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  1. What's with this lately...oddball datsuns going for this kind of money. https://reno.craigslist.org/cto/d/reno-78-datsun-10/7060588764.html
  2. He could most probably make it a runner if you work a deal out with him.
  3. Yeah once it's painted its gonna look killer I still gotta get some touches I wanna do before it gets painted.
  4. I haven't done nothing to the body and I actually have rinsed it with water but dried it up pretty quickly. It hasn't got humid or cold enough but then again it sits in the garage all the time when I'm not driving it. I really wanna pour the money on this one trading my 77 200sx for body work and paint and as for paint is going to be midnight purple.
  5. The highest a Roadster has sold on BAT pretty impressive but that thing was gorgeous. I loved the black 64 with red interior at Canby I bet that thing can probably fetch just as much.
  6. Some more pics I took probably be the last ones before it goes in for body work and paint.
  7. I take it back looks like sunny days are sticking around longer than I thought. My daughter loves it.
  8. If I remember correctly there was a 72.5 610 racecar red or white in color can't remember the color but it was on Craigslist for some times in Portland area. Possibly it could have been it then again how many 610 race cars were around compared to 510s.
  9. This 1972.5 Datsun 1800 Coupe just went up for sale today $13,500 obo.
  10. Week before the rain season started here looks like it will be in hibernation until a nice day comes around.
  11. Clean Sunrader 620 - $6000 https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/rvs/d/sisters-1978-datsun-sunrader/6981704118.html
  12. Thats probably the route I'm going too for the mean time. Might do a CA swap later on? Mine runs but I can't drive it much yet rain up here is starting up and I haven't painted it yet until I sell my 77 200sx.
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