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  1. Hey Rick! Car is still going ok. Since I have been MIA from everyone online, I havent done much on the Minty as well. She's poorly neglected over the last couple of years, but she still runs and hopefully this year she will get some attention finally.
  2. It's been sometime, but back to posting online a little more. Glad to see some familiar faces from a few years ago when I left as well as some new ones that have joined a fresh.
  3. Tristin


    I think I had like one flat while it was a daily. I was mostly driving Connies car when all that shit happened... Luckily it's been pretty good while it was getting me to work every day. *knock on wood grain Nardi*
  4. You're the rising sun Cali stickers, right? I sent a message but I might have deleted it in the large give away thread. Shoot me another message here or email me info@garagebluebird And j have tons of stickers left haha. Plenty for everyone!
  5. Tristin


    I daily drove my 510 40mi/day for nearly two years. I think I only had one mishap with it when the fan/alt belt broke on the way. Otherwise it was a fix as you go type of situation. Worked well for me.
  6. Haha you're local Hobo. We can just meet up :hug:
  7. You texted me Friday... I meant like a "Hey bitch, we're all here, where the fuck are you?!"
  8. I thought this was today... I've been so busy at work that I mixed my days up. I wish I would have gotten a text or something.
  9. Tristin


    It's basically drilling holes into the body... Just like the 510. It's just not made for the 620 so it's just mocking it up when you get it and go for it. There's no tutorial or anything.
  10. Some got two, some got three, some got just rats... It all varied. To those that I messaged back originally and you're still waiting, let me know what happens Monday. I've since deleted all those messages so I don't even remember what went where. Just pay attention to another giveaway in the future I guess. See what happens Monday
  11. Tristin


    No they don't. You modify the 510 one to fit.
  12. Wagon needs more dish to fill out the flares. Would be interesting to graft the wagon front into the Caddy body. Could basically make a Sunny pickup.
  13. If anyone wants to throw up some pictures of what stickers the have and where they put them, feel free. Glad everyone is getting them now. Hopefully they are all delivered by the end of the week. Enjoy guys.
  14. Wasn't a Datsun, but a member sighting. Vintage Rice came into my work the other day... Neither one of us knows each other too well so it was funny when we both had a feeling we'd met before.
  15. I don't know why all my threads turn gay...
  16. I wonder if he would let me poke around the garage and try to score some deals. I'm sure he's got some decent parts lying around
  17. Just strap it to the passenger seat... Or take the seat out. Didn't Tim do that with his 210? Removed the seat and drove with an l20
  18. Need to get back on the Hotwheels hunt. I've been slacking and it looks like I've missed quite a few good ones.
  19. If you guys start installing them, throw up some pictures! I need to cut more over this weekend. Build the stocks back up.
  20. That's ok, I make the stickers and don't even have one installed...
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