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  1. 71 Datsun 521 - $2500 https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/medford-71-datsun-truck/6943755265.html
  2. 76 620 $1500 "not many of these left" https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/medford-classic-datsun-for-sale/6939997820.html
  3. There is another S130 owner who has the same wheels but his is a light purple slammed with kenmeri tail lights and rear panel.
  4. Here are a few pics of what it used to look like if I find more pics in the interwebs of it I'll upload more.
  5. You know I thought about it, but I don't usually come across a lot of cars I can make my own especially ones that are pretty straight and pretty much ready for paint. I've had my share of ratty datsuns in my day this one is in good enough shape I really want to paint it.
  6. Yes sir we been drooling over the pair for years the good thing is the previous owner declined a buyer for both after he was told they would be put back to stock.
  7. Thanks guys I really am thankful the previous owner cared so much for both cars. I am happy that the sedan was almost done in paint so in reality I can make it my own and paint it the color I want. I am going to be switching from U-Joints over to CV Axles and most likely a Subaru STI 4.11 R180 LSD diff. Does anyone know how to source subframe bushings for these? I need both that are right above the diff they are pretty much gone. Few odd end pieces like gauges might go with the black face gauges as it has the blue ones really want the rare 72.5 rpm gauge instead of the clock. Lights will be updated maybe BMW projectors and keep the classic look not much of a fan of the newer stuff since I've done the led headlights on other of my datsuns just doesn't quite look that great.
  8. Finally after years I was able to find a 610 sedan and to my surprise me and a friend were able to go halves on a pair of 610s that were up for sale from a great owner named Russell. He had a bamboo colored 73 610 wagon with a SR20DET done 10 years ago years after he got the 74 Sedan which his gf at the time drove and were a pair for years. My sedan had been almost done from the body shop but some disagreement between the previous owner and the body shop put a stop to finishing it. It runs a L16 with a 5 speed for now and since it had been sitting over a year in storage in bare metal state of course some surface rust happened but no big deal. My buddy Carlos helped me get it back on the road after replacing the alternator going to one auto parts store to another to coming back to the storage to find my perfectly good hood dented. After driving it from Sunnyvale to Modesto it got a flat got help from the Datslocos guys for a spare wheel to get me to Modesto, then the radiator cap shot coolant all over. Next morning we replaced the water pump, new radiator cap, filled it up, and ended getting new tires all around. After getting the suspension adjusted a little from being so low the U-Joint didn't like the camber little shaky on the highway raise it just a hair. I made it all the way from Modesto to Mt. Shasta when the radiator got clogged up hill...shit. was able to get help filled the radiator up drove it a couple miles to a gas station and spent the last 1.5hrs unclogging it as much as I could. Luckily I was able to only stop a few more times till it was smooth sailing to Medford. Anyway here is it is, the rest of body work & paint is going to get done soon as i can sell off a few datsuns and most definitely going to swap a KA24DE for now till I figure out what I really want in it. Not bad car at all custom coilovers with S13 front camber plates, front roll center adjusters, & custom QA1 coilovers in the rear. Only issue I need to fix now is it's getting oil in the radiator but luckily not in the engine. https://i.imgur.com/EQnRb2d.gifv
  9. That's killer af man nice buy I bet that ZX gets on it pretty easily.
  10. This same 521 belonged to one of my buddies that made it to Canby then he moved to L.A and a few years later sold it to a broker who sold it to miura-san.
  11. I loved Powerland so much I forgot about Canby. Don't get me wrong I loved Canby so many good memories there so let's make more at Powerland. We could have people come from across the country or even from another country for just the show like we had at Canby. Jay you did awesome holding this down I just can't express the gratitude I have. If someone does do shirts and sweaters maybe some of money can be donated to the park as well I don't know just an idea.
  12. Easily can say this one was my favorite place for a Datsun show not only was there plenty of room for a ton more cars and then some, but also the park has a lot to offer! Those in doubt I can say you will save a lot more money coming here and have more monies for parts to buy. First year I can say was a great success, Keizer is literally 10 miles away for good food, pilot Is just around the corner too, very convenient spot. Wanna thank Jay for stepping up for putting on a great show I will be there next year and so on! It was great seeing familiar faces and new as well a lot of cool builds of all sorts. Don't miss out next year guys Jay said next year he will have Friday-Sunday, money literally goes to the park to keep it open the more people show the more they will want us there every year.
  13. Anyone got a 521 or 620 4.11 3rd member they are willing to sell? Need one for my 521.
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