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  1. the nissan caravan e24 carries the same attachment. OE nissan
  2. just went thru the entire thing, pretty excellent work. seems like a awesome daily. Minitrucks are soooooo cool
  3. currently i have a l24 in my nissan laurel, c32. On these vehicles they came with a intank fuel pump, but on the return line from the engine room, there is a unit. Which acts up ever so often. From my understanding that its a sensor to read fuel pressure and cuts the pump off when theres a not a need for such a amount of fuel. i would like to remove the electronic fuel pump and all these electronics and swap in a mechanical fuel pump. my question is - Is there a spacer between the engine head and the fuel pump? Do you all think it is wise to rewire the fuel pump and eliminate thi
  4. beautiful work,really top notch work. Would like to see a very good engine to complete this
  5. If you cant upgrade engine, lessen weight
  6. very nice work, doing all the right things
  7. damn this is a excellent project.
  8. chop that rust and u game.
  9. Cool build, i really liked the gasser style of build. a nice v6 like a vg30 or vq would suit this nicely.
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