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  1. 2013. I was driving a couple of Hondas, civic and crx. I sold the civic and was on club4AG looking for another car. Lurking the build threads i found someone building a 510. i thought it looked neat, so i bought a wagon. picked it up in tustin and drove it home, central coast. the carb wasn't adjusted very well so every time i hit traffic it would die. drove it it the garage when i got home and it puked oil all over the floor, rear main went out.
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    looking for a retaining ring for a 510 filler neck. Does not need to be in perfect condition. 20150316


    - US

  3. Time Left: 18 days and 1 hour

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    Found some parts laying around don't need. 510 center support. Came off a '72. $45 shipped T3 35mm velocity stacks powder coated blue. These are for weber 45 dcoe. $150 shipped A- series freeze plugs. I don't even know why I have these. Never owned an A series. $25 shipped Another set of freeze plugs, L23E. May fit other 6cyl. Check part # to be sure. - $25 1x 510 wagon hatch vent (plastic) good condition - $35 shipped 5 bolt flywheel off L16 - $40+ shipping evap tank - $75 Shipped More L16 parts: make offer + shipping L16 rods and pistons SOLD L16 crank L16 oil pan brackets 20210213_105432 [20210213_105418 20210213_105527 20210213_105516 20210213_105510 20210213_105405 20210213_105402 20210214_105055 20210214_105053 20210214_105101 IMG_0393 20210323_152908 20210323_152836 20210323_152815


  4. so, in my search for "push t0 start." i came across this company https://www.geespecautomotive.com/ that makes them for the rx7. they also make them for s13, s14, and 300zx. looking at the 300zx one it looks like it might work. i'm no good with wires, anybody with electrical knowledge feel free to chime in.
  5. back from the dead. Are these kits ever going to come back?
  6. 👍 mine came in a kit. i didn't read the instructions, they're just gaskets. it prolly wouldn't have hurt. i've had good luck with felpro and cork.
  7. Just finished driving my 510 after i refreshed the motor and the valve cover gasket shot out one side. my engine bay is now covered in fresh oil. it shot out the manifold side, so i was smoking like a train on my way back from the store. I bought a full gasket kit, it was an APEX kit. it had a silicone valve cover gasket, i thought it was interesting. BAD idea. i'm sticking with a trusty cork gasket. DON'T make the same mistake i did. DON'T use a silicone gasket. This has been a public service announcement from my garage.
  8. russaroll

    rear main

    NM. i think i found it.
  9. russaroll

    rear main

    I'm replacing the rear main and my dumb ass wasn't paying attention when i pulled these seals out. which way do they go back in? there is a fat side and skinny side and the back is flat. there is also a metal piece which i'm assuming goes on the flat side of the seal. thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Time Left: 10 days and 17 hours

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    Looking for a used cannon manifold for dual webers. Either a 4cyl or cut 6cyl. Thanks


    , California - US

  11. https://monterey.craigslist.org/pts/d/salinas-vintage-monterey-datsun/7129927107.html
  12. Sorry. Didn't read your post. The wheels you are looking at are SSR MK1
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