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  1. The VO7 block is also a good use to do a 3.5 stroker with custom crank but your talking 10s of thousands you would be upwards of $20k build by rebello. Run the diesel as is and enjoy it. Don't see too many people keep the LD28. I do believe I've seen someone on the FB 810/910 owners page do a 5 lug conversion.
  2. Was an awesome time too bad I didn't have a Datsun to drive out there. Hope to do something like it again.
  3. The engine swap is super cool those engine were actually pretty decent.
  4. Only way to do something is if someone who owns a pretty good size property invites a small group of people to camp out and keep social distancing (to keep others from snitching) would probably work. Only way I see having some kind of getaway/car show other than that we can just keep working on our car/trucks till next year.
  5. Medford reopened Friday and all seems going back to normal. I even went to a local car meet and no one was wearing masks. I don't wear them only place I had to wear one was at work.
  6. What's weird is this isn't an extension for the shut down it's just for Federal funding. A lot of.businesses were open here for the first time in a while so I'm a bit confused.
  7. Fuck that bitch! Oregon has been one of the states with least amount of reports of the virus.
  8. Justin the owner did it all himself, he used 510 sedan IRS and all the fab work. I had been thinking of doing something like that to my 810 wagon but I don't have those kind of skill sets to accomplish it.
  9. Justin's 610 wagon he did the IRS he is in Modesto and has a small shop there but you'll have to pay him good money to replicate what he did IF he wants to. http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/sstp-1009-1973-datsun-610-wagon
  10. Overdue for an update. Car is at the body shop also been getting some parts I need for the 610 so I will be posting more pics. Today thanks to @mhub91 and his dad for driving all the way down and dropping off the LZ23 I bought from him. So now the plan is to get the head ported and get an aggressive cam. I'm going with a CAS Dizzy, Haltech 550, and GSX-R 750 ITBs for the moment being. I want something turn key and reliable, but also super fun and quick. The header I've had for years so I think it's a good time to put it to use. I'm really stoked for this project can't wait to get it all together and start driving it. Hoping this whole rona crap passes soon.
  11. Awesome Bluebird, those new parts is like opening a new box of toys.
  12. IRS in a 610 wagon has been done before. You'll need a 510 IRS a lot of cutting involved. H190 is a good solid axle could even get them off the mid 80s 200sx S12 for more splines if your afraid to blow it up.
  13. We are all dying to get out! I go from home to work and back mon-fri I feel lucky we haven't had any major changes at the shop only having the front office closed to customers, and cars are being sterilized before entering the shop. I hear the health department is going around business to business to see if everyone is following the 6ft distance guidelines. I hope this goes away soon.
  14. There was a 72.5 with a KA24DE swap for $10k for the months owner decided to not sell it.
  15. Great to see the one of inspirations that got you into the 610s was the one car I fell in love with and later to know I'd be owning it years later. I own what used to be the white 610 sedan now getting ready for body work and paint tomorrow.
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