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Couple years, it went into storage for a while. I think the printheads dried out a bit, that;s the current theory anyways. :lol:


It's a 42" latex printer, can do wraps and stuff with it when it works. 

I thought so, it didn't seem like that long ago that you said you got a new printer. I was supposed to be getting a 24 inch cutter, but now the guy's wife is telling me it is broke, and junk, he promised it to me a year ago, and all I got was excuses since, now I'm bummed!

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I may have more in a few days, my girl was able to get a run done for me. Not sure when they will get here though  :)

This fell through...

Any stickers?



But I got my printer running again. No more pink. Stickers look great. :D


Same as always $3 for one $5 for 2. PM me to be sure I see your paypal. :)





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