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  1. self-applied mega wedgie as well shoes chosen to make the art of walking as difficult as possible - this is the same gender that can't handle the discomfort of workplace AC or holding their pee for more than two minutes, right?
  2. I got a friend who has a sister who is a lead chemist for, ummmm, a Pharmaceutical firm i'd prefer not to zero in on. sis says it's 100% made in a lab virus and that she has never seen anything mutate like this. if her team ever cracks the code she'll be able to retire comfortably.
  3. yup. i recently figured out that i'm not a people person yet drive oldies that attract 'em in droves.
  4. My boss's 92 year old grandfather has been in a nursing home with his 90 year old Alzheimer's riddled wife for a few years. Since Covid he's had no visitors. He told the family to come get him and bring him back to the farm. The family told him if they did he could never go back to his wife. He said he didn't care. She hadn't recognized him in months and he wanted to die amongst familiar settings.
  5. Masks prevent people from 'speaking moistly': Trudeau https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1721286723767 Justin Trudeau tells woman to say 'peoplekind' not 'mankind' https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/07/justin-trudeau-tells-woman-to-say-peoplekind-not-mankind
  6. wife and i are pretty sure we had covid in late November of last year. symptoms matched what they say covids are. we contracted it during a two month span where it was too hot to drink whiskey here. a co-worker accused me of being hungover and I told him I hadn't touched a drop in months. that made the light bulb come on over my head. went home that night and tied one on. all symptoms went away.
  7. I.......just.......our numbers are spiking here but the governor is resisting a mask mandate and denying any additional lockdowns although he has made bars and restaurants start closing at 11pm. no home restrictions.
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