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  1. skyblue

    Its only a 4door......

    Sweet!! Glad to see you keeping it going!
  2. sweet! i think that's the plan. just a simple re-ring, re-gasket, head job, new carb and intake.
  3. Well the time has come to get going on this one. Quick Backstory, I bought this car when I was in High School back in 1995. It was a textbook barn find. Paid $1500 of my hard earned cash, made it street legal and drove the hell out of it my junior and senior year. Then I got into Datsuns and the Impala was put to the side. well here we are 20 some odd years later and I'm ready for it. It basically needs everything lol. But, rather than take the whole thing apart and risk losing interest, I'm going to tackle one thing at a time. For starters, the engine will need to be freshened cause it smokes and burns oil like no other. It's all original except for the cholo cranberry paint job I gave it back then when i was hardcore into lowriders. Enough talk, here are a few pics i was able to find from back then including some from the day I brought it home. During paint prep phase after paint. cholo days lol. Here she is now As of right now I'm trying to get it registered so i can move it around and test drive it. Amazingly enough she fired up after sitting for 12 years. Just a little starter fluid and a jumper pack is all it took. Sure, she's not running tip top but hey she runs and stops. lol
  4. skyblue

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

    would anyone be interested in a set of titans powder coated almond white?
  5. skyblue

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    That’s awesome! ^^ With new carb, fuel pump and tires I got an astounding 28mpg at one point!
  6. skyblue

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    Anytime. And it’s Piña.
  7. skyblue


    Crossed a few more things off the list and some that weren't. lol like new fuel pump, carb return spring and advanced timing a smidge. slightly bigger tires. Only thing i think i have time for is a valve adjustment, but we'll see. Getting pumped!!
  8. skyblue


    hahaha. ok. message received. got any requests for food? or are you easy?
  9. skyblue


    hahah seriously. gonna have to make a bit of a lifestyle change, but worth it I think. truck is almost ready. just need to mount the new tires, adjust valves, change engine oil, diff oil and tranny oil. i think that will be enough to make the trip.
  10. skyblue

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    major bummer about the hood. but wow coming along nicely!
  11. skyblue


    It's actually not that tiny. pretty big gauge compared to the rest of the wiring. And just for others reading this for reference, the wire is actually white but over time it's turned into more of an off white/yellow. lol yes this is the 60 amp alt.
  12. skyblue


    What could happen? I did the exact same swap in my 510 and have been driving it for like 2 years without issue. Not being a smart ass, I really want to know. And tanker yes!
  13. skyblue


    ok so I finally finished the swap. It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks. But anyways here's what I did. Alt upgrade is from a 1991 Nissan D21 Hardbody. First thing I did was grab the ground bolt from the stock 521. And put it on the hardbody Alt because it doesn't come with one. Next, as you can see from pic, you have to get a longer bolt for one side because it's significantly thicker. I used an M8x40. I'm using bolts on both sides, but if you have a through bolt alt bracket I imagine you still have to get a longer bolt. Just something to keep in mind. One more thing you have to modify is you have to make the stock 521 power lead connector hole bigger because the hardbody terminal uses a larger stud. A step bit works perfect, just go slow cause it will want jerk as it steps up to the next size and could rip the connector off. Lastly, I had to get a bigger belt because the hardbody pulley is slightly bigger. I found this one works perfect particularly because it's a tight fit and the alt comes close to the idler arm. oh and of course you disconnect the sock regulator and make a couple of jumpers in place of the regulator on the harness connector to complete the install. this pic is from my 510, but it's the same for the 521. all in all it's a pretty easy upgrade with minimal work. bustanut turned me on to this particular alt swap.
  14. skyblue


    Stockers. Small update. New alternator came in. New tires came in too. But, I just bought a house with my dad so that's been taking up a lot of my time moving and shit. But, today i started on the alt. and by started i mean i got the truck to the new house and got the old alt out. lol. It's been an exhausting weekend. Comparison pic Pic of the girls in their new home. Hopefully I'll get the alt swap done this week and get the new tires mounted and balanced shortly thereafter. Then it will be small things like oil change, valve adsjustment, etc...
  15. skyblue


    yea, i took it apart and the diaphragm has small cracks all around. i think they can but i couldn't find a rebuild kit. But i didn't spend too much time looking for one cause Canby is coming up.

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