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Sh!ts and Giggles 510


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Seems like you were doing pretty good on session 5?


I don't know shit about racing... but it looks like you passed everyone. I didn't see anyone pass you.

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Session 5 was the shit!  The track had dried and warmed up enough to provide some good grip.  As the day went on I ended up finding that I could get away braking later in the hairpins and sometimes not at all in the sweepers and kinks.  I got my best time of the day in session 5 with a 1:28.94.

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It puts down around 270 when running right.  I had crappy old spark plugs in there, and along with fuel starvation in session 4 I was a little down on power.  There was still enough juice to get around the track and some other cars though!

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Another weekend, another spirited driving event!  Autocross #3 went down and I had just enough luck to snag my 3rd class win!  This time I took it by a cone,  a wrx was about a half second faster but had to take a 1 second penalty.  A win is a win!


Pictures by Bob Jenkins:






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Nice job Tyler!  Killing it in GTB-S this year...I smell a change to R-comps next year...


Thanks Duke!  I was really considering moving to the Maxxis VR-1 street tire in 245 width but GRM just tested it against the 225 Rival S and it was slower.  I'm probably going to stay away from slicks/ R-comps for a while yet.


One thing I want to try to whip up is a heel plate, do you have any pics of the one you made in your thread?



What class are you in for autocross? Just trying to figure out where a turbo 510 fits in.


I'm not sure about SCCA or anything like that.  Our club runs pretty basic classing format.  


A class for V8, forced induction 6 cylinder or turbo rotary


B class for 6 cyl or forced induction 4


C class for 4 cyl or naturally aspirated rotary


E for electrics


X for whatever else I guess


Then tires, 140 treadwear and up is a street tire until next year they will switch to 200.



In our club my main competition are things like wrx, sti, 350/370z, g35/37, S30z, Focus ST and various BMW's

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