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  1. 720inOlyWa


    2000-2003 Isuzu Rodeo seats. The mechanical ones. I am told that the Honda Passport ones will work too, but I didnt care for the headrest. My Rodeo seats are a huge improvement. Just flip the computer under the drivers seat so the forward / backward slide clears and you are good to go.
  2. 720inOlyWa

    Muffler size

    I had a stock muffler replacement, early in the game. It sounded like shit- way tooo damn loud, like a ceesey 4 banger glass pack. Plus, the flange leaked and that added a little more to the noise, even with a new gasket. So I had them reface the flange and put a Honda Accord muffler on the Fudgecicle. FANTASTIC! Nice and quiet, with just a hint of those lovely jaqpanese trucky tones. The perfect choice for quiet neighborhood trundling.. This is the only muffler solution that this old coot is ever gonna use from now on. I am very satisfied wth it..
  3. “Yeah. What Mike said.“ The MPG model is an interesting version of this truck though. I had heard that it might be gutless, but it is most assuredly not. The power seems fine to me. I wonder how common this version is, Mike. Seems to me that once California banned them for import, Nissan quickly dumped the concept and (perhaps for repairitive PR reasons) leaned on marketing the Nissan Anti Pollution Z24 motor instead. I like them both.
  4. Woah, hold on a second there.... I just glanced down at the speedo and tach while I was driving, then recalled it three hours later for my post. I may well have messed up my reporting, but I can tell right away that it turns a few less rpm at 50 than my 85 does. You notice it right away. It also feel like maybe first and second are lower, if that is possible. In first gear, it just barely moves at idle. I call this ‘trundling‘ and it is one of my favorite characteristics of these old analog Japanese pick up trucks. They trundle great. Well, this MPG version is an exceptional trundler.
  5. 720inOlyWa

    My 720 Resto

    Although the other trucks have been getting all of the elbow grease lately, my daily driver gets to have a new home in our boat shed, away from the sun and the rain and the snow...
  6. Well, Fitty Buck Chuck is officially a runner now. All new brakes, and I mean all new. I replaced everything. She sounds like a tank because the exhaust system is still toast, but I snuck it out for a few shake down runs to get the grease worked into the steering linkage nicely. I replaced 4 zerk fittings and gooed it all up real good. This is an MPG model truck remember, so I was interested in seeing if it was gutless with the taller rear end. I can say, it is NOT! This guy is a little burro, even more torquey and my Fudgecicle. It just wants to get after it. My initial impression is that I
  7. 720inOlyWa

    My 720 Resto

    The stars are lining up: no real obligations this weekend, combined with decent looking weather. The annual is due on the Fudgecicle here, and I plan to do the tear down of the front brakes of Fitty Buck Chuck. Who knows, maybe I get the entire sheebang done if I gut it out. Not much for gutting it out these days, but you never can tell when the old bones will get fired up for the task.
  8. 720inOlyWa

    My 720 Resto

    The weather is warming. And so the Ratsun mind naturally turns slowly towards the unfinished brake job, sitting in the driveway, on jackstands.
  9. Doesn‘t matter what I like. It’s what you like that counts.
  10. I am not sure how to post a craigs list link here, so I will just let you know that there is an excellent little 720 regular cab on the Seattle CraigsList. It is in Oak Harbor and it is listed for $400. The engine is done, but the rest of it is in exemplary condition. No rust, no dents, clean and nice. If I didn‘t have 3 720 projects going right now, I would nab it in a heartbeat.
  11. Send him over here when he is done, Charlie.
  12. Interesting point: I got help! In fact, since I wrote and disseminated this email, I have an army of flippers all over the country. I mean, this is really catching on! just wanted you all to be the first to know, to get in on the news before it happens. Of course if you don‘t like it, that‘s fine with me- I don‘t really care. But if you want to join the ELA, well you are always welcome. It truly does (or can) soothe the soul to flip the garbage in the stands.
  13. Like so many of of my friends and acquaintances (but not all), I felt a ball fisted sense of dread and anxiety when the orange crested shitbird took office. Over the past year, little has happened to relieve my resentments. I don’t normally live this way on a day to day basis so I think that subconsciously, I was looking to a way to relieve the pressure. And I won’t lie to you: I felt like lashing out. But what can a peon like me do, beyond joining the Women’s March with full gusto? I felt a long dormant revolutionary urge welling up inside. My devious and vengeful self was awakening, somehow
  14. You guys can really use a good block heater. Out here, Id just kinda like one ‘just to be able to‘. Id like to hear how the install worked out and if it is doing the trick for you back there in America‘s ice box...
  15. 720inOlyWa

    My 720 Resto

    To illustrate how the warped mind of an old codger works, I had sorta wondered to myself if having my big, soft, automatic transmission equipped Legacy back in hand would mean that I relegated the truck of limited ‘role playing‘ service, carrying loads, etc. And after I had a brand new factory key cut to celebrate it is true that for a week or two, I jumped right into the fresh ‘new‘ Legacy when I headed off to get coffee or run an errand. In fact, I left the truck idle in the driveway long enough that when I did kick it over, it took some coaxing. But then, after a bit, the novelty wore o
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