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1972 Datsun 510 Trans Am Décor Package program car/ BRE authentic parts

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Wow that is an incredible car. The lowest milage 510 2-dr in existence, and a Trans-Am Decor car.



Careful what you believe. This car has a history but it IS NOT a BRE Car. When the car showed up on eBay in 2007, Pete Brock was asked what he knew about the car and the owner. He said that the PO did buy stuff from BRE back in the day but the car was never a BRE car and BRE never worked on the car. It is just a low mileage 510 that someone collected all the BRE stuff for. It sold on eBay to the current owner in 2007 for $13,500 and he has been trying to get out of it ever since. It pops up for sale every once in a while with ridiculous asking prices and a bunch of propaganda claiming it is a BRE car. He was asking $60K at one time.


BTW, Nathan Marshall owns a stock 510 with under 6000 documented miles so the sellers claim to be the lowest mileage 510 is a untrue too.

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I believe the competition 5 speeds were all dogleg pattern.


Wouldn't it have a 219 head and dual SUs?


Who in their right head would pay $7,500 for Polyglass tires????????? They were state of the art in '69 but radials left them behind 5 years later. Not worth $7.50 each.


I remember this car from a few years back.

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This is a nice car dressed up as something it's not. Did you read the bull shit?


"The car features original, authentic BRE parts (I have verified with Pete Brock) one of 3 handbuilt limited slip diffs (worth $2,500), Nissan competition 5 speed with regular shift pattern (worth $3,500), original American racing mags, original Goodyear "Wide-trac" tires (this is the only complete set in existence and can easily fetch $7,500), in-dash tachometer, Nissan competition dual point distributor, original BRE "spook spoiler" with ducts, mild performance upgraded 1600cc engine with flat-top pistons and BRE metal window pillar emblems including on glovebox and shifter."


Your post shows it's a nice 510 with this dress up kit...




Mr Kohs has stated that the car ... has a B210 5 speed in it. Yeah that'll fit an L16. He must have sold it to another car salesman as the current owner says:


"Some Experienced Pebble Beach Concourse Collectors have said this car can fetch over $100k when completed and is a contender for a Nissan Museum car. The collectibles alone are valued in excess of $10,000."


Nice clean near bone stock car that with little work could pass for a BRE Datsun at 50MPH. Could be painted and made into an even nicer car.

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Yes, certainly the ad invites some sarcasm. But in the forum postings what about more actual information about the Trans-am package? It would make things more educational and more than simple entertainment.


This part seems to be true: "The car features original, authentic BRE parts". A lot of those things haven't been disproved, like whether it was a created to be a program car or not. As one of the Ratsun guys related, his uncle told him he purchased a similar BRE-item outfitted car brand new at a Datsun dealership.


The part about B210 parts is not in the ad on Kijiji, but was apparently something said long time ago. Seems like the seller has learned some things since then.


I wouldn't mine having that car, but not at that price.

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Just wow is all i can say. If anything if this "dime" and im using that term loosley right now since so much more info thsi guy has said is full of it, makes me wonder if its not a bmw photoshopped.


But i guess with this price, my four door is worth 20k since my parts are just as "rare"and in better shape, my dads red 510 is worth 30k, and Arts old car is worth 100k since its more stock than that "bre" car can ever be.




This was a good read for me this mornin, Made my belly jiggle :). Merry christmas or whatever you may celebrate guys, and have a good night.

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