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Ratsun.net Rising Sun Stickers

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I realise this thread is for the rising sun sticker, but any idea where I can get just the Rat n Wrench sticker?


I had one included with my carpet kit from 70DIMER but lost it. I emailed and PM'd him for another but no reply...


71Dimer has been a bit MIA due to back surgery. He made it through and is now recuperating. He keeps saying hes going to get back into the game, but Im sure its tough. Hopefully he makes an appearance soon. 


Like the Dr. mentioned, Im making them. Shoot me a PM. 




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I know you all think you have some twisty back roads to blast on... but Mt. View Road will chew your rig up and spit you out... if you are lucky. Cutting through the heart of the Mendo Golden Triangle, it's a coiled snake that wiil bite your ass if you don't know how to drive. Nice scenery too.




Half way across the coast mountains, you run into six of these signs. A mile, mile and a half, to two miles of 16% grade with double and triple horse shoe switch backs, with corners that are off-camber decreasing radius, blind one lane, rock slide strewn nightmares. Mt. View Road, 46 Miles of fun gets you to the Pacific ocean and the endless roller coaster of California Highway




Road 510, mile post 0.00...         good luck on that!

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Great pics Figbuck.


AS for the stickers, I am still working on getting my printer running, everytime I resolve one issue another one crops up. I swear this thing could be a Datsun. :lol:


Waiting on a Cyan ink cartridge now.

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Like the Dr. mentioned, Im making them. Shoot me a PM. 





Tristin,  I can't PM you (not accepting PMs), but i'd like some stickers


still making them? still 2 for $5? take pay pal? price include shipping in us?

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