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  1. fingers crossed! ✌️
  2. I have the Same question? ☝🏻
  3. Sadly no updates. Winter is here and it's too cold and wet to do anything on the old girl. But maybe one of these days it will be sunny and warm.
  4. awesome! will keep an eye on this.
  5. until

    Anymore deets? location, costs etc.
  6. I'd be interested in pics. I know I'm not local, but curious about his stash.
  7. Thanks! I think it will too. I’ve missed it. It reminds me of my car days before datsuns. Lol
  8. Got it street legal and drove it around over the weekend. Some issues have come up so I'm starting a list here to keep track. - Tune up - Change oil - Coolant flush - Get new tires - Try to fix leaking freeze plug - Replace voltage regulator or alternator to fix overcharging. - Rebuild carb - Check Brakes Thats all for now. But, of course a pic. Took her to the grocery store for the first time. felt good.
  9. Sweet!! Glad to see you keeping it going!
  10. sweet! i think that's the plan. just a simple re-ring, re-gasket, head job, new carb and intake.
  11. Well the time has come to get going on this one. Quick Backstory, I bought this car when I was in High School back in 1995. It was a textbook barn find. Paid $1500 of my hard earned cash, made it street legal and drove the hell out of it my junior and senior year. Then I got into Datsuns and the Impala was put to the side. well here we are 20 some odd years later and I'm ready for it. It basically needs everything lol. But, rather than take the whole thing apart and risk losing interest, I'm going to tackle one thing at a time. For starters, the engine will need to be freshened cause it smokes and burns oil like no other. It's all original except for the cholo cranberry paint job I gave it back then when i was hardcore into lowriders. Enough talk, here are a few pics i was able to find from back then including some from the day I brought it home. During paint prep phase after paint. cholo days lol. Here she is now As of right now I'm trying to get it registered so i can move it around and test drive it. Amazingly enough she fired up after sitting for 12 years. Just a little starter fluid and a jumper pack is all it took. Sure, she's not running tip top but hey she runs and stops. lol
  12. skyblue

    Datsun BBQ......

    would anyone be interested in a set of titans powder coated almond white?
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