was trying to order one from Nissan. I'm looking to make a quick trip to OSH . Thank you
  10. russaroll

    Steering column snap ring

    Anybody know what size snap ring is on the 510 steering column ?
  11. russaroll

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    *required img uploader for classifieds is broken.
  12. russaroll

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    i like the update but it looks washed out, and most of the images are broken. no classifieds?
  13. russaroll

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    that sure is a good looking header.
  14. russaroll

    Anti-seize ins and outs--general info

    how does this make you feel? mmmm........ yeah......
  15. russaroll

    What did you do to your dime today?

    had some holes poked in this perfectly good hood. not today, just put it on this past weekend.

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