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So the autocross was a big fail for me this past weekend.  Running on 300 tread wear 195/50 S-Drives up front and 200 tread wear 225/45 Rivals out back was good for a lot of understeer and not going very fast.  Also I fudged up the gopro somehow so no videos. :(


I found the lost tapes...  August Autocross I had to leave at lunch so only took 2 runs.  Forgot my helmet so had to borrow a loaner :(



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Autocross Season Finale was yesterday.  Not willing to drive another event with mis-matched tires I promptly ordered another pair of Rivals (the new ones are Rival S, softer with the same treadwear rating ;) ) as soon as I returned home from the honeymoon.  Busta Nut was kind enough to allow Skyblue to help me get them mounted and balanced.  Thanks guys!  It was great to spend some time at the shop after being M.I.A. the last few months.




Leave the stickers ON!




My buddy Tommy at the wheel on grid:




Rental car Mustang turbo 4cyl!



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Autocross Final was a double points event.  In the morning the course was run counter-clockwise and then reversed for the afternoon.  My gopro is starting to grow a mind of its own so I believe i missed a morning run. 



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I was sitting in the 2nd in class spot overall leading up to this event.  I am not 100% sure but I think I was able to hold on to it.  There was some really good competition so I may have been bumped to 3rd.  I'll just be happy if I get a trophy at the ESCA Christmas Party!

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My passenger seat is a 2 door seat with 4 door back.  When I started cleaning up the 4 door reclining hinges I thought they would just swap right over onto the configuration I had.  I should have searched!  Once the hinges were done I realized the seat frames were quite different and not interchangeable.  D'oh!


Can of worms, open.


Current seat on left, 4 door bottom minus cover on right:








2 door bottom on right, 4 door on left:




2 door foam and cover:




Foam off!




Frames, 4 door on left, 2 door on right:




2 side springs on the 2 door seat and only 1 on the 4 door.  Not for long!




The outside springs along the front on the 4 door seat are longer than on the 2 door seat.  I didn't notice and it took two tries to get the extra spring in the right spot :blush:




Now with extra support!




I cut the bolsters off the 4 door foam and glued them to the 2 door foam, then added some more layers to the seat bottom:






Cover on!








That's all for tonight!

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..........the oics are sideways.......



































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Oics Fixed?


Got the seat done and installed:




As a side benefit of this project I now know how old Datsun seats work and how to use hog rings.  I have also made it that much moar difficult to get into the backseat. :rofl:

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Where are the fucking oics?!!

























..........of the pliers..... :lol:

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