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  1. 12 years in banking...mgmt, investments, lending, commercial, 5 state ins (annuity) lisc here. I know very little about the alternative investments you are speaking of, I have not looked into them much. I know this, history repeats itself...over n over again. All nations currency has been devalued...were talking pennies on the dollar...no not because of inflation but rife overspending... Look at it this way...first a person can invest in them selves...work out you get muscle, diet you loose weight..etc..those are solid investments. Next a person can invest in his family...train your children, work at a good relationship....same principles. Next you have your neighborhood, work now comes into play, you make a name for yourself (family name) to insure that you can trade with other worthy famillies..lets say barter here...a way to survive a well rounded life with out trying to do everything.... Would a family at this point, invest 3 months of hard labor in a family with no proven history or trade for a commodity that you are not familiar with...BUT ONLY THE VALUE THAT FAMILY PUTS ON IT. Next you have your town, then cty, then county, the state...etc, etc, etc. What I am getting at is that man has for thousands of years has learned were to safely invest their funds...wether it be barter, labor or investment in a family with a proven name n commodity. Ponzi...snake oil...pyramid....enron (LOL) will always be appealing at first offering unbelievable return and appear valuable...but the problem is all of these are investments in that new family in the neighborhood that have not shown that they are worthy of trade, by time n test BUT they offer you a higher return higher then all of your neiborhood families that have established themselves. As i read this I don't think I am making any cense...but hey read it and think about it for a minute and maybe what I am trying to say will shine through.
  2. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=PB210 Read and enjoy, I will provide Japan issued brochures later
  3. Someone finally figured out what it is all about....all questions are now answered.
  4. Cosmonaut

    B210 Rollcall

    Sorry Gene...I totally spaced it, I will try n remember tomorrow. I tried to send u a pm, but it didn't work
  5. Cosmonaut

    B210 Rollcall

    I will take a pic in the morning and send post a pic
  6. Cosmonaut

    B210 Rollcall

    A dead cell can cause havoc in a car (this is rare, but possible). Have you checked for any altenator issues? A tits up altenator can cause a car not to start.
  7. Cosmonaut

    B210 Rollcall

    Did I read right that u had a battery problem?
  8. I no longer am able to drive, so I am building this to sell. With this in mind I am trying hard to not have anything look jury rigged. Thus no bare wires thru the firewall. I have worked really hard on the 620..everything that affects the drivability has been addressed...
  9. Cosmonaut

    B210 Rollcall

    Coming in late, first question, what led you to clearing out the lines and the fuel tank? What was the "B" doing? You have a factory electronic ign by what you have described. Look at the box on the inside kick panel passenger side, does it plug in or have screws retaining the wires? If your box plugs in you have the high energy system. If you have the screw type you have a system similar to Petronix...not high energy. When those boxes go out, the car will not start...even if you have spark. The plug-in or high energy is the same box that is used in the 620, Z's, 810's etc. Grab a box and give it a go. If not the spark, did you check the screen at the carburetor entrance? It is where the rubber hose attaches to the carburetor. Are you able to see fuel in the sight glass now that it has been rebuilt? When looking down the throttle, can you see the fuel squirting when you rotate the throttle linkage? If you see both of those, put something over the carb to insure the jets are cleared (momentarily) also, crank it over while obstructing the carburetor throat and see if it starts (massive vacuum leak).
  10. Sounds good, but I am anal...time to open the harness and run a wire through...there is always open slots on the wire plugs
  11. A JDM B210 GX is a PB210 genious.
  12. WHAT?, reread the thread MIke.I am referring to the Temp sensor shown above.
  13. Understood Mike...Question is could I run it through the temperature sensor harness, The harness goes to the + side of the coil. If I understood correctly, it was mentioned in another thread that Nissan originally ran the induction loop through the positive side of the coil.
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