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  1. cjzeppy

    Cjzeppy's return to 510s

    Finally had free time to upload some pictures to my photo bucket account. Couple weeks ago I picked up both cars and brought them home. Decided to keep the Orange car because it is the most complete, and will be the easiest to make drivable. I posted the primer car for sale and it sold last weekend. So I currently invested $1200 into the Orange car, but I have a couple more parts to sell and attempt to make back 100% my money on this project before I turn a single bolt. In the next few weeks when I have more time I will begin evaluating the dime to see what needs replaced and what can be repaired to get the car to pass state inspection. But for now here are some pictures of the car and bringing them home.
  2. I changed my mind. Decided to keep the better car and sell the parts car instead. Here is the listing for that car. https://york.craigslist.org/cto/6024271737.html
  3. cjzeppy

    Dat Funky 510 Build

    Looks like a solid project! Congrats on the buy and good luck on the build.
  4. http://york.craigslist.org/cto/6016337887.html?lang=en&cc=us If anyone is interested in the better of my two 510s I picked up.
  5. cjzeppy

    Mustang II front suspension on a 510

    Does anyone know where these pictures came from? Would like to find the build thread if it's on the forums.
  6. cjzeppy

    Mustang II front suspension on a 510

    I need more details on this! How in the world did that fit in between strut towers when a typical boxer is 32.5 inches wide?
  7. cjzeppy

    Cjzeppy's return to 510s

    You'd be proud of the deal I scored Dave!
  8. cjzeppy

    Mustang II front suspension on a 510

    I was looking at an FA20 from a BRZ/FRS drivetrain for the swap. I will need to look into the build of that truck front end to document the parts needed. And eventually when I get my 510 home I will need to borrow a boxer engine for measurements and possible a fitment trial.
  9. cjzeppy

    Mustang II front suspension on a 510

  10. cjzeppy

    Mustang II front suspension on a 510

    Looking at an engine swap that won't fit width wise under the hood of a 510 using the stock strut towers. Swap won't be mentioned because it may change if original plans fail. Only clues will be 4 cylinder and hasn't been swapped into a dime yet.
  11. cjzeppy

    Cjzeppy's return to 510s

    Hey everyone! If you remember me from four years ago I had been the owner of a somewhat famous east coast 72 510 2 door nicknamed "Little Miss Sunshine." I also had purchased a 69 521, but sadly both Datsuns are gone. Currently I own an all original 1975 280z that's been my pride and joy for almost a year. But ever since I sold my dime three years ago I've been longing for another. Well that ended today..... Thanks to my devoted search on craigslist I picked up what I call a 510 collection. Two 2 door cars (one in almost running condition and the other a parts car) and a garage full of extra parts, panels, and stuff from 20 years of hoarding. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will sign the titles into my name, and transport the collection to my garage an hour away. My plan is to have the completed car running and driving for the summer while I build the parts car into something I've been dreaming for a long time. I will post pictures once I remember how I work the forums. Haha Great to be back folks!
  12. I've been searching the forums for any source of attempts/trials but with no luck. Interested in knowing if anyone has tried or competed install of a mustang II style front suspension on their 510 for a larger engine bay? Would be very interested in build thread links or any general information. Thanks!
  13. cjzeppy

    Returned to Ratsun with a 75 280Z!

    Hey everyone I'm back on the forums after a very long hiatus. I stil have my 521 pickup but progress came to a dead stop due to lack of motivation. Ever since I bought my truck a friend was talking to me about a local enthusiast who owned a 75 280z, and he was always thinking about selling the car. I never had the money or space to store this car, but I couldn't let it go to someone who would trash this gem. So now after a couple of months of deciding I ultimately bought it. Very excited to finally have a running and somewhat LEGAL Datsun to drive around town. Looking forward to resaerching more about these awesome cars, and be apart of this great group!
  14. cjzeppy

    cjzeppy's 521 ... a rust bucket in the rust belt.

    Been on a hiatus lately, and the truck hasn't been touched since April. Today I made good progress in attempting to remove the cab off of the frame. Removed the right fender, both doors, and the radiator. Along with that I cut out the windshield seal to pop that out, and also loosened the front two cab mounts. Only obstacle I found was the steering column, but I'm looking into what I can do to remove that without separating the linkage. Pictures should be up soon when I figure out how to send them from my GoPro to my phone.
  15. cjzeppy

    cjzeppy's 521 ... a rust bucket in the rust belt.

    Completely forgot to update the page last week. My rear suspension is finally assembled, and back on four wheels. Still need to fill the rear diff with new fluids, analyze and repair the brakes, and clean up the driveshaft. But my next focus is the cab floor and rockers/cab corners.

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