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  1. I see that you're testing out all of the wheel options! I found a place in LA that had the window weatherstripping ...after driving cross country with no radio and the wind going WAHHHHHHHHHH! Here's some info from an email from 9 years ago (this was the weatherstripping between the side windows.): 18" pieces of E401 are in stock. You can come in to p/u or Ican send in the mail. All I need is a Credit Card. Let me know. You can call909-874-3040 & ask for Joe Jr. Thank you. Joe jjfab@linkline.com
  2. ...but lookit the size of that trunk!
  3. Time Left: 3 days and 12 hours

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    I'm looking for a Datsun L20B to get an old Datsun back on the road.I either need a complete engine, a long block, or a short block to get the car moving again - let me know what you have. These engines went into quite a few 70's - early 80's Datsuns: 610, 710, 200SX, 620 Lil Hustlers - or were swapped into other Datsuns, like the 510.I'm hoping to find something that would run well without needing a rebuild, and is close to stock - not something that has had a ton of expensive/custom/racing work done to it.My Datsun will probably wind up being kinda slow, and that's okay.


    San Francisco, California - US

  4. Keep on righting those wrongs! It looks like the floor repair is going really well - did you find a 710 donor, or are you remaking the rails and panels?
  5. Will

    1200 misc small parts

    Is this the green 1200 coupe that was on Craigslist a month or two ago?
  6. I remember this car popping up on Craigslist at about the same time that I picked up my 710 about 10 years ago - I think I got scared off by it having an automatic transmission? Anyway, really curious to see how it turns out!
  7. Hi Mike! Just stalking some 710s over here. My F10 is getting trucked off to its new owner in the next couple days and I'm trying to figure out what sort of car I should track down next. (a 1200 coupe maybe??) ...but I don't want to derail the thread! Nice to see work progressing on this car - getting a car on a rotisserie is a rare opportunity. What color will it be once it's back together? Back to silver or something new? (also, congrats on your graduation?)
  8. 1979-1980ish Datsun 310GX Looks like copart also has a Triumph GT6 masquerading as a Datsun 200SX
  9. ...didn't want to take away from the originality of the paint and repair rust/dents ...rhino-lined the engine bay.
  10. I've had good luck with the junkyard search at car-part.com
  11. Yep! I love how my F10 looks like the design specifications told a few Japanese car stylists to make a tiny car inspired by godzilla, spaceships, and the Citroen SM.
  12. It's tempting, but the price is more than double what it should be. It's a mighty high price for a car with flat tires and a sledgehammer on the roof.
  13. I'm curious what became of this project - it looks like an interesting start!!
  14. Sad way to find out that Len Robertson has passed on when I was searching for F10 parts yesterday
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