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I'm looking for bob tail spoiler any links? 


Me too.   :rofl:


Can't seem to find the "right" one anywhere. Seen a few beat up ones on YJA over the last two years, none worth buying. 


I think I might buy one of these and tweak it to fit?






At this point it's either that or just give up and build my own.   :rofl:  


Which is also tempting, but just because I have some wacky ideas on how to make it cooler and more unique...  B)

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I was thinking of modding a 240Z bob tail.


Been down that road too. Just can't seem to find someone who wants to loan me one for a test fit...    :rofl:


Also, they are a bit short for the "right" look, to me anyway. 


I actually ordered one of these because it's taller than the normal one, but they called me back to say it would be 4-5 weeks before they made it so I pussed out and cancelled the order.    ^_^

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Yeah with all the stories of year waits could keep a guy from ordering.


Yeah, ordered an air dam about 10-12 weeks ago, was told it would be 3-4 weeks, it shipped yesterday.   :rofl:



I'm just going to try the 240 and have my brother do the cloth work should it need modding.


Please do. Would love to see how it looks.  :thumbup:

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Get one out of the Frontier. QR25DE weighs less than a KA yet makes more power. Its not a common swap yet so some guys don't like it.


Not to rain on anyone's parade, but that is a very tall engine. And the 1200 engine bay is not very tall. I'd put a tape measure on it before I got too interested...


They are also all OBD-II unlike the KA...

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The little 1200 has some RPM range.. 


It's actually kind of scary. With a stouter cam, a little head work, and some serious valve springs it will keep revving past the point you are comfortable with...   :rofl:



And I'm glad the experience didn't just make you want to sell it...    ^_^

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