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  1. do you Oregon folks still have the mask mandate? I know your governor was pushing hard for it. between you and me I'm hearing feds will scrap their mask mandate before Easter.
  2. FBI raids home, office of Democratic Texas congressman, a vocal critic of Biden (The Center Square) – The Laredo, Texas, home and campaign office of Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a vocal critic of the president, was raided by the FBI on Wednesday. More than a dozen federal agents were seen entering and leaving Cuellar’s Laredo residence removing bags, bins and at least one computer, The Monitor of McAllen first reported. Local news reports also show agents at his campaign office. "The FBI was present in the vicinity of Windridge Drive and Estate Drive in Laredo conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity," FBI spokesperson Rosanne Hughes said in a statement. "The FBI cannot provide further comment on an ongoing investigation." https://www.thecentersquare.com/texas/fbi-raids-home-office-of-democratic-texas-congressman-a-vocal-critic-of-biden/article_af362620-7a20-11ec-a43c-9b746db0baff.html
  3. Homeless man who shot dead teen cashier in cold blood at Burger King where he used to work had been released without bail in November for screwdriver attack: Screamed 'America's gonna burn' during wide-eyed perp-walk Police arrested Winston Glynn, a 30-year-old homeless man, in connection with Sunday's murder of Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19 Glynn went on a foul-mouthed rant as he was being led out of the 25th Precinct stationhouse after being booked Friday afternoon 'Why am I guilty?' Glynn shouted through the blue mask covering his face as officers walked him to a waiting police car. 'You know they charge n*****s every day? Detectives attempted to load the handcuffed suspect into the back of the car when he screamed 'F*** you all! and then bellowed, 'America's gonna BURN!' Glynn had one last parting shout for those yelling at him in Spanish before cops could load him in the car: 'Do you wanna start a war between Latinos and n*****s?! Do you wanna start a war?' Glynn was out on the street following his arrest on November 30 for menacing a man with a screwdriver because his crime was 'not bail eligible.' He now faces charges of murder, robbery, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon Bayron-Nieves was working a night shift as a cashier at a Burger King in East Harlem when an armed robber shot and killed her after she handed him $100 Glynn's past criminal record includes at least three other prior arrests: criminal possession of a weapon in 2020, another menacing charge from 2018 and a criminal mischief charge stemming from a 2017 incident NYPD say detectives used surveillance video to track down the suspect, who was then identified by witnesses Police say white earbuds hanging from suspect's pants helped them find Glynn Glynn worked at the same Burger King as the victim, but a year apart, leaving in December 2020 Police arrest suspected gunman in killing of Burger King worker, 19 Police have arrested an unidentified 30-year-old suspect in connection with Sunday's killing of Burger King cashier Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19, who was shot dead in Harlem during a robbery. www.dailymail.co.uk
  4. VANCOUVER, British Columbia (LifeSiteNews) — The Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver is set to evict families who do not provide proof of vaccination with one of the available abortion-tainted and experimental COVID jabs. Ronald McDonald Houses accommodate families with hospitalized children under 21 years of age. Austin Furgason, a father of a 4-year-old child with leukemia who has been receiving treatment since October, shared a video on his Facebook account that showed a letter from Ronald McDonald House Charities British Columbia and Yukon announcing the vaccine-related eviction. Canadian-based Ronald McDonald House evicts unvaccinated family of 4-yr-old with cancer - LifeSite
  5. Teacher charged after police find child in her trunk “quarantining” for COVID-19 https://www.newskudo.com/texas/houston/crime-safety/6997218-teacher-charged-after-police-find-child-in-her-trunk-quarantining-for-covid-19
  6. Wow! Now Mount Everest is Racist! All-Black Expedition Team Hopes to Climb Mountain to Tackle Its ‘Intentional Lack of Access for Black People’ and Mountaineering’s ‘Colonial History’ https://theblackdaily.wordpress.com/2022/01/04/wow-now-mount-everest-is-racist-all-black-expedition-team-hopes-to-climb-mountain-to-tackle-its-intentional-lack-of-access-for-black-people-and-mountaineerings-colonial-history/
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