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  1. Spotted my old 200sx at the Datslocos show looking super nice.
  2. Bummer i wasn't able to make it i was 50/50 if I was going to anyway. So happens after a week of having my turbo maxima back from getting wiring harness fixed and dialed in my transmission blew up a week before. Anyone know of a Borg Warner T5 with the driveshaft for sale please message me need it as the one in the maxi is a 71B NA trans.
  3. Hope to see you and your maxima at the Datslocos car show in Manteca this month on the 22nd I'll be picking up my turbo maxima from my buddies shop.
  4. I been craving one for a long time never had the funds to buy one even less today. Its a killer little pocket rocket.
  5. Thanks man i appreciate it, unfortunately i can't take all the credit. I bought that car in early 2014 sold it after about a little over a year owning it completely stock. Then about another year later i bought it back and it had been slammed on S13 coilovers and S13 front suspension. All i really did was put my 14x7 off my 810 wagon on it and bam i fell in love with the look. I put a new 2.25" exhaust with a Flowmaster 40 and those fugly headlights for the moment at the time. Never got to do more to it as i sold it January last year to a friend who ended up cutting the engine bay for a F20C swap 🤦‍♂️. He got kinda disappointed the L24E and how he couldn't do much with it. I think his plan was to make it a drift car sadly.
  6. A friend in sacramento named Ray who has a shop out there called fitted garage had a boosted 84 diesel he said it was as fast as a 240z so not bad for diesel maxima.
  7. Nice man makes miss my 84 miss it, andhow slammed it was and just all around fun.
  8. Makes me miss my old 280zx Turbo still parked in the same spot to the guy i sold it to in 2013. Been wanting to buy it back too 😞
  9. Ah cool, there used to be a FJ20 powered burnt orange 510 in ashland years ago.
  10. I'll try to make it out there, with so many changes in life I'll see if I'm able to.
  11. Does he own a skyline? Seen one of my friends take pics of a drive with a skyline and 510 in the driveway. I'm in Medford.
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