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  1. No more Canby if you haven't heard.
  2. Nice to see another maxima owner should be maxima owners in your area or close enough. I own 2 myself a 82 with a L28ET swap, 5 speed and a 84 5 speed on S13 Megan coilovers and S13 front suspension and welded diff.
  3. No article it literally says it before you try to post an ad. Says starting April 15th $5 to post an ad. One way to get around it is if you post it on auto parts.
  4. This car was about an hour and a half from me posted it on Facebook with pics I got from the owner for friends to see it was a good deal at $300 I couldn't take on having more Datsun since I have 5 already and need to fix what I got. I've seen that car here in Medford once before. The original color of that car is Orange if you looked at the interior it's orange and some of the paint is chipping away. It had painted bumpers and red hub caps but looked like a nice car to start with. Did the owner ever get the driver door fixed? He mentioned it did not close.
  5. Who knows how many Datsun ads we will see from now on since tomorrow craigslist is gonna start charging $5 per ad.
  6. One of the baddest S130s in the states!
  7. Understood, life isn't too bad got lots of datsuns lol trying to trim down the herd a little. Hope all is well.
  8. Not a bad deal for someone that has a engine and trans laying around. $600 for a KC 620 https://medford.craigslist.org/pts/d/grants-pass-datsun-620-king-cab-l20b/6823568564.html
  9. Pretty sweet looking Z! You know you scored when you can still find a good deal on a Z in these times when they are going sky high.
  10. Shoot how did I not see or get a notification of this. David, call me or text if that works best when you get some time. Like to talk to you about my old Copper ZX. 541-879-9771
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