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  1. I loved Powerland so much I forgot about Canby. Don't get me wrong I loved Canby so many good memories there so let's make more at Powerland. We could have people come from across the country or even from another country for just the show like we had at Canby. Jay you did awesome holding this down I just can't express the gratitude I have. If someone does do shirts and sweaters maybe some of money can be donated to the park as well I don't know just an idea.
  2. Easily can say this one was my favorite place for a Datsun show not only was there plenty of room for a ton more cars and then some, but also the park has a lot to offer! Those in doubt I can say you will save a lot more money coming here and have more monies for parts to buy. First year I can say was a great success, Keizer is literally 10 miles away for good food, pilot Is just around the corner too, very convenient spot. Wanna thank Jay for stepping up for putting on a great show I will be there next year and so on! It was great seeing familiar faces and new as well a lot of cool builds of all sorts. Don't miss out next year guys Jay said next year he will have Friday-Sunday, money literally goes to the park to keep it open the more people show the more they will want us there every year.
  3. Anyone got a 521 or 620 4.11 3rd member they are willing to sell? Need one for my 521.
  4. A lot of canby regulars plus others are going to the Kicking it oldschool show the same days I was thinking of going just for a little while.since I've never been to their shows and come to Powerland for the rest of the weekend.
  5. Wish it was that easy I been at It since I got back from Datslocos.
  6. Won't be in a datsun this year they are all broken.
  7. Super cool another member here named goki has a blue one in the states. I really wanna import a C130 2000SGX coupe.
  8. 1972 Datsun 510 4dr - $5300 Medford https://medford.craigslist.org/cto/d/medford-72-datsun-510/6898252262.html
  9. Thanks was planning on having someone help me over the weekend but couldn't make time to get to it. This is an Oregon car has a early electronic dizzy. It's my daily driver so when it broke down I either thought it didn't like the California gas since all I put here in Oregon is non ethanol fuel which is 92. Could be a combination of both.
  10. Took the 200sx to Datslocos 6hr drive from Medford to Manteca this was the 200sx longest drive made it there no problem. Unfortunately on the way back from California the car was having issue when I was about 40 miles still to go. I was doing 75 most of the way I was doing 80-85 most of the trip. I noticed it started to jerk a little when I looked at my tach it was sitting at 4k then it would drop 1200-1500 rpm in an instant then go back to normal for 3-4 seconds then it would do it all over again in a cycle. I didn't want to stop in fear It wouldn't start up again if I did. Got out on my exit which is a few miles from my house and the car was having such a difficult time keeping idle and speed. As soon as I tried to give it gas it died and never wanted to start back up again. Had to push it out of bridge and coast it neutral onto a parking lot. So far I have checked, distributor, cap & rotor, plugs, wires, vacuum lines all look to be normal as it should. No matter how many times I've tried to crank it she will not start. Anyone experience this issue before?
  11. I've already seen a rise of people posting cars on auto parts section on Craigslist lol.
  12. You can upgrade to Maxi fuses to replace the old problematic fusible links. My 79 810 wagon has been sitting for 3 years I've tried countless times to revive it. Pretty soon I'm gonna get it painted and engine sorted out
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