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Maybe in the future we can make a trade, I picked up 2 RHD MR2 racks so we are going to model up the front of the sunny sometime soon and make a crossmember for it along with steering knuckles and mounts.  

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Have a few new items on the way from Ireland




I am going to be making a beefy rally suspension for the car using inverted strut inserts.


next on the list of things to machine for the car are these.



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Kicking myself, bought a Bprojects cast cover just a few months back....would much rather have been ruuning yours.


How much for the ITB manifolds?


I am still in for the Turbo manifold, but it will be a bit before those funds are ready.

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Got the garage a little clean today. Found myself on the CNC picking up hole locations for a future fancier looking Supercharger mount. 


List of items I need to complete in the next few days.


-Super Charger Mount

-Pulley Hubs

-Plenum Mold Plug. 


Whats the new picture hosting web site?

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