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Ratsun.net Rising Sun Stickers

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I have stickers finished.




They are even Bleach approved :D




$3 for one $5 for 2.


I accept paypal: stepfor@hotmail.com

Please tell me how many stickers and where to send them when you order this way.


Also, if you could PM me and tell me you paypaled me that would be great cause I'm here all the time and almost never on paypal.


I know it's sort of a double post, but I kinda hijacked bluemeanie's thread, I still want that rat n wrenches sticker buddy.... :D

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I ordered a set of OMG StickerS!!


Dude Red eye, got mine and they are freakin awesome!


Sorry I hadn't written yet. Things were pretty crazy when they arrived and I just found them again yesterday.



Hmmmm where to put it??

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2eDeYe;75246'']Put it on your Datsun...of course :D


Oh no doubt, but where... Bumper window, triangle window. There's so many options!


I choose rear window lower right!

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